Grantham makes an impression.

Another thing you have to admire about Todd Grantham is his efficiency.  On Saturday, he managed to use his pregame preparation as a recruiting sales tool, according to über-recruit Jordan Jenkins’ dad:

… The highlight of the weekend for Jenkins was meeting with Granthan to discuss pre-game strategy, listen to the Georgia assistant explain it to his players, then watch them perform it to near-perfection in the convincing 45-7 win over Auburn.

“Jordan enjoyed watching Georgia’s defense play,” Jenkins said. “There were some things that Coach Grantham discussed with his players prior to the game, some things to look for and how they wanted to execute. And everything Coach Grantham broke down and talked about, they executed it in the game. It was impressive to see how he was teaching and passing down the knowledge to his players in a way they could grasp and use on the field immediately. We all know, coming from a guy with 11 years of NFL coaching experience, the guy knows what he’s talking about. We’ve always been high on Coach Grantham. Jordan has always liked him. He has always been a big plus for UGA.”

In a spare moment, Grantham ponders sub-atomic theory. (photo via AJ-C)



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  1. NCT

    Todd Grantham: the biggest, meanest, nastiest nerd you’ll ever meet.


  2. Dammit. No way to blame THIS on Bobo!


  3. Go Dawgs!

    If I didn’t think he’d choke me to death, I’d love to just walk up to Coach Grantham and give him a big ol’ hug.


  4. Bad M

    Kirby Smart-a guy who’s learning on the job….OR Grantham- a guy who will take you to the first round of the NFL draft and make you better than you are.
    Saban-a guy who will drop you as soon as the next high school recruit comes along….or Richt- a honest guy who’s loyal to no end.


    • Vindexdawg

      Very pertinent comparison, sir…although I notice that you did omit Coach “Put-em-all-in-a-sack MFBoom.”


      • Bad M

        He’s just a sad bag-o-crazy that hopes he can get by just with the talent pool in the state. Just like he did at Te-has. But now that you can’t smoke weed down there, that hurt half his recruiting base.


  5. Skeeter

    Great article. You can tell Jenkins and his dad are very observant. Sounds like a good student of the game and exactly the kind of thinking player who can excel in our system. Come be a Dawg, Jordan!


  6. charlottedawg

    Really hope we get this kid. the dream team has started delivering as promised if not more but in order to re-emerge as a national program Georgia will need another great class in 2012, especially considering how awful the 2010 class is so far panning out, ogletree and bennett withstanding. some good o lineman are also desperately needed


    • Bevo

      Good points here. Unfortunately you’re dead on about the 2010 class. 2011 is patching up a lot of positions and compensating for some of the 2010 misses but we have some serious needs going into 2012. You mentioned the most dire, which is OL. RB has gotten that way too.

      Every year is important, but the 2012 class is really make or break for certain positions. Also, if the program is going to get back where it belongs, we need to start building more quality depth (see, e.g., Alabama at RB, OL and defense).

      The winning streak is helping a lot. Dominance on defense is helping with players like Jordan Jenkins. If the coaches can close this recruiting cycle as well as they closed last year’s, good things could happen.


      • NC Dawg

        Agreed. We badly need quality O-line depth and a BIG running back. Thomas is gutsy but just too small to run inside. Crowell is too prone to injury or whatever.


    • Coastal Dawg

      I would say both ogletrees. For being considered a throw away only to lock up his brother, Zander is turning out to be a hitter. I tried to copy the picture from Dawg Post of him leveling the LB on one of Crowell’s runs, but I didn’t go to tech so you folks will have to look it up.


  7. DawgPhan

    If we get the production from the 2012 class that we have gotten from the 2011 class, UGA is going to be hell on wheels next season. We just need to get Dream Team 2 : SEC Nightmare locked down.


    • JaxDawg

      I’ve always said next year is for losers, but I can’t help but appreciate the fact that we return approx 20 of 22 on our D two-deep. We have the potential to be extremely good – now whether we have attrition due to arrests, grades, etc is another thing – so I say this with a BIG IF.


      • DawgPhan

        yeah I am not looking past Kentucky, but I know that getting production from freshmen like we have gotten this season is something that UGA has been missing the last couple of years and it makes a huge difference if you can get past the first couple of games.

        Dawgs youth clearly hurt them this season, but I dont think that the schedule is going to include these big games to open moving forward.


      • gatorhater27

        I could see us losing at least a couple of players from the D to the draft. Rambo, Geathers, and Commings come to mind as players who will at least see where they stand.


      • Question: If the Dawgs win out, How many Juniors & RS Sophs., especially on Defense, will be looking to leave early for the NFL?. The potential numbers concern me a lot. Richt will have to do a lot of recruiting to keep the current Dawgs on board.


    • “Dream Team 2: SEC Nightmare”. I like that. A lot.


  8. baltimore dawg

    hell of a coach.

    what’s more, the team’s success has made liars and bullshit artists out of a lot coaches from alabama, florida, auburn, etc. in the eyes of a number of recruits and their parents.


  9. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Senator’s link has updated, breaking news that “the next Tim Tebow” has committed to UGA. Kid is from Florida.

    Here’s a direct link:


    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      Rivals has him rated as a 3 star, dual threat QB.


      • Bevo

        He may very well end up as a TE, a FB or even a LB. He likely will get a shot at QB, but if it doesn’t work out there, he will probably be a good fit at those other positions.


        • W Cobb Dawg

          I’ll accept anything but punt returner.


          • adam

            maybe he can be our short yardage back.

            3rd and Bauta (or 3rd and Faton) is just fine. especially if he could be as good as tebow was at getting that tough yard. his throwing mechanics suck, but he was damn good at running for a yard.


          • Logan (aka Bevo)

            Dear W Cobb,

            I actually prefer “fair catcher” as I feel the title more accurately describes my special teams duties.

            Thank you,



  10. Turd Ferguson

    No, no, no, this can’t be right. I was led to believe that recruits base their decisions entirely upon the random comments left by anonymous fans on blogs and discussion forums. It can’t possibly have anything to do with coaching, or winning, or anything like that (as some of us always wrongly believed, apparently).


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    Grantham deserves every bit of credit he’s getting. CMR better keep this guy on staff – whatever it takes.


  12. Rebar

    Better lock Grantham up now! There will be alot of head coaching jobs opening up, and the powers that be will come looking for Grantham because of the tremendous turnaround on defense.


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