We didn’t land on Lane Kiffin. Lane Kiffin landed on us.

Tauren Poole wants the license number of the truck that hit the Tennessee football program.

All part of the plan, my man.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    Barbara Dooley’s going to be waiting in Stephens County when Tauren comes home for the holidays.

  2. Doug

    I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Poole at SEC Media Days, and he’s a genuinely good guy, funny and candid about his experiences with the program. He’s also incredibly talented, but unfortunately he had to spend a season stuck buried on the depth chart while Kiffykins futilely blew sunshine up Bryce Brown’s ass, and is now spending another stuck behind an offensive line that can’t run-block to save its life.

    Hope Poole finally gets his due, somehow, in the NFL. Love the Vols or hate ’em, he hasn’t deserved all this.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Wrong Doug. He got exactly what he deserved simply because he went to UT. Da’ Prick Rogers, too.

      • Sanford222View

        Poole went to Knoxville because he wasn’t recruited heavily if at all by UGA.

        • adam

          He’s a guy that if we could see 5 years ahead when we recruit we would’ve gone after.

          And probably wouldn’t have gone after Dontavious Jackson (kicked off) or Xavier Avery (went the baseball route, I think).

          Poole is a good back that is absolutely wasted on a horrible UT team.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            UT is still douchebag central. Even if UGA did not recruit Poole he should have gone someplace else other than the University of Trailertrash. “Lie down in the gutter come up smelling like garbage.” That saying is appropriate when talking about UT. Da’ Prick is doubly at fault because he had other options (i.e. UGA) and went to UT anyway. It is a shame that when you are 18 you have to make decisions that will dramatically effect your future but that is true for everybody. These guys f#cked up and now have to pay the price. We should be pointing at them and saying “Look, do you want to end up like that?” to every player that UGA is recruiting who is also being recruited by UT. Basically South Carolina has taken the place of UT in the SEC East and UT was already behind UGA and Florida before. With a little luck, Vandy will kick the Vols collective asses and UT will get pushed into the cellar of the SEC East with UK and I hope that they stay there. It would certainly serve them right.

            • adam

              I’m not sure which option you would’ve picked if you were Poole, then. He probably wanted to play in the SEC. Seems that UGA never offered him.

              Here’re the schools that offered him (according to Scout):
              South Carolina

              So… he could’ve gone to Auburn (5-7 and just fired Tubs) or Clemson (7-6 with Dabo Swinney in his first year as their head coach). Clemson is also in the ACC. South Carolina had just gone 7-6 (actually… so had Vandy). Maryland was 8-5 in the ACC. Tennessee also went 5-7 and fired Fulmer. Kiffin was supposedly a good recruiter though.

              I mean… Auburn, Tennessee, and Clemson were his best offers, really. Where could he have gone that wouldn’t have made you hate him? He’s talented, doesn’t seem to talk trash too much, and doesn’t play dirty. It’s a shame we didn’t offer him. But with Xavier Avery, Dontavious Jackson, and Richard Samuel already on board, we must have had him a little farther down on our board.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                You have misconstrued what I said Adam. Reread my post above. I hate UT the institution insofar as football is concerned. I don’t hate Tauren Poole. He seems like a nice enough young man. Admittedly I dislike Da’Prick because of what he did vis-a-vis UGA, but I don’t hate him either. My point is that UT is a POS program with the reputation for screwing almost everybody that makes the mistake of going there unless you are very, very lucky. Hell, Johnny Majors was the most revered of their football alums, did a hell of a job for them as HC for years and look what they did to him. Philip Fulmer, too (although Fulmer got what he deserved for his participation in the Majors lynching). What does it say that Chris Leak wouldn’t go there when his brother was a player on the UT team because (as he said publicly at the time) he “didn’t trust the coaches?” You may have noticed that Eli Manning (very quietly) didn’t go there either. The place is sh!t and if you rub up against sh!t you end up stinking yourself. It all gets back to their ignorant fanbase. Anyone on the team, coaches included, are at their mercy. Would you want your fate decided by a faceless group whose IQ averages about 85? If you go there you do it at your own risk is all I’m saying. P.S. Any of those choices you listed would have been better for Poole than UT, IMHO.

            • Cosmic Dawg

              Dadgum, Mayor – you’re kind of going out of your way to verbally beat down what seems like a pretty nice kid. You really hope a good, talented kid doesn’t make it to the NFL?

              I may be in the minority, but I can’t generate Tennessee hate anywhere near the sort of hate I can generate for Florida or Auburn…

              • ScoutDawg

                Yeah, no offense but I think you are in the minority. Anyone who lived through the mid to late 90’s and Phat Phil has a deep rooted hate for those cousin humpin rednicks.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                To each his own, CD. I hate UT more than any other SEC team. Florida is a close second. My favorite non-UGA game every year is the UT-Florida game because one of them has to lose.

