Hmmm… smells like fish.

Jimmy Sexton couldn’t lay out the bait any better than this:

… The three-year contract that Todd Grantham signed to come to Georgia to coach its defense expires on Jan. 31, 2013. And while that’s still 14 months away, what the Bulldogs’ defensive coordinator has done on his side of the ball in Year Two has made him a pretty hot commodity.

So says Grantham’s agent, at least. Michael Harrison, an attorney with Venture Management of Las Vegas, said he has already “gotten inquiries” from some NFL teams about the possibility of his client returning to that league as a coordinator. Harrison also said he has “gotten feelers” indirectly from colleges gauging Grantham’s interest in becoming a head coach.

Grantham came to UGA from the Dallas Cowboys, where he coached linebackers, and he was a defensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns before that. It’s Grantham’s stated desire to one day become a head coach — the buyout in his contract is waived if he does — and several college positions have already opened up. More will surely become available at the conclusion of the regular season, and Harrison expects Grantham to be a part of those conversations.

“Todd wants to be at Georgia, though,” Harrison insisted. “But we’d like to get an extension.”

Well played, Mr. Harrison, well played.

We’re about to see how bi-polar our fan base has become.  What percentage of those who were pointing fingers at Grantham after the 6-7 season are going to be shrieking loudly now about locking him up, cost no object?


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  1. The other Doug

    I keep telling myself that the choke sign in Jax last year and the argument with Franklin this year will make teams leery of hiring him as a head coach.

  2. Tommy

    That was … a little unsubtle.

    But he’s an agent and that’s how he makes his living.

    • Coastal Dawg

      I wonder if Tommy Tuberville’s agent will float rumors that Tubs might come to GA as the new DC. Seems he gets link to every other opening real or rumored.

  3. stoopnagle

    Well, I think it all depends on what McGarity’s little blue & orange notebook tells him to do, don’t it?

  4. timphd

    Grantham should be locked in for multiple years. Hope McGarity doesn’t let his personal reluctance to give assistants long term deals interfere with this one. There is no way we don’t go backwards, even if only temporary, if he leaves. And I don’t doubt that he will get interest from the NFL and maybe a college head coaching job. Keep him!

  5. Jim

    I think we need to lock him up

    I have gone from my dire preseason predictions that had richt getting fired after the tech game to believing our future is very bright

    While we have not played great in every game, in fact far from it, we have improved as the season has progressed and generally have looked like a well coached team. Our offense and defense have looked spectacular at times (though against a favorable schedule) and the east is such a mess that a program coming off a good year this year coupled with some coaching stability ought to be able to rake in the recruits and make a real run the next few years, as long as the coaches do their part after signing the recruits.

    I say extend richt and grantham both and I am happy to admit I was wrong after last season/..

  6. JaxDawg

    Count me as one Dawg fan that expected 2010’s Defense to be a transition experiment. Also count me as someone who predicted our 2011 D would be the strength of this team.

    Lock his ass up tighter than a accountant’s checkbook and make our Defense a strength for years to come. DO IT Greg.

  7. Keese

    The only one that benefits from this really is the agent and to a certain degree Gratham. If Grantham got lured into taking another position somewhere else, do you really think the contract with Georgia will get in the way? Grantham’s won’t deal with coffing up the buyout with UGA. Conversely UGA wanted to get rid of him they would have the buyout responsibility. Most assistant coaches aren’t on 3 year contracts anyhow. The agent is posturing his deal.

    • Keese

      In other words, a multi-year contract will have no bearing on whether or not he stays. And the contract language would ibviously have escape clauses on both sides of the table.

      As much as I want to keep Grantham I’d let his agent air himself out

  8. DamnGoodDawg

    So, I was out of town helping the fiance with some work this weekend. While I had constant updates on the old iPhone, I didn’t get to watch the game. Does ANYONE know where I can watch a replay of it? Thanks.

  9. DawgPhan

    I am sure that McGarity will make the right move. I have no evidence to suggest otherwise.

  10. can you repeat the question because I don’t know if my answer is 100% or yes .

  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    Oh the times! Oh the times!

    Did Erk ever have an agent?

  12. Brandon

    At what point in time did it ever really take a profile in courage to defend Grantham? He has not been under what I would call serious fire individually, sure he’s been criticized for the choke thing and the James Franklin incident but I think 99% of fans were willing to give him a pass on last year’s performance due to the change in scheme.

    • HK

      Yelling matches with coaches and taunting of 20 year old kickers are things which are only held against you if you’re losing. I don’t think anyone who’s hiring gives a damn at this point. It’ll be nothing but a red herring for the next team he’s hired by to point to during negotiations.

