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ESPN’s loss is New Mexico’s gain.

Five words for you, Coach Davie:  Craig James, running backs coach.


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Mumme Poll, Week 11

Rank Team Votes (Top pick)
1 LSU 105 (98)
2 Oklahoma State 105 (6)
3 Oregon 104 (0)
4 Alabama 103 (1)
5 Oklahoma 103 (0)
6 Arkansas 101 (0)
7 Clemson 87 (0)
8 Stanford 82 (0)
9 Virginia Tech 62 (0)
10 Boise State 57 (0)
11 Georgia 54 (0)
12 Houston 43 (0)
13 Kansas State 10 (0)
14 South Carolina 9 (0)
14 Wisconsin 9 (0)
16 Michigan State 7 (0)
17 Nebraska 5 (0)
18 Florida State 2 (0)
19 Michigan 1 (0)
19 Missouri 1 (0)


  • Breakdown by conference:  SEC – 5; Big 12 – 4; Big Ten – 4; ACC – 3; Pac-12 – 2; MWC – 1; CUSA – 1.
  • Georgia finds itself nipping at the heels of one team it lost to and three spots ahead of the other team it lost to.
  • It looks like we’re down to a top six now.  And that’ll be weeded out with the results from OSU-Oklahoma and LSU-Arkansas.  Which is probably good news for Alabama and Oregon.


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Not too shabby: Aaron Murray vs. FBS teams with winning records

Puffdawg insists this info will have “more ass” coming from GTP and since I’m a big fan of more ass, here you go.

You know I blame Bobo for that.


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Should Joe T be getting more love?

You tell me.

… Richt made a difficult decision in replacing Dave Van Halanger, his longtime strength and conditioning coordinator. Joe Tereshinski, who had worked at Georgia for decades, overhauled the offseason program to put an emphasis on how the team did in the fourth quarter.

The results so far speak well. The Bulldogs are outscoring opponents 60-57 in the fourth quarter this season, and 14 of those points for the opponents were by New Mexico State against the walk-ons and third-stringers. Last year’s team was outscored 92-68 in the final quarter…

All I will say is that the fourth-quarter scoring drive against Auburn – all runs – was a thing of brutal beauty to watch.


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Hey, that was MY record!

This made me laugh out loud.

Mike Bobo said he heard from Matt Stafford after the Auburn game, complaining in jest about Georgia’s passing strategy. Aaron Murray passed for four touchdowns, along the way passing Matt Stafford on the single-season Georgia list, and tying Stafford on the career list.

“Stafford, he texted me after the game,” Bobo said, laughing. “He goes: ‘What’s up with throwing all these touchdowns?’ I told him, ‘You threw the ball a lot more, he’s just completing them for touchdowns.’ “

Admittedly, it wouldn’t be as funny if the team weren’t on an eight-game winning streak and leading the East right now.


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One year later



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“It sounds like an attempt to avoid personal liability in having assets in his wife’s name.”

In poker terms, we call this a tell.

Joe Paterno transferred full ownership of his house to his wife, Sue, for $1 in July, less than four months before a sexual abuse scandal engulfed his Penn State football program and the university.

The county lists the fair market value of the property at nearly $600,000.

And if you think an 84-year old Paterno suddenly discovered the need to do some elaborate estate planning, I’ve still got that beachfront property in Hahira available.  Give me a call.


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