Dawg Stat Watch, Week 11

As you can imagine, the DSW is in a very happy place after the Auburn game.

Here’s what we’re looking at now:

  1. Hold opponents under 17 points per game.  As a team, Georgia is yielding 18.6 ppg.
  2. Finish at least +8 in turnover margin.  Georgia’s turnover margin is +9.
  3. Average better than 380 yards per game on offense.  Georgia’s offense is averaging 438.7 ypg.
  4. Finish in the top five in total defensive yardage.  Georgia’s defense ranks third in total defense.
  5. Finish in the top three in first downs.  Georgia is first in first downs.
  6. Finish no worse than third in passing yardage.  Georgia is third in passing yardage.
  7. Finish no worse than third in sacks.  Georgia is first in sacks.

The only category that saw a drop was passing yardage.  That’s what happens when you only attempt two passes in a half.  Other than that, it’s an impressive showing.


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16 responses to “Dawg Stat Watch, Week 11

  1. ScoutDawg

    All according to Evil Richt’s plan.


  2. Puffdawg

    That first down comparison against auburn was absurd


  3. Noonan

    Fire Bobo


  4. Doug

    Remember the old quote about how dominance means running the ball when the other team knows you’re going to run the ball and they still can’t do a damn thing to stop you? I was thinking about that during the fourth quarter. Georgia averaged 5.88 yards per play in the second half, even though we only threw two passes after halftime.

    Here’s another thing that should blow your mind: Georgia is 5-1 in their last six games against Auburn, and even when you factor in Auburn’s big win last year, the average score over that stretch is Georgia 34, Auburn 21.


  5. An AU fan said “It may well be 70 if they like it”, referring to the final score. I would like to know if it is worth hanging 70 or more on this hapless AU team just to improve BCS (Beauty Contest Subdivision) position????


  6. thinkingbulldog

    Serious point: if we can make it through all of Tech’s chop blocking without having any offensive linemen seriously injured, I think we have a shot at LSU. Those Tech boys aren’t afraid to clip on a knee (I’m sure there are plenty of examples out in the youtubeosphere) –the linemen need to keep their heads on a swivel down at the joke.


  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    The first down stat is especially impressive with all the running we did second half. Brings back memories of Musa Smith in the 02 SECCG and 03 Sugar Bowl.


  8. Cojones

    Stats can’t do justice to what happened on that field, Sat. How can we apply statistics to two litters of 11 puppies ea jumping up and down for treats?


  9. The General

    Considering we gave up an average of 40 points in our first two games, bringing it down to 18.6 is absolutely stellar. Take away the 13 junktime points against NMSU and it’s 17.3 ppg, just a hair’s breath from the cutoff for this criterion.


    • Russ

      Taking away the special teams and offensive gifts, the defense is well within the 17ppg margin. We gave Sackerlina 21 points.