  13. HK

    Regardless of what the contract says, just do what it takes to keep him around through at least next year, and hopefully till Murray’s gone after the next.

    Murray’s our best hope for a championship offense, and Grantham’s already put a championship D together, we just need to keep it around for Murray to lean on from time to time. Our best hope of winning the SEC and hopefully the BCS is to have both those guys around.

    Presuming the next two years are successful, you can’t really expect to keep a coordinator like that around, anyhow, particularly when he has aspirations of going back to the NFL or being a head coach. Thats just how it is; he’s either mediocre and you have no problem keeping him around, or he succeeds and the barbarians come knocking at the gate (hence these comments from his agent). Success creates a revolving door for coordinators; pretty basic stuff.

    Some guys are career college coordinators and it sure would be nice if Grantham was that way, but he’s apparently not (or at least thats the hand he’s playing). Get another successful year or hopefully two out of him and we will have gotten exactly what we should have hoped for out of him before he inevitably moves on. Hopefully he doesn’t go to another SEC school.

  14. Go Dawgs!

    GO DAWGS!: Hey Coach Grantham! While you were over at Georgia Tech for the game, we’ve been upgrading some of the door locks around the Butts-Mehre building. Just to get them re-keyed for the janitors.

    COACH GRANTHAM: OK, great, thanks. Hey, wait a second, why is the lock on the outside…

    GO DAWGS!: No reason! (click)

  15. yurdle

    Let’s lock up Grantham for 2 years and make sure he has picked and groomed his successor. And/or let’s pay him a bajillion dollars.

    • H-Town Dawg

      That’s the key, having a successor who can maintain the system even when Grantham is gone. But we definitely need to keep CTG around as long as possible!

  16. will

    Can anyone comment on Richt’s relationship with Grantham? I never hear them mention each other…besides Richt discussing Grantham incidents (choke, Franklin). Looks like they don’t even talk….

    • adam

      during games grantham is pretty busy…

      seems like coach richt talks about him like they’re friends. i think their relationship is probably pretty good.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Go back and watch the end of the telecast. You can clearly see Richt and Grantham hug on the sideline as the seconds tick off before Richt goes out to shake Chizik’s hand. Richt is always very complimentary of Grantham in media sessions.

    • Scott

      You would have to be quite a jerk not to get along with Richt on a personal level. Has there ever been an assistant, or even an opposing coach, who disliked Richt?

  17. Derek

    I just hope that we make sure he feels appreciated and that he’s past the wanderlust that cost us CVG. He could have CMR’s or beamer’s job down the road if he stays the course.

  18. He could make a much bigger move with a much higher salary if he had a MN Championship Ring on his finger. Just sayin’.

  19. TennesseeDawg

    Lock him down. Most Dawg fans would care less about the money and more about a championship defense.

  20. Otto

    CTG is right on schedule with Saban’s 1st 2 years at Bama. I defended him last year and defend him now.

    This maybe a broken record but Bobo is still the one I question. Yes he has called some pretty good games lately. However, he has atleast 1 game if not 2 a year that leaves you scratching your head and then he earns our trust back just to do it the next season. Boise was that game this year.

    I’m sure McGarity has a plan and it will be interesting to see what he does.

    • Will (the other one)

      As someone who is not a big Bobo fan at all, I’ll say this: his play-calling looks a LOT better with good Oline play. And we’ve had more of that the 2nd half of this season.

    • Brandon

      Bobo calls a bad game in the game our defense yields 35? I have a feeling 36 points would have meant he called a good game, 34 or less is a bad one. 21 points is decent, on the whole we as ga fans have had good offenses for so long a lot of people don’t know what bad really is.

    • Merk

      I bet Bobo drew up those first few series. Hmm…Alright on this one Murray and Crowell will trip each other. On this one I’ll have a wide open receiver trip on the turf.

      Our guys fell like 3-4 times on plays that could have got something going. I am not saying Bobo had a great game plan that game…just that it doesnt matter how good ur game plan is if players cant even get to the LoS or run a route w/o falling down.

      Also see the whole getting game speed for your receivers not named King. Also having a freshman RB and a RB just took a year off does not help.

      Then again who knows what happens if one of our starting LBs does not break his foot in the first half.

    • Cojones

      Riding Bobo’s case is ignorant and old at best. People didn’t know what they were saying about Richt, Bobo and Grantham. That’s been proven. If you didn’t get the new meme and banish the horse manure to Tim Buk Tu, then screw you.

