Hey, that was MY record!

This made me laugh out loud.

Mike Bobo said he heard from Matt Stafford after the Auburn game, complaining in jest about Georgia’s passing strategy. Aaron Murray passed for four touchdowns, along the way passing Matt Stafford on the single-season Georgia list, and tying Stafford on the career list.

“Stafford, he texted me after the game,” Bobo said, laughing. “He goes: ‘What’s up with throwing all these touchdowns?’ I told him, ‘You threw the ball a lot more, he’s just completing them for touchdowns.’ “

Admittedly, it wouldn’t be as funny if the team weren’t on an eight-game winning streak and leading the East right now.


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17 responses to “Hey, that was MY record!

  1. Spike

    If Stafford had stayed longer he might have…..


  2. I wanna Red Cup

    Its Bobo’s fault


  3. timphd

    Hutson Mason would have thrown even more!!!!


  4. Irishdawg

    Stafford would have had a monster senior year with AJ. But you can’t blame the kid for going.


    • Vindexdawg

      No, you can’t – but now that he’s gone, I hope that Murray writes him completely out of all Georgia’s football records.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Wait, I thought Stafford didn’t care about Georgia. What’s he doing watching the team and keeping up with stats?

    Matt Stafford’s a damn good Dawg, and while I wish I’d gotten to see one more year, I’m enjoying watching his pro career. I think it’s awesome that he’s still part of the program and still wants to be a part of it. Go Dawgs.


  6. X-Dawg

    TD record or $60,000,000? No worries Matt 🙂


  7. The recent success of Murray is more likely in the use of multiple receivers. When he just throws to his favorite receivers like O. Charles or even AJ Green, he gets those interceptions and incompletions as defenders are obviously waiting for that. Is it a BOBO or RICHT’S idea??? I still cannot fathom how BOBO can imagine this. I guess it will just be RICHT who will know it.


    • James Stephenson

      So you do not know how a former QB, an actually starting QB for an SEC team could imagine this? Seems kind of unreal.


  8. William

    Did anyone else read that as a playful shot at Staff? Bobo jokingly says well you threw for more, but he throws TDs big boy.


  9. NRBQ

    Murray had a run of 9 TD’s in three quarters before holstering it for the second half of Allbarn, with over 450 yards.


  10. OKDawg

    I think Stafford has a point (although I doubt he was implying this). I remember during Stafford’s tenure that an awful lot of our passing routes were run short of the endzone — and I remember cursing at Bobo through my television for this. If I had a nickel for every time I said, “Why aren’t we throwing into the endzone?” It made Billy Bennett one hell of a point-scorer for us. This year, I have noticed a more aggressive passing attack when we are within 15-30 yards of the endzone.


    • OKDawg

      Make that “Coutu one hell of a point-scorer for us”…our recent defensive play has me thinking about the early 2000s.


    • MT

      Look at the rate our FBs used to score TDs. Jeremy Thomas, Southerland, Chapas, Muzenmaier… all consistently put the short ones that didn’t quite clear the pylon.

      It would be interesting to go back and look at the red zone conversion rate, scoring rate, etc. and extrapolate some of the passing/running/aggression factors of our offenses of yore and today


  11. Kirk

    Great to see Aaron get that first win against a ranked team. 1-6 so far against ranekd teams, but hopefully, the tide has turned.