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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Muschamp hasn’t trashed Corch they way Corch trashed the Zooker. Matt Hayes, the humble journalist, is the one drawing the conclusions. Based on Corch’s record at previous schools and Florida, Corch did all right with all those defective recruits. Further, I thought the reason 4 and 5 star recruits are 4 and 5 star recruits is because of their potential as true football players.

    Florida fell apart after Tebow because Corch’s constitution fell apart, but that’s not the fault of recruiting. That column section is typical kaka del toro.

  2. Jeff

    Did Nutt intentionally recite the lyrics to that Survivor song from Rocky IV in his statement? Is he just messing with people and the media at this point.

    “There’s no easy way out. There’s no shortcut home!” Well done, Houston!

  3. NC Dawg

    Florida still has plenty of talent, just maybe not at exactly the right positions for the past couple of years. And they’ll still recruit well. They’ll be back as a worthy contender; whether they will climb again to super power status is less certain. Spurrier and Meyer obviously had something to do with that.

  4. heyberto

    That fake twitter account was hilarious. Hope they get it back up.

  5. Poor ole Gaytors. They have all these all-stars but no _real_ football players. I had lunch at a table full of Gator fans yesterday. They all agree it is Corch that has put them in this position. They have a track team, not a football team. It is the meme of the year for FU fans.

    Schadenfreude for the Gaytor nation, my guilty pleasure.

  6. X-Dawg

    Damn! It really going to be hard for Ole Miss to upset LSU now.

    • Puffdawg

      This reminds me of the discussion with LSU fans on this board a few weeks ago about how lucky LSU was. They were somewhat dismissive when I noted an example of their luck was to have faced consecutive teams without their starting QB. This is kind of funny.

  7. Go Dawgs!

    For all you hear about Autzen Stadium being a great home field advantage, the place is tiny. I’m sure it traps noise and is every bit as loud as they say it is, but at the end of the day, college football really is about the students. The students on the field and the students in the stands. Get some money from the Swoosh and expand so you can get your money people in there and also get more than 25% of your student body into the game. Otherwise, get the students in there and just raise the donation for the rest of the seats.

  8. Would love to see the fake CTG account reactivated with whatever necessary disclaimers. It was funny as all get out. Kudos to whoever was behind it.

  9. Scott W.

    Dear Lord I never thought I’d say this, I love Urban Meyer.

    • The Lone Stranger

      The Corch will be back only when his poor frail heart allows for it.

      • The Lone Stranger

        Or when he plays out all the truly stirring comments he interjects into 4-Letter Network broadcasts (which would have been about a year ago). I truly don’t ever want to hear from him again. Thank God they stuck him on B1G games, insomuch as he is easy to avoid.

        • Cojones

          Letter to the Lone Stranger,
          I wish to sincerely apologize for the time the tribe of Indians attacked us and you said, “We better get the hell out of here” And I replied, “What do you mean”we” white man?”. Glad to see you got out of there in one piece. Talk about an old memory jog to see you blogging…… Wanna do lunch?


          • The Lone Stranger

            “Hao,” Tonto. “Git ’em up, Scout.”

            • Cojones

              We are really old, aren’t we?

              My wife, the ‘Nesian, is smallish and was never into the old Cowboys and Indians so I suggested we get matching old western partners license plates. Suggested that mine would be “Red Ryder” and hers would nave her Baptismal and her later taken name when she moved to the US. Her’s would read ,”Lil Bevr”.

              I could just picture the truckers in Ca seeing her head barely above the drivers seat and sporting that plate. Probably would have caused some spectacular wrecks on the interstates. Fortunately for the truckers we moved before I ordered them.

  10. Normaltown Mike

    RE: Tech’s chance at a “historic” ten win season


    CMR led UGA to three ten win seasons in his first 4 seasons.