  21. MT

    Hopefully Kirk Olivadotti is a bug in Grantham’s ear, learning everything. 10 years as an NFL assistant himself, working with Ray Rhodes,Greg Williams and Marvin Lewis isn’t a bad initial resume.

  22. Anyone who thought he stunk last year was a fool and wasn’t paying attention. There were already signs of huge improvements, but it was clear guys had more to learn and we needed S&C upgrades.
    I think another year of Grantham’s tutelage and another year of quality S&C (plus the superior facilities) are going to really pay huge dividends next year. Offensive schemes can be taught much faster than defensive ones, so the big thing we need to hope for this offseason is for some school to hire away Bobo to be a HC somewhere. The biggest downside to this season is that there’s no way Richt sacks Bobo and gets a much needed upgrade there if we get 10+ wins and an SEC east (or better) crown.
    Next year is looking like our best shot at a MNC (unless there are some freshman and recruits coming up that are insanely great who will really blossom in 2013). We don’t have a ton of seniors or people leaving early this year, so next year we will have a veteran team with a great defense and a skilled, yet poorly coached (unless we replace Bobo) offense.

    • The biggest downside to this season is that there’s no way Richt sacks Bobo and gets a much needed upgrade there if we get 10+ wins and an SEC east (or better) crown.

      Interesting thing to say after what I thought was the best game of Bobo’s career. Offensive game plan and execution were just about flawless.

      • I agree, but I’m not ignorant to what has happened over the last 5 years (or even most of this year).
        When your defense is that dominating, your O-line is destroying their D-line, and your QB/receivers are playing lights out, it obviously makes you look good. I’m not trying to take anything away from Bobo, but when you look at his body of work it is really iffy.
        If we end up having him around for another year, I’ll be super happy to be proven dead wrong about him though.🙂

        • Dawgfan Will

          Yes, but all those things are what make other OCs look good as well. I’m cherry-picking of course, but look at Malzahn. Dude looks like a genius with Darren McFadden at Arkansas and with Cam Newton at Auburn. Otherwise, not so much.

          Just out of curiosity, who would you go after for OC? I don’t really pay attention to other teams’ coordinators unless they come up for head coaching gigs.

        • Cojones

          Muckbeast, all I’ve heard from people for 5 yrs is ignorance about Bobo. See earlier posts about games where players stepped on their dicks and the ranters came on and blamed Richt and Bobo like a bunch of crazed lemmings. Everybody was falling all over themselves to be on the ant-Richt and ant-Bobo rant wagon even when it was shown his O points have been in the tops of the SEC. You people are just being Buttheads , slinging manure and chasing recruits off with this anti-staff crap. When it was proven that the clever metaphors and acidic atmosphere generated was producing damage, damned if the ranters didn’t come on and skewer people who told them to shut up because recruits and other schools were reading it. What did they do? The ranters “had a right to tell the professionals on our team how to run the show, recruits be damned” Now that the negative nabobs have been shown to be full of hooey, they keep coming back on the internet with the same ole crud. Enough is enough.

          Recruits come because of Bobo also. Start taking a look at who recruits those players over the last 5 years. Bobo is credited by the recruits themselves even when his name isn’t to the side. You’ve just seen an article in the last few days that stated the anti-Richt crud had kept a 5-star D player away. When will you learn that recruiting also is a team effort among the coaches? Leave the coaching judgements to the AD and HC. They are paid to make judgements and you only show ignorance of what your words produce by continuing to indulge in ego bobbing. Cool it until the season’s over, please. Then you can pontificate about personalities all you want.

          • You can’t say people have been trashing the program for years AND chasing off recruits, when we’ve been getting top recruiting classes for years (and last year’s dream team). You have to pick one or the other.
            The only anti-Richt sentiment I’ve ever had is that he is too loyal and doesn’t get rid of people who underperform.
            Martinez. Bobo. Van Halanger. We finally got rid of 2 of the 3, now we just need 1 more.
            I could repeat the reams of examples and analysis that show how Bobo is not a top class OC but if you still have your head in the sand after 5 years, there’s no point.
            Thank god we have a great defense again, because that’s the only thing winning games for us now.
            Enough is enough also from blind apologists like yourself who defended Martinez just as much then as they defend Bobo now. I think those of us being honest about the program have been proven RESOUNDINGLY correct.

            • Otto

              Agreed with Muckbeast. Bobo is decent and looks great when he has a powerful RB and a solid OL.

              A great OC changes his play calling to use the talent on the team which Bobo has not consistantly done over the past 5 years. The good news is next year the offense should be loaded.

            • Hackerdog

              What I am interested in is an objective standard of judging Bobo’s performance that would satisfy you.