            • Jermaine'sDye

              You have zero clue what you’re talking about right now. Poole, as those in his hometown know, represents the best of student-athletes. We did not recruit him. At all. He would’ve loved it if we had. But we put all of our eggs in Caleb King’s basket.

              • Mayor of Dawgtown

                I’m not exactly sure to whom you comment is directed JD but remember this–UT is UGA’s enemy. Poole plays for UT. He is an enemy combatant. You may like him personally but he is one of the enemy. Just sayin.’

        • Dusty

          Back to Poole for a second, his highschool coach coached Jonathan Crompton before coming to be TP’s coach. Also, he had Ole’ Phil down as a reference went he applied at Stephens County….needless to say there was a strong push to UT by his coach.

      • Bulldog Joe

        As it turned out, missing out on Rogers was a good thing.

    • Brandon

      “you know deserves got nothing to do with it” —William Munny, Unforgiven

  3. Zdawg

    Tennessee got punked.

    For all of us who had serious doubts about Richt, we may be able to breath better knowing that we didn’t jump into the newer is better coach bandwagon. Kiffen was a bust. I’m not convinced Chizic is any better outside a few rented players, and Florida didn’t look for HC experience either.

    I AM worried about losing Grantham. Need to lock him up for a few more years. Georgia needs to continue that stability in order to take advantage of our situation in the East.

    • heyberto

      I don’t exactly buy all the inquiry activity Grantham’s agent is alleging, but I don’t doubt that someone out there wants him and it’s too early to let him go.. he’s got more to do at UGA before I say it was worth the scheme change.

      • adam

        If he leaves, there are a bunch more aggressive 3-4 guys in the NFL.

        I hope we keep Grantham because he’s doing a hell of a job. But if he leaves… as long as we are willing to pay them, we should be able to get another good 3-4 DC.

        • Bad M

          I really think part of the scheme change growing pains was the coach learning the kids, both on our team and others. There’s a different speed to the game. It’s probably not as easy as, just get another 3-4 guy.

          • heyberto

            Yeah, and I also understand that Grantham’s version of the 3-4 isn’t generic. There’s some interview where he described how it’s different than Alabama’s, for instance. Not saying there isn’t a coach that can adapt, but I’m with Bad M, that it’s not as simple as plugging in another 3-4 coach.

  4. Ghost of Dawg's Past

    Need to lock up Grantham through 2014 season. The home and home with Clemson is over then and we need to perform well as I believe those contests will be critical recruiting decision points.

  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Lane Kiffin defiles everything he touches.

    • indemnitor

      leave nancy grace out of this…Kiffy leaving Layla for a full figured gal with a JD from Mercer Univ is nothing to be ashamed of and she cant really be de-filed. She can dance too, which makes me think Laner might be good on DWTS after his gig is up.

  6. DawgGoneIt

    Hey recruits! Where should you go that has a stable coaching situation? Be sure you don’t go through a Kiffenn-like situation. Ok, now which coach would be the nicest, most ethical, and least crazy to work for? Hmm…

    School-Coach-Starting Year
    Georgia-Mark Richt-2001
    South Carolina-Steve Spurrier-2005
    Louisiana State-Les Miles-2005
    Alabama-Nick Saban-2007
    Arkansas-Bobby Petrino-2008
    Auburn-Gene Chizik-2009
    Mississippi State-Dan Mullen-2009
    Kentucky-Joker Phillips-2010
    Tenessee-Derek Dooley-2010
    Florida Gators-Will Muschamp-2011
    Vanderbilt-James Franklin-2011

    • heyberto

      I’d be surprised to see Saban leave Alabama at this point unless he decides he wants a few years off, but I’d be just as surprised to see Alabama let him go. he could withstand some down years after what he’s done. He left a program where he was already beloved for the NFL. At this point, what program wouldn’t be a lateral or lesser move in CFB?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Well since you brought it up, Spurrier is coming up on his 68th birthday and I don’t see him in Columbia much longer; Miles and Saban appear to be in stable situations although both have a track record for changing jobs; Petrino is definitely just at a wide spot in the road on his way to bigger things, either someplace like Ohio State or another pro job–he’ll be gone within 3 years; Chizik stepped into a pile of sh!t and came out smelling like a rose when the Auburn alums bought Newton for him but now that Newton is gone they have fallen back to earth–look for the Cheatas’ alums to show him the door in 4 more years max (if you don’t think so just ask Tommy Tuberville who had an undefeated season 3 years before getting fired–Terry Bowden, too); Dan Mullin is so obviously looking to get out of Starkville it is painful to watch; Joker Phillips, Derek Dooley and Will Muschamp are living on borrowed time–3 years max and some will be out before then; James Franklin can probably keep the Vandy job as long as he wants it but what player that is really first rate would ever want to play there? Looks to me like UGA is the thinking man’s choice.

  7. UGA Illuminati

    Dooley and Muschamp doing solid work. No one has suspected a thing.

    -Special Agent Russ