    Tech has that many ten win seasons (1990, 1998 & 2009) since God created the genius CPJ in 1957…

  11. Dog in Fla

    “instead of true, meat and potatoes evaluation. The Gators are loaded with guys who played in high school all-star games and announced where they were taking their talents—“

    That will change. Charlie has a decided schematic advantage in evaluating meat and potatoes and he doesn’t even have to announce where they’re going

  12. Mayor of Dawgtown

    “…this could be only the third Tech team to win 10 games since 1956…” Yeah, and if they lose all three games (Duke, Georgia and the bowl) this would be another 7 win season which became the norm for Tech during Chan’s regime.

    • Puffdawg

      “…which became the norm for Tech during Chan’s regime.”

      …”and continued under Paul Johnson.”

      • Sep

        Ga. will hand them thier ass. They may beat Duke. Bowl game can go either way but f it’s a decent team able to prepare for the bantam offense, I see 1-2 finish. Screw them.

  13. The General

    I think Pre-Snap Read’s convoluted scenario is one way for the SEC to get triple BCS money, but I don’t think it is the only way. Here is one scenario that has less overall upsets than PSR’s miracle scenario:

    Say Iowa State stuns Okie State in Ames. (Far-fetched, I know, but it’s a look-ahead game for the Pokes. The Cyclones caught Iowa napping, and pasted the team that beat Oklahoma. Stranger things have happened). Then say Okie State rebounds to beat Oklahoma. That puts Oklahoma at two losses, and gives Okie State a terrible loss as an unsavory side dish to the Big XII title. Then say USC beats Oregon (very possible). I think if all other favorites win except that UGA upsets 12-0 LSU in the Dome, you wind up with Bama and LSU at #1 and #2 (in no particular order), and Georgia once again catches Sugar falling from the sky.

    • Cojones

      Wouldn’t it only take Okie St to lose to Ok and LSU to lose it’s first one in the SECCG? Uga goes to the Sugar and no way does Ok go above LSU or Bama who would remain #1 and #2. Also, who would be the opponent for Okie St if they win and go to the NC? And if Ok wins, don’t they need an opponent in the Fiesta Bowl(that remains the Big 12 Champ Bowl, doesn’t it?)? And who would face the ACC Champ in the Orange Bowl ? By contract how does the Rose Bowl stay as a BCS Big10(not!) and Pac12 bowl that excludes others?

      • The General

        It’s certainly possible that this is all that needs to happen, but I tend to think that both OU and Oregon will jump Bama if they win out. The voters will probably slide the Tide down for not winning their division, a la UGA 2007, and the computers won’t particularly care for Bama’s final games against Ga Southern and a now-mediocre Auburn. On the flip side, wins over Okie St and USC respectively will give the Sooners and Ducks a boost.

        • The General

          Cojones – To answer your other questions, if you start with the assumption that UGA beats a then 12-0 LSU:

          1) “Who would be the opponent for Okie St if they win and go to the NC?” Hard to say. My guess is LSU falls to #2 and faces the Pokes.

          2) “If Ok wins, don’t they need an opponent in the Fiesta Bowl (that remains the Big 12 Champ bowl, doesn’t it?” I think Oklahoma plays their way into the BCSCG if they win out. The Fiesta is tied to the Big XII champ, but not if the Big XII champ is in the BCSCG. Fiesta would likely take Okie St as the replacement for the Big XII champ. And vice versa, meaning I think that as long as neither loses before facing each other, the winner of OU-OSU goes to the title game, the loser to the Fiesta, likely to face to face Stanford.

          3) “Who would face the ACC Champ in the Orange Bowl? Orange gets last pick this year, so probably whoever wins the Big East. My guess is WVU.

          4) Rose Bowl has lost its relevancy. Let them have B10-P12.

        • This. Everyone forgets how far the voters dropped us in 2007 for doing absolutely nothing. It’s as if they suddenly realized that we weren’t the #2 team in the country and had to rectify it.

  14. Diving duck

    One of the more tired message board posts around. When there is a gap in talent and results, blame the “football ability” when the responsibility should fall on coaching. Does this sound familiar? “I’ll match my team of David Pollack’s against your Brandon Miller’s any day!!”