              Would scoring points against SEC teams be a good metric? If so, what ranking would satisfy you that Bobo is a good OC? What about total offense?

              Absent a definitive standard that would satisfy you with the team’s performance, it looks like Cojones has a good point and you’re simply arguing that Bobo must be fired regardless of how well our offense is playing. That just doesn’t make any sense.

      • Brandon

        I have come to the conclusion that Bobo must have boinked some of these guys girlfriends in college, their is no other explanation.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1 re: Next year is THE year. Yep. The only negative is it is one of those fluke years when UGA only gets 3 SEC home games because UGA is the mythical “home” team at the WLOCP.

      • Will (the other one)

        Maybe, maybe not. There’s a decent shot our trip to Bama gets replaced with a home game against Mizzou.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          If the conference goes to 9 SEC games more than likely we will lose an OOC game and get Mizzou instead, I would hope at home, but given the way the SEC office is it would not surprise me in the slightest if the game was away.

      • Hackerdog

        We didn’t fare too badly as the away team in Jax this year.

    • D.N. Nation

      Bobo’s better than whatever they’re doing in Tuscaloosa.

  23. Bulldog Joe

    Perhaps we should let him win something first.

  24. Lock his butt up–whatever it takes–just look at Quote from Jarvis Jones–best Coach in the country–don’t we know every recruit thinks the same-LOCK HIM UP!!!! Right Now!

  25. W Cobb Dawg

    CTG is the real deal. He’s done more “coaching” during his time in Athens than we’ve seen in years. His assistant hires have been great too – experienced professionals. Dawgs should lock him in for the next decade. 20 million would be worth it.

    The biggest problems with the 2010 D was Willie’s DB’s needed an entire year to be completely reprogrammed and we needed a true NT. Those 2 problems are solved. The future is very bright on D. Don’t f%#k it up by doing a repeat of BVG and letting CTG walk away.

    • Cojones

      If you haven’t noticed, Bobo has done very well with the O. Throwing Bobo out of your thoughts in your zeal for Grantham is poor reasoning . It’s just plain ignorant.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        Whatever. Seems Bobo is in somebody’s thoughts quite a bit.

      • Bad M

        Exactly. Plus, why give these kids another scheme to learn when they are getting good. Everyone is contributing. We can survive small injuries, or suspensions. Things are clicking. But it’s a tightrope. Let’s not mess this up just because you want us to put up Hawaii numbers.
        Our QB is throwing more TD’s than EVER @ Ga, he can still run, is a leader and a good kid, and some are still not happy? Maybe Bobo’s “head-scratcher” calls are setting up other plays. Maybe you can’t tell why he’s doing something…from the couch. Maybe a kid messes up from time to time or a defense might just get lucky and make a play every now and then. Enjoy the wins people.

      • Bobo hasn’t done well with the offense at all. He is great at padding a stat sheet, but that’s about it.
        Over the last 5 years, our offense has varied from mediocre to terrible. Sure, he pads his stats, but that’s it.

        • Zdawg

          Please tell me how he pads his stats as opposed to all other teams in the SEC. Seems like we don’t do it as much as others. And please compare him to CRM’s tenure as OC.

          I’m not saying he is the best out there, but he isn’t going anywhere, and the arguments you are making just remind me of washed up old Dawgvent talk.

        • Anti-Bobo

          Who cares about stuff like POINTS??? Is that what an OC is supposed to do? Get his team to score points? Any moron can score points against SEC defenses.

          Fire Richt!!1!! And Bobo!!1!!

        • Raleigh St. Clair

          This might be one of the single dumbest things I have ever read from a “UGA fan” on the Internet.

          Please explain further how he has been terrible, but gets by with stat padding.

          By all means, explain exactly why Bobo is as bad as you claim. But, don’t use stats as that would simply be “padding.”


  26. AusDawg85

    We make a big splash in 2012…SEC champion, major BCS game. Then Richt exits, CTG takes over, Bobo takes a HC job elsewhere, and Joe Cox comes in as OC.

    I blame Ginger in 2013!!!

  27. 69Dawg

    Todd having been around UGA for two years now has got to see and I hope appreciate the near god like reverence the UGA fans hold our great DC’s. The NFL may pay more but if you are into being worshiped UGA is where it’s at. Twenty-nine years after he left UGA Erk is still the man.

    • Merk

      see the packers for a reference of how the NFL works. No one gives a shit if ur winning. The packers suck some serious balls on D, but damn that O will burn ya.

      Also I would not be surprised if Grantham likes a job where the DC gets the credit as much as the player. In the NFL the player gets so much more credit.

