Not too shabby: Aaron Murray vs. FBS teams with winning records

Puffdawg insists this info will have “more ass” coming from GTP and since I’m a big fan of more ass, here you go.

You know I blame Bobo for that.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    Glad that he knocked off Aubie this weekend. I was beginning to get a little pissed off at the “he can’t beat ranked teams” meme. Like it was all his fault last year. This is just further proof that Aaron Murray is a very good quarterback, has a chance to be called great, and we’re lucky to have him even if we are too stupid to realize it.

  2. As I said earlier this year CMB being a coaches son and a great high school and college QB knows more about Football than anyone who posts on here.Having some talent to work with doesn’t hurt either! Great stuff Senator !

  3. 81Dog

    “more ass”…..I think that needs to go in the Lexicon.

    I think the first time I read that term used was in Ball Four, where I think Joe Schulz told a young pitcher who was struggling with his fastball, “Put a little more ass in it, kid.” ain’t got nothin’ on GTP.

    • Russ

      Ahhhh, Ball Four. What a great book. I got that as a 9 year old little league player from my dear old great aunt who thought I’d enjoy a baseball book. It had just come out, and she didn’t know what it was really about. I loved that book and read it a couple of times. Really increased my vocabulary. 🙂 Unfortunately, over the years, I’ve lost it. Need to pick up a new copy. Wish it was available electronically.

      • I re-read it every year during spring training.

        Get the latest version, which includes updates on Bouton’s life since the book first came out.

      • 81Dog

        is S**tf**k really a vocabulary word? (thank you, Joe Schultz)

        I got a paperback copy of Ball Four as an impressionable 9th grader. It was the most hilarious thing I had ever read. No idea where my dog-eared copy of it is now, but every time I go pound a few Budweisers, I think of the Seattle Pilots. Is that weird?

        • Russ

          That was my first revelation, that regular four letter words could be combined into new, compound words that could be both verbs and nouns at the same time! That alone increased the creativity of my language immeasurably. 🙂

          • Cojones

            Your US Army has the thesaurus.

            • 69Dawg

              +1000 I never knew that f***ing could be inserted into any word and give it just the right emphasis. It took me two years after I got out before I could say “outstanding” or “fantastic” without it.

              • Cojones

                You and me both. In military school, we had contests to make up as many names as we could insert that made sense with the final word. Truly funny.

    • Puffdawg

      More ass (n.) – when fans prove to be more of an ass than an asset by engaging in the practice of degrading a University of Georgia football player, coach, or athletic administrator or other personnel, only to see said person prove themself and subsequently watch the fan attempt to explain their way back onto the vicitm’s bandwagon.

      “Many Georgia fans found themselves in quite the more ass after watching Aaron Murray throw four touchdowns against # 20 Auburn last weekend.”

      Could also been seen in the cases of Mark Richt, Tood Grantham, Todd Lakatos, Mike Bobo, Tony Ball, Bryan McClendon, Joe Tereshinski II, Richard Samuel IV, Isaiah Crowell, Carlton Thomas, Bacarri Rambo, Shawn Williams, Christian Robinson, Cornelius Washington, the video board crew, the equipment managers, the cheerleading coach, the mic man, the students, Nike, EA Sports, Sony, the Athens Police Dept, the vendors, and the guy who fills up the ice tubs after practice.

  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Speaking of ass, which of you showed yours by saying Murray wouldn’t attract any interest from the NFL in response to a post of mine a couple of weeks ago saying that I thought he would get drafted after this season if he wanted to?

    • D.N. Nation

      Eh, NFL scouts are going to note that he’s small-ish, doesn’t have a cannon arm, and is mobile without being particularly fast.

      • Drew Brees


        • The Real Drew Breese

          Aaron Murray cannot do this.

          (if you have not watched it, you must. Will blow your mind. SFW)

          • Russ

            Aaron would hit 12 out of 10.

            Pretty amazing stuff. I wonder what other NFL QBs would do. I can’t believe Brees is that much better than other top NFL QBs.

          • James Stephenson

            What that shows you is, practice is everything. In a pass the human body is a tool that can be trained to do the same exact thing every time, through muscle memory. Where as the bow, the bow is the tool that throws the arrow through the air. Bows are not able to do the same thing 100 % of the time.

            I used to think that sometimes Brees would get lucky with that back shoulder pass, now I see he means to throw it there. The shocking part is how in the world does he not get 30 balls knocked out of the air by the d-line.

            He is a machine, a well oiled one.

          • Bulldog Joe

            If the NFL doesn’t work out, he could easily front a Maroon 5 tribute band.

          • I’ve seen that a few times before but every single time it amazes me.

            Drew Brees is truly amazing.

    • Go Dawgs!

