Don’t hate them because their division isn’t pretty.

Matt Hinton crunches the numbers to find that if Georgia wins on Saturday it will have faced a conference slate that amassed the lowest winning percentage of any group that played a SECCG participant.  In fact, if Alabama beats Auburn, “Georgia will be the first team ever to reach the SEC Championship Game without beating a single opponent ranked in the final regular season polls to get there.”

Matt’s right to go and say so what, but it’s worth adding that it’s not like Georgia squeaked by this season.  A win on Saturday means the Dawgs went 7-1 in conference play.  That’s nothing to sneer at.  The schedule may be weak, but there’s not much more you can do about it than to win as many of the games as you can.


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  1. Switch any of the top three in the west to the east and they are basically the same. This year more than any in recent history is a top heavy year for the SEC. LSU, AL, AR, UGA and USC before Lattimore got hurt are good to great. Everyone else is mediocre at best. We get no breaks when we play LSU, AL and AU in the same season so I am not complaining when we play the Mississippi schools instead. Go Dawgs!

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. Plus the West schools ( i.e. Bama and LSU) didn’t have to play USCe and UGA this year either. Everyone is just assuming that Bama and/or LSU would dust the SEC East teams. I’m not as sure about that as some. Right Pawwwwl? Maybe UGA and/or USCe would have kicked Bama’s ass and LSZoo’s ass this season if they got to play. USCe certainly beat the crap out of Bama last year. The football records are full of games where the powers that be were absolutely sure that one team would win and the underdog not only won the game but dominated. We’ll find out in the SECCG won’t we? That’s if the crooked SEC refs a legitimate SECCG happen.

  2. Zero Point Zero

    Does this make us the SEC’s equivalent of a mid major? Oh the humanity!

  3. Keese

    I hate these bipolar arguments with other SEC fans claiming how we never played anyone decent this year. Same people proclaim the superiority of the SEC conference. Whatever fits their point of view at the time. 7-1 in the SEC is respectable no matter what teams were played

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Exactly. How do we know that Almighty LSU and Almighty Bama wouldn’t have gotten their asses kicked by UGA this season if they played?

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        P.S. How many times in the past 6 years have we heard from the media that Ohio State was the best team in the nation? Really? They got the crap beaten out of them damn near every year in the bowls.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        As for me, I am going to be very careful what I wish for, which right now is to beat Kentucky and Tech. Frankly, Mr. Mayor, who gives a fat rat’s ass what Matt Hinton thinks about anything.

  4. timphd

    Just go beat Kentucky and strength of schedule won’t really matter. Don’t let that one get away for God’s sake. I am nervous, not because UGA isn’t the better team by far, but because all this happy talk about everything they have accomplished is implying that they have already punched their ticket to the Dome. I would hate to see them screw this up, but I am truly worried. Haven’t heard enough focus on this weeks game. Hope I’m wrong.

  5. Only GT folks should care about what Hinton said. LOL

  6. Don’t forget it hasn’t been that long ago that the East was the dominant division with UF in their prime, UT solid year after year along with us. Those top three could always more than hold their own with the top 3 of the West. Our schedule has been weak this year, but that certainly can’t be said about us that many years. THe league gives you a schedule, then you show up and play. You play the hand thats dealt you. By the way, any DirecTV guys know what channel has us Saturday (all I can find is 646 if it;s not blacked out for us??)/.

  7. Billy Mumphrey

    The good news is that if the Dawgs can take care of business on Saturday we can find out how much the weak schedule helped their record when they play LSU. Win in Atlanta and this talking point will be dead.

  8. It is actually the same old argument SEC fans say about the rest of the college football world. Old recycled arguments which Hinton is trying to sound new and against an SEC team this time. LOL

  9. Everyone like Hinton will try to bring down the success of a program. I have no doubt somebody will be putting out something sort of negative on whoever wins the SECCG or even the BCSCG.

  10. George

    As a Buckeye fan…I wouldn’t even worry about it, as there was a time where the West was bad. The idea is to win, doesn’t matter to who or where…but to get to a BCS bowl. Pretty only matters if you’re going for the national championship, and even then, still doesn’t matter. Just win…

  11. Normaltown Mike

    I blame Bobo.

  12. charlottedawg

    Win the next four games and that narrative dies. Just sayin’. And if we had held onto the damn ball against USC it’s 7 looking to go 8 and 0 in sec play.

  13. Bevo

    This doesn’t concern me. A few down seasons and that’s all they remember. “LSU and Bama have been powerhouses forever.” “SEC West dominates the conference.” People have short memories.

    Folks will start respecting us again when we earn it back. We’ve been clawing back to respectability. We could have a chance to make some noise pretty soon if we’re as good as I hope we are.

  14. KornDawg

    I’m so tired of this crap. We played the games that we were scheduled to play. What will they say if we don’t make it to the title game? “UGA failed to get to Atlanta with the weakest conference schedule in the history of football, conferences, and schedules.” Sounds like the USCe fans claiming we’re “backing into the title game”, or that they’re the true Eastern Division champs because they beat everyone within the division. Maybe they can petition the SEC to change the rules for them.

  15. Stoopnagle

    I say “L.S.Who? And Alabama What Now?” what about heart? And uniform color? And because I say so!?!

  16. NC Dawg

    I recognize my own bias, but I still feel strongly that the Dawgs have been on an upward trajectory since the USC game. They seem to be hitting on all cylinders now, and they have the D. I wouldn’t bet on Boise State beating Ga. if they played now.

  17. Bulldog Joe

    Dawgrading® at its best. Look for it again after the SECC.

  18. Scott W.

    Print all you want about it, the only thing that would have been more impressive is going undefeated. The SEC East in a down year is tougher than half of the conferences out there and the only person ballsy enough to argue with that is an ACC fan.

  19. AusDawg85

    “The schedule may be weak, but there’s not much more you can do about it than to win as many of the games as you can.”

    We talking about BSU? Houston? Oh, oh…us. Jus wunderin.

    • Not sure I get your point here. Are you saying Houston shouldn’t play for the CUSA title even though it hasn’t lost a conference game?

      • AusDawg85

        A) Just gig’in ya (get used to it once the TAMU folks find this site)

        B) You’ve conceded BSU is a good team all along, but haven’t given much consideration to Houston to crack your top 10 in the Mumme Poll. Not saying you should (though I did), but the statement above sort of smacks of the same argument those two teams try to make to be included. Not sure it suits UGA best. Dawggrading/polling, strength of SEC vs. mid-major conferences, etc. are all the arguments we need.

        C) Your double negative re: Houston is confusing. So I’ll take NO as an answer….Wait, wait! I mean YES. No, I mean…damn…you sneaky lawyers!!

  20. D.N. Nation

    South Carolina didn’t play LSU or Bama either. And once you’ve lost at home to Auburn, well, there goes the benefit of the doubt.

    • Will (the other one)

      They lost at home to Auburn with Lattimore I believe too. So no excuses there. (And if they do want fanciful excuse, we’re one gift turnover against the chickens from being 8-0 in the SEC.)

  21. NC Dawg

    next year’s schedule looks intriguing : South Carolina and Alabama on the road, but we start with a warm-up against Buffalo before going to Columbia, then host Florida Atlantic, Vandy and Tennessee before heading to Tuscaloosa. Not as light as this year’s schedule, but looks doable.