    • Cojones

      How many bloggers on here were at UGA during Erk’s years? Just curious. “Three yards and a cloud of dust” characterized most of the Ds in the SEC 50-70 yrs ago. How many of you on here ever saw and/or talked to Erk when you are comparing Grantham to him. There is no comparison then to present day football You didn’t have to score many points to win. Each is his own man in his own age. No one will ever be like Erk. No one will ever be like Grantham. They each have differing personalities and coach differently. The worst D in Erk’s SEC days was good. Others were great and dominated. But no D ever won the game without an O capable of putting more points on the board than the opponent. Keep that clutched to your tender little hearts when you go overboard in your D worship. But the game is not the same today. You can’t compare.

      Now that our players have that heart and pride back about their play, we should revel in that, not compare coaches. Grantham just may build the best D under the best Head Coach and the best Offensive Coach that we have ever enjoyed. And Erk would be proud, just like Vince and Wally, but it will be Grantham’s best D, not Erk’s with the best team and coaches in the country. Let’s be fair to those coaches and players who ALL are making a big turnaround this year and into the future, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bathwater. As fans we should be knowledgeable enough to have pride in our entire football team. The same goes for all of our Championship athletic teams. Team spirit and appreciation says a lot about the fans as it does about the teams. Let’s be worthy of our teams who have kept their head up while we have assailed their efforts. They have come to this moment dragging us kicking and screaming in their ear. We should let them know we can be better than that by noting all staff and player accomplishments equally. Through good and bad times we should shout “SIC’EM DAWGS” at the top of our lungs so as to be heard all the way to Connecticut.

      • Raleigh St. Clair

        Did you somehow get confused that the original blog post concerned Coach Grantham?

        You think that might have something to do with the posts about Coach Grantham?

        Or, we’re you more concerned with writing several rambling retorts that were neither on point nor particularly insightful?

  28. No person is bigger than the organization. Pay them fairly and let them move on if they need too. At this point, there is no need to do rush out and sign Grantham to a big extension. His slimeball agent is playing the recent success for all it is worth. This will be a good test for McGarity.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Yep, and losing builds character. Weren’t you watching CWM’s defense?

      • UGAfoo

        I believe the coaches are important. Almost as much as the talent and facilities. I don’t believe that UGA football lives or dies by the DC, OC, or HC. Pay them well and treat them well. Don’t allow them to control the AD. If they leave, then go find someone else. The talent and facilities allows you to go out and get someone good.

        CMR was unable to put his personal feelings aside which resulted in keeping a bad coach. I think he learned from that.

  29. Faulkner

    I’m a big fan of CTG. However, lets talk about extensions and contracts after the season is over. He will have a ton of leverage if our D helps us win the rest of our games this year.

  30. UGLYDAWG in Guatemala (xfor another week)

    Thank you, Senator! I’m in Mazatenango Guatemala. I missed the beat down on Saturday. Someone told me that Auburn was winning huge in the third qtr. I had doubts about the report and happilynfound out the truth Saturday night. I was finally able to access this sight to “get the picture.” Your insight and stats really made my day. To all you Dawg fans….I’ll miss Ky too….please order another win. God bless! Uglydawg

  31. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Ugly (Is it OK for me to call you by your first name?), WTF are you doing in Guatemala?

  32. Scott

    We recovered 7 fumbles in Willie Martinez’s final 26 games as DC. That’s not bad luck, that’s poor hitting and tackling.

    Give Grantham what he wants.

  33. Lrgk9

    Grantham said he was looking for a 7 year sojourn when he arrived so his kids could have their teen years in one place. So Mama has be likely doing the talking. Give the guy $ and multiple years – he probably won’t leave for another 3-4 years.

    Looks like to me that the Hot seat has been a catalyst in some Bobo and Richt growth. Improvement in coaching at last.

    The guy I want to give a raise and keep the most is Will Friend !

    • I agree completly I think CTG wants to have stability for the next few years for his kids and let’s face it no one wants to leave Athens ,it took me 7 years and I’ve heard that all our former Coachs ,Goff included still live in the Athens area. I don’t think we’ll have to overpay because my guess is he wants to stay.

  34. I am sure McGarity already has plans to work out a new deal with Grantham and Richt right after the SECCG when there is no practice for a few weeks and it won’t interfere with getting ready for any games. Adding years to his contract and dollars to the base won’t keep him forever but it will show him that UGA is committed to him and make him more patient in selecting a place to go when he chooses to. Keeping him even a year or two longer by giving him a raise and extension is worth it.