      It wasn’t me, but while I wouldn’t say that Murray would not attract ANY interest if he chose to leave after his redshirt sophomore year, I would say that he wouldn’t get MUCH interest. If Murray is going to get drafted, he’s going to have to keep adding to that resume. David Greene got drafted, and he isn’t nearly as fast and I don’t think he had an arm like Murray’s. Still, Greene was a big dude. Murray’s gonna have to convince someone he’s big enough to play.

      • Puffdawg

        I personally think Murray would probably get drafted somewhere after this season, and next, and the next, but never high enough where it would make sense for him to leave early. Brees stayed four years and was still only taken in the second round as the second QB off the board. Typically, guys who leave early do so because they will be top ten picks and would be stupid to turn down the money. As good as I think Aaron is and will be, I’m not sure his physical stature will allow him to be a high first round pick. But I am rooting for him! As somebody mentioned, it’s fun watching Stafford (who obviously still follows and loves UGA) in the NFL.

    • James Stephenson

      Watch that one year later video. At the 55 second mark, that skinny post throw was as good as you will see. The ball comes out quick, on a line and with good speed. That was a pro throw right there. And the first TD, that was a good throw, watch that video.

      He can make the throws, his height and without that Stafford level arm. But you know, Matt Ryan does not have that arm either, he is accurate and has a quick release. If he continues to develop, he may get drafted or he may sign a FA somewhere.

  5. ScoutDawg

    Remember when the hillbillys where all up on Bray’s jock and giving us hell about Aaron?

  6. timphd

    Did I miss something or did Brantley get left off this list by accident? Surely Charlies decided tactical advantage must have put him on his own list.

  7. Spence

    Murray sucks against weak opponents. Fire Mike Bobo.

  8. Corbindawg

    Great point, Senator.

  9. charlottedawg

    at the expense of looking too far ahead i really hope he stays 4 years and rewrites the record books. am, crowell, bennett, mitchell, and conley on the same field for 3 years then paired with an experienced grantham d could restore georgia back to the top of the class in the sec. meanwhile, we’ve got work to do…..

  10. treyinathens

    Murray is also an absolute BEAST on 4th down. Check those splits out.

  11. Oh statistics. Since Obama got the most votes ever, I guess he’s the best president ever.

    That being said, I am a HUGE Aaron Murray fan!

  12. Cojones

    Tyler Wilson is second behind Murray in the SEC….at 33rd. McCarron is next at 35th.

    If the NFL isn’t interested, the CFL sure the hell will be. They did pretty good by a short QB from Boston College who played for another BC in Canada. Watched him live in a game in Edmonton with friends from Boston. He was much more as a QB than the Hail Mary tells. He was flat out good and beat the Eskimos singfle handed that day.

    Practicing a song to teach my grandchildren at Thanks giving:
    Murray throws with a wobble, wobble, wobble.
    Detractor turkeys talk with a gobble, gobble, gobble.

    Ah, the onomatopoeia of it all!

    Wasn’ t aiming that at anyone on here today because all were comments from worshipful Dawgs who wish Aaron nothing but good in his life. Go Dawgs!’s comments were good pablum for us all.

  13. PatinDC

    Interesting stats. For all the talk about UGA weak schedule, I see that UGA has played 3 teams with a winning record to date. This is the same as Arky and ALA. LSU has played 4 teams with a winning record.

    BTW That is a pretty big gap between AM and the rest of the qb’s in the SEC.
    Name Team Yr Pos G
    1 Aaron Murray Georgia SO QB 3
    33 Tyler Wilson Arkansas JR QB 3
    35 AJ McCarron Alabama SO QB 3
    48 Jarrett Lee LSU SR QB 4
    72 Randall Mackey Miss JR QB 5

  14. Kirk

    Murray played ok vs. Boise, poorly vs. SC (turnovers), outstanding vs. Auburn.

    Record against ranked teams is 1-6.

    Let’s not go overboard.

    • adam

      “Record against ranked teams is 1-6.”

      presumably you’re kidding. how many of those losses would you say he was actually responsible for?

  15. PatinDC

    I am loving that data. Last years top 5 QB’s vs this year.
    Kellen Moore was #3 as a SO and #7 as a FR.
    2010 Season
    1 Kellen Moore Boise St JR
    2 Andy Dalton TCU SR
    3 Chandler Harnish N Illinois JR
    4 Cameron Newton Auburn JR
    5 Andrew Luck Stanford JR
    6 Greg McElroy Alabama SR
    34 Aaron Murray FR

    2011 Season to date
    1 Aaron Murray Georgia SO
    2 Russell Wilson Wisconsin SR
    3 Robert Griffin III Baylor JR
    4 Chandler Harnish N Illinois SR
    5 Kellen Moore Boise St SR

    Fun Stats: Teblow was #2 on the list 3 years running. Stafford never cracked the top ten.
    Stats, damned stats and lies.

    • 81Dog

      I think the original quote was “lies, damned lies, and statistics,” but either way I guess your point is the same, and excellent!