And we were bitching about the size of his paycheck a year ago.

So, how soon before we see the first “Is Grantham Better Than VanGorder?” piece show up?


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23 responses to “And we were bitching about the size of his paycheck a year ago.

  1. Smitty

    Haha and having that conversation is just plain awesome for us! I read that during the 8 game winning streak our opponents have only been in the RED ZONE 11 times????

  2. SouthGa Dawg

    Win an SEC championship game and we’ll start talkin’

    • adam

      They’re definitely trying.

      • Morgen Ingerson

        It is nice that Georgia is coming together to play their best football. Coach Grantham has done a great job with his assistant coaches (i.e. Line, Linebackers, and Secondary) in preparing his defense for each game. I am grateful for our team sticking together and playing their assignments. Coach Grantham knows what he is doing better than we do. Regardless, the season is not over and we need to cheer on our team to finish the drill against Kentucky and wreck Tech. Go Dawgs!

  3. Daniel Simpson Day

    Well Senator, you said scheme change is a bitch. Now, we make it our bitch. Linebacker play is probably the best I’ve ever seen since CBV. We look fast and mean on D. It’s been missed.

    • Cojones

      Don’t you like the way it doesn’t matter who’s in there, they all take it as their personal responsibility to lay the big lumber? Robinson, ‘Tree, Jarvis taking turns with Rambo, Washington and even Geathers getting in their licks. Left out another half dozen.

      The O matches their glory with Murray and the Receiver Corps tearing up their refreshed week off D. Let’s see, did FU and the Barners see something last year that made them schedule their off weeks prior to Georgia’s perceived Team performance? Perceptive, but didn’t do much good with one td each from their O.

      Heard they are giving Uzomah a parade this week. They didn’t have enough mettle to build a stature.

      • The Lone Stranger

        Visualize how the D stacks up next year if all the JRs return — Robinson, Washington, A.Jones, Rambo. The potential is there for ’82 or ’03 levels of stuffitude!

  4. UGAfoo

    Grantham has these guys playing how we all knew they could. The adjustments he is making on the field are like a breath of fresh air. Jones mentioned they are better prepared and know the tendencies of the offenses. That lets them play at full speed. I’m sure this is a result of the players learning the new system and Grantham finding his own comfort level at the college level.

    I just hope we can keep for a few years. I sure eyebrows are going up around college football

  5. PNWDawg

    I was bitchin’ quite a bit about his salary. Never been so proud to be wrong.

  6. Scott

    Van Gorder only surrendered more than 30 points once in his entire tenure and that was against LSU in the SEC title game that we lost. So at least another year of consistent excellence before I concede he is better than Van Gorder. And we still have not beaten an elite team during this run.

    • Cojones

      OK. Sit there and don’t jump up and down with us, See if we care. What the efstars is an “elite” team? I imagine Coach Grantham is capable of generating his own iconic style that will escape any comparisons.

      You ain’t from around here, are you?

      • Scott

        Grew up in Marietta, live in Buckhead. Graduated from UGA in 1992. I will concede this much: Having David Pollack play every down on defense for 3 years could make a lot of DC’s look brilliant.

        We are looking really good right now on defense. I admit this as good a run as BVG ever had, but let’s see how we do against Tech and the SEC title game.

        Don’t you remember that SEC title game against Arkansas? Now that was a great UGA defense. We were so dominant by the end of that season it was like we were playing with extra guys.

        P.S. I was also one of the holdouts that refused to concede Tiger had surpassed Jack.

    • adam

      We haven’t faced an elite team (except for maybe Boise State… But I’m not sure they’re elite either) this whole year.

      We win the next one and we’ll get our chance.

  7. heyberto

    Were people really griping about Grantham that way last season? I admit, I was hopeful the scheme change would not cause a drop off in performance last year, but when it did, I just thought we were wrong in our optimism, and figured this year we’d see if it was working. Glad I was right about that.

  8. Brandon

    BVG was consistently underappreciated when he was here everybody just thought Greene, Musa, Fred & Co. were the engines that drove the train, and they damn sure were good but they were only part of the equation the other part was damn relentless defense. Grantham is at least getting the credit, nothing like having it bad to learn how to appreciate when you are good. I think its way too early to have the debate as to who is better Grantham’s sample size is way too small but hell that’s what the intertubes are for. Van Gorder was better in his first year than Grantham was whereas they have been roughly the same in year 2, with fairness to Grantham though his defensive charges were in utter shambles when he took over and he had to basically start with “this is a football” whereas Gary Gibbs had done a good job in 2000 with the defense under Donnan so BVG had more to build on. Regardless though I’m just happy to be playing championship defense again, championships to follow.

  9. MinnesotaDawg

    Worth every damn penny.