Jones ♥ Grantham.

Considering the rumors behind Jarvis Jones’ original decision to bolt Georgia for Southern Cal, this is high praise indeed:

“I think I’ve got the best coach in football right now. He knows how to get his players in position to make plays, find tendencies, formations, all that,” Jones said. “So going into the game, we know all that kind of stuff. We know what they run in formations, we know their tendencies in their formations, so that really helps you. Once you know that stuff it really helps you to play full speed the whole game.”



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22 responses to “Jones ♥ Grantham.

  1. Dawg Vent

    Dear Lane Kiffin,

    Thank you.


    Dawg Vent


  2. gastr1

    Awesome comment by Jones.


  3. Ben

    I remember at the beginning of the season after the meltdown in the Dome and that horrible loss to Carolina when folks were asking, “Have you ever considered that maybe Grantham just isn’t a good coordinator?” Turns out, he isn’t good. He’s REALLY good…


  4. Spence

    Whatever. Willie’s players became much better in life because they had to figure that stuff out on their own.


  5. Krautdawg

    Anyone know if Grantham’s available for life coaching?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I’m not sure you would be willing to do all the stuff he told you. Running the stadium? Lifting weights 2 hours a day? Studying films for hours? Limiting eating to just the stuff that is good for you? Not drinking alcohol? Abstaining from sex?…..wait….


      • Krautdawg

        Mayor, I hear you, it just doesn’t make sense to me. Get completely jacked & live in Athens — to be abstinent?!?? Wait a sec. Are you sure you’re not thinking of our head coach?


  6. timphd

    Got a man crush on Grantham. Love his fire. Chews their asses when needed. He’s the fire to Richt’s ice, which is what VanGorder was. Glad to have it back.


  7. fetch

    Jones is not alone!


  8. Turd Ferguson

    Todd Grantham is exactly what I think a DC should be — a rare combination of genius, teacher, cheerleader, and blood-thirsty psychopath. It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited to watch us play defense.


  9. H-Town Dawg

    Chuck Norris goes to Todd Grantham for approval…


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    Somewhere, Erk Russell is smiling.


  11. Cojones

    Lay back your ears and SIC’EM DAWGS!!


  12. Cojones

    I’m gazing in Tree’s direction when Dyer runs the ball. He ,Rambo and Herrera should rack up a few good hits today.


    • Cojones

      Tree didn’t disappoint. And Robinson seems well.

      Word is Senator that the team has been reading gtp for all their positive input. Congratulations on pickin’ all that good rant material. My computer tells me that with the low stress I can begin to see better. It says, “It-suh-mir-rick-cull”. Damn robot.


  13. CarolinaDawg

    Everytime I see a quote from Jarvis I’m wholeheartedly impressed with his articulation and proud to say he plays for Geogia. He is a leader and I hope his excellence matriculates to future Dawgs.


    • Cojones

      I like the “full speed” synopsis. Not only that he is well spoken.

      Where did the negative nabob aholes go? No one around to whale on. Red, Puff, DIF- why don’t yall write something negative before I keel over and go to sleep.

      Oops! Here comes the ‘Nesian. Gotta go. I’ll be back. Hey, DIF, the bunker ain’t bad. I’m diggin’ a wine cellar.


  14. Ray

    For the uninformed, what were the rumors?