Tuesday morning buffet

Some tasty morsels have been set out for you this morning:


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65 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. JasonC

    And that is why we should always keep Kentucky in the SEC.

  2. Spike

    Nice buffet, Senator. Nothing personal, but I think Dooley is losing his marbles.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      And isn’t it a remarkable coincidence that now that the UT schedule turns easy Tyler Bray is again healthy and can play against Vanderbilt and Kentucky. “Miss the tough games, play in the easy games” Bray is at it just like before. The media will undoubtedly pronounce Bray as, once again, the savior of UT should UT win those easy games with him playing QB.

      • Corch Urbz Meyers -- Coach-in-absentia-tOSU

        Watch that pesky VU secondary shut down the Vols ball catchers and snag a coulple of INTs. I like their safeties and that player Hayward (#19).

  3. TennesseeDawg

    You mean there is still someone in Kentucky that still cares about football right now?

  4. charlottedawg

    In regards to bill connelly uga auburn could’ve been a lot worse. you know it’s bad when the game was more lopsided than the score and the final tally is 45-7. If bobo went to the air in the second half we score 63 or more easily.

  5. Guest

    Back in old Milledge Hall, Playboy was “looked at.” Other magazines were “read.”

  6. The General

    So when Charlie Strong says a player of his is a “gamer,” we now know what he means. That Louisville team is who we were supposed to open the season with. How would anybody on here like the Dawgs to be 9-1 right now?

  7. X-Dawg

    Dooley needs to get with the Coastal Carolina coach and co-write a book of incoherent analogies.

  8. Go Dawgs!

    What in the heck is that Gamecock fan talking about? Message board people are really lame. I don’t know a single UGA fan who isn’t taking Kentucky seriously. I think it’s fairly obvious that Georgia should beat them easily, all things being equal, but I think we all remember that game in 2009 and know that anything can happen. Certainly, I’ll be surprised if Georgia doesn’t cruise on Saturday, but I also don’t know where this guy is getting the idea that Georgia is “disrespecting” Kentucky. And how lame is it to go to a message board to try to rally the troops to win? Fans don’t play the game, loser.

    • gastr1

      He’s trying to stir them up, that’s all, and they won’t be stirred. It’s hilarious!
      “In fact at this point they might lie down and lose just to knock usc out of the picture for Spurrier being a douche in our game.” Senator is right, I’m laughing out loud at this.

      • gastr1

        And this priceless exchange:
        SCU fan: “You KY fans are frickin losers. You would mail in your season just so Spurrier can’t win the East. If anything you owe it to the kids who play every Saturday. I’m not over here asking you to win because I know you don’t have a prayer in hell in even scoring A point in Athens much less win the game. I hope all of the KY recruits understand what loser fans you are and kill your football program. Oh wait, its already dead. Just like every year, Basketball season has arrived. Pathetic….”

        UK fan: “Shut up you inbred dipshit. We’re not happy about sucking, but only looking for the silver lining in that our crap season will at least produce a bit of agony for dumbshits such as yourself and the rest of the USCjr fanbase.”

        • Brandon

          This is particularly funny considering historically USCe’s football program ain’t a whole hell of a lot better than UK’s, and USCe lacks the traditional powerhouse basketball program to make for it. A gamecock may tell you different but I still remember when USCe won its first bowl game, it was during the Clinton presidency.

        • Cojones

          Let’s adopt the UK fan who wrote that. At least for next year’s SC game.

          Reminds me of the time I attended a ND game in South Bend when they were playing the insects. My Southern accent was appreciated by all the ND fans around me because it was distinctive to the playing field (NDers politely clap until a td is scored so the stadium gets pretty quiet between plays). After leaving the stadium, a woman’s Southern voice chirped about 20yds back (i was still shouting loudly about the putdown ND put on’em),” We know who you are and what school you go to and we are coming to Athens to beat you silly!”. Everyone laughed as if they had never been near Good Ole Fashioned Hate before.

    • Doug

      It’s not like Georgia’s been hurling insults at Kentucky this week, though there does seem to be an attitude among the fan base (and I’ve been as guily of it as anyone) that the game Saturday is a mere formality. That may be where the sense of “disrespect” is coming from.

      Nevertheless, going to a Kentucky message board to offer words of encouragement is the act of a desperate individual. And it’s the act of a towering douchebag to expect any camaraderie/consideration from them when barely a month ago you were throwing well into the fourth quarter against them with a five-TD lead.

      • tduga1

        I have never felt this confident the week before the game. Unless the entire 1st and 2nd string fails a drug test today we win easy.

  9. Nate

    Raise your hand if, after the South Carolina game, you expected to hear this quote regarding Mark Richt’s contract at some point:

    “There’s an appropriate time to talk about that and right now is not appropriate. All focus, like it has been the past 10 weeks, is on the next opponent. We’re not doing anything to stray from that focus.”

    Now raise your hand if you expected that quote to come after 8 wins in a row; one of those being a dismantling of Auburn so thorough it resembles something that happens in a meat processing facility. Context is everything, people.

  10. Brandon

    There is a gloriously cocky post by Will Shelton up over on Rocky Top Talk about the Vanderbilt game chock full of jewels like this:

    “If Vanderbilt wants Tennessee’s respect, they’ll have to take it by force on Saturday night. Until then? You’re still Vanderbilt, and we’re still Tennessee.”

    I hope Vanderbilt beats the dogshit out of them this weekend. This guy has definately called down the thunder.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      You tell them Vandy is comin’ and they’re bringing Franklin with ’em!

    • Go Dawgs!

      The coach wears orange pants. In fact, the coach continues to wear orange pants well after it has become clear that it’s not working as any kind of a motivational gimmick.

      If anything, Tennessee needs to start thinking about winning Vanderbilt’s respect.

    • tduga1

      Looks like Vegas already respects Vandy. When was the last time Tennessee was a home dog to Vanderbilt? Line is 1.5.

  11. Bulldog Joe

    Your red dog just bit my energy vampire.

  12. Bulldog Joe

    That square G was perfect for the atomic age.

    • Go Dawgs!

      My favorite part of that article was noting that the red and silver/gray clashed with each other on the helmet. Clearly, this guy isn’t in charge of designing Nike Pro Combat helmets (but maybe he should be).

      • Dante

        Someone is actually in charge of designing the combat helmets? I thought they just threw darts at a color wheel?

        • Preston1

          If I am not mistaken, UGA actually contacted the Green Bay Packers for approval to use their logo. When Dooley arrived he assigned someone to redesign the helment.

          • Bulldog Joe


            Coach Lombardi added it to the Packers helmet three years earlier.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              I think that if UGA plays any game with retro uniforms the Dawgs ought to wear that silver helmet with the block red “G” with silver britches and white or red jerseys. They could alternatively wear the black jerseys, which would give a kind of Oakland Raiders look, but maybe there is too much bad karma from the last time they wore black jerseys for that.

              • Skeptic Dawg

                Several college teams don throwback uni’s from time to time. Throwback uni’s should be in the rotation for the Dawgs. That is a change most Dawgs fans would be happy to see, including myself. And I hate changing uni’s.

        • The Lone Stranger

          Or tossed a Chucky Cheese full of 2nd graders in a padded room and let their doodles play themselves out.

  13. Bulldog Joe

    Does any fan base in the SEC like South Carolina?

  14. Watching the disasters or near disasters at UT, FU, Ole M, and MSU, UFA is still lucky to have a more stable coaching staff despite all that has been said. I think it allowed the players to grow faster than usual.

    On the other hand the pressure of the fans and concerned individuals in the athletic board on the coaching staff seem to have allowed them to take more risks and get out of their comfort zones particularly evident in the last 4 games when calling plays.

    Just saying.

  15. Correction: UFA = UGA.

  16. DawgPhan

    Make no mistake the pressure will be on the Dawgs on Saturday. This game locks up the East and we need to make sure that the offense keeps on ticking and the defense keeps shutting teams down. We aren’t quite in beauty pageant territory yet, but if the Dawgs have thoughts of a decent bowl game floating around in their heads they need to take care of business in a decisive manner this weekend and be ready to wreck tech after thanksgiving.

    • Russ

      When has the pressure not been on the Dawgs this year, after the 0-2 start?

      Their ability to handle pressure is what has impressed me about this team. I say they roll easily on Saturday, and the second half becomes a 30 minute celebration.

  17. el diablo

    i love this KY fan. “I would root for Coach K to win 902 more games before I root for South Carolina to win one game EVER.”

    i dont think i realized the universal disdain for spurrier.

    • BMan

      Hating a prick knows no borders. And Spurrier is a founding member of the Prick Hall of Fame. It’s easy to look at more recent history and see that his snarky rhetoric toward UGA has calmed down a bit, but we should never forget the Florida days. He’s at the perfect school now, because he’s always been a cock.

    • Doug

      In 19 meetings against Kentucky, Spurrier’s only lost once (last year). His average margin of victory: four TDs. So yeah, it’s safe to say UK fans don’t have much incentive to think kindly of the man.

  18. Dog in Fla

    Leave Derek alone!

    • UGAfoo

      Derek Dooley, master of deflection.

      Reporter: “Coach Dooley, do you actually know how to coach football?”

      Dooley: “Coaching football is a lot like a red dog biting your orange pants.”

      Crowd: “What?”

      Dooley: “See you next week. Smokebomb!” (He vanishes.)

  19. UGAfoo

    Favorite UT Player Quote of the Week

    “We were bad in all phrases of that game, so we really can’t learn nothing from it,” defensive back Prentiss Waggner said Monday. “I think it definitely helps us move on, because I think if we would have watched the film yesterday, I think the confidence level probably would have stayed where it’s at or built some guys down because of all those missed tackles and missed plays we had.”

    I’m not how you “built some guys down“, but I suppose anything is possible in Derek Dooley’s world.

    • Dog in Fla

      Yes, the possibilites are limitless. Prentiss will get an extra dose of the hose this week for that malaprop.

      • BMan

        All three “phrases.” “Can’t learn nothing”…I’m guessing this scholar had to take the Coach Dooley’s cleanliness class a couple of times, having failed the first.

  20. Griff

    When I read the headline “the Urnge Savior hath returned” I immediately thought THE Trooper Taylor must be going back to Tennessee. Oh well, maybe Ole Miss will consider him…I’m sure Archie Manning and company would love him!

    • Dog in Fla

      “When I read the headline ‘the Urnge Savior hath returned’ I immediately thought” they let Johnny Majors back in town?

      • The Lone Stranger

        Ole Johnny is more likely rolling down the street somewhere in a whiskey barrel. But it would be entertaining to see him rolled back into the fold.

  21. Comin' Down The Track

    From CatsIllustarted.com:
    I hope Columbia gets nuked and then swallowed into the earth by giant mutant worms.

    My sentiments exactly.

  22. Comin' Down The Track

    Truth, BMan, truth.

  23. bamadave

    Funny how you idiot UGA fans make fun of Dooley, the off-spring of your fluke National Championship coach in the 80s. Most UT fans I know want to send him packing. It’s a loser family name from a loser state that played for a loser University (also with a fluke NC last year).

    Living in ATL I have come to hate everything bulldog. I hope you do win out and we spank you down like the bitches you are after Arky takes care of LSU. Could you please wear all black like u did last time we spanked that arse?