He may be an ass, but at least he can be a gracious one.

Say what you will about Steve Spurrier, but he hasn’t made excuses about the schedule costing his team a shot at the SECCG.  Instead, he’s given the devil his due.

“You have to give Georgia credit,” Spurrier said. “They outplayed us the night we beat them, but we took advantage of a bunch of mistakes they made. They are playing a lot better now. They are a good team. We had our chances and that’s too bad because getting back to Atlanta would have been another really special accomplishment for our school.”

I’ll be gracious in response.  Considering the injury to Lattimore, the complete implosion of Garcia and Jeffery’s off-year, the OBC’s done a helluva coaching job this season getting that bunch to 6-2 in the conference.

Darn shame it doesn’t look like it was quite enough.


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41 responses to “He may be an ass, but at least he can be a gracious one.

  1. Spike

    You had it right the first time. He is and always will be an ass, first and foremost.

    • ChicagoDawg

      Right, let’s just acknowledge his being an ass and leave it at that. Really, it is his defining attribute and the one the from which he derives his charm.

  2. Brandon

    Spurrier will usually own up to it when he gets beat, mainly because he does not blow sunshine up his own team’s ass. I remember when we beat UF in 97′ he called it straight after the game and said we were a hell of alot better than them.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I remember that and there were t-shirts made with his sentiment.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Precisely, and that’s why I’ve always had a soft spot for Spurrier. I hate him, but he’s my favorite guy to hate in the league. Whereas some of the other villains in college football could probably pass for movie villains, Spurrier’s more of a sitcom villain, the kind that ends up helping the good guys begrudgingly every few years.

      I’ll say this for him: when he’s beaten, he says so. He doesn’t blame officials or end zone celebrations, he says that you were better and that you beat him. When he beats you, he’s going to crow about it. But you know what? That seems fine to me, because if you didn’t want to hear it, you shouldn’t have lost. And, in a case like this, where he DID win the game, he’s still willing to give credit where credit is due. He knows that his Gamecocks probably should have lost that game. He certainly knows who would win it now. So, thanks, SOS. Go represent the league well against Clemson and in your bowl game.

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Cf. Corch, the man with no weaknesses.

      • The Lone Stranger

        That Palmetto State Championship should be an interesting battle of tendencies: does the” immovable force” (or at least statistically impressive D. of USC wilt under the attacks of Clemson’s uptempo “unstoppable” O.

        Then flip the tendencies 180 degrees, when Clemson has possession.

        Much more important contest for CU, theoretically for recruiting after the impressive season, but USC has hammered them 3 years straight and gets the game at home.

  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Blutarsky’s old statement, that Spurrier can figure out how to be an asshole at his own funeral, is still true. Spurrier’s always been capable of occasional sincere congratulations. Stating that another team is better, even when it’s easy? That’s something new in his dotage.

    Like you, I am sincerely saddened that his great coaching job may go for naught.

  4. Coweta Dawg

    But he has done far better without Lattomore and Garcia than I expected. The ARK game should have been a rout and I thought that Demps, Rainey, and Brantley would score a lot easier than SC did.

    We were very forumate that AU tripped them up. I’m so glad we were able to show our gratitude to the War Eagle nation last Saturday for that.

    • James Stephenson

      I will say this, they did hang with Ark for a half. But there were like 3 or 4 easy tds dropped in that game. There was a wheel route wide open, the pass was not perfect but still an easy catch none the less and the RB just dropped it. Plus there was a perfect throw for a TD near the end of the first half that was dropped. I looked at my wife and said, SC is the damn luckiest team in the country.

    • Bevo

      Coweta – well said.

  5. Barstool

    I’ll hand it to them, too. Granted, they’ve had the same “easy schedule” we’ve had and simply beaten the teams they were supposed to beat (not necessarily soundly). The fact that they’ve lost their entire starting offensive backfield, and in a couple of games were down to their (original) 3’s and 4’s, tells me Spurrier did a pretty damn decent job this year.

    I’m just happy that, in the end, we will have bettered USC b/c we effectively beat them on the field, and even he acknowledges it.

  6. Silver Creek Dawg

    I will echo the sentiments here and say that Steve Superior has gotten everything out of his team that he and the Sakerlina fans could have expected with all the injuries to and idiocy shown by his players.

    That being said, he’s STILL an asshole and always will be an asshole.

  7. So how did the Gracious Ass lose to Auburn because at that home loss Garcia and Latimore were still playing.He is still the punk who made it his mission to put 50 on us at home in 96. he can and always will suck a big one!

  8. TennesseeDawg

    Everytime I think of the Cock’s proud football tradition it reminds of this scene from “Airplane” about famous Jewish sports legends.

  9. gastr1

    I wouldn’t forget that lil Stevie always has an agenda with this kind of crap. I would not put it past him to appear to concede and be conciliatory simply to try to provide motivational material for UK. And it would surprise me even less if that were pretty much the only thing driving his commentary.

  10. heyberto

    Helluva coaching job? I don’t know.. the whole Garcia fiasco made him the poster child for coaching dysfunction. makes me wonder if he hurt his team by sticking with that guy so long. I admit he made more out of what he had in some games, but he wasn’t very consistent in my view. It does make you wonder what might have happened if he had stuck with Connor Shaw from the beginning and let him develop (kind of like Richt did with Stafford). I would say he did a pretty good job coaching this year, particularly in light of injuries, but I just don’t think you can say he did a great job.

    • gastr1

      In that QB hypothetical you’re asking the tiger to change its stripes. The Garcia snafu was coaching function in Spurrier-land, not dysfunction.

      • heyberto

        Perhaps.. but I was speaking in terms of the real world. I think what is miraculous is that the team has performed so well in spite of Spurrier’s antics.

  11. Big Shock

    I always though that Spurrier was an easy guy to hate if you were against him, but a guy you gotta love if he’s your coach. He generally says what he thinks, doesn’t seem to care what other people/teams think about him and has a good time, as opposed to the coaches that work 150 hours a week and refuse to ever smile because football is way too serious for that.

    • gastr1

      The main reason he’s so easy to hate, though, is because he’s as arrogant as they come and runs up the score every chance he gets. “Gracious” is not typically what comes to mind with the OBC.

  12. Jim

    i would prefer we beat kentucky before we say all this. i know we are a 30 pt favorite but at this point SOS’s only hope is that we don’t show up for the game. If he talks like a cakewalk by UGA over KY a foregone conclusion then maybe he will get lucky…if he sits there and says out loud he hopes they pull a miracle and beat us, maybe we will be just a little more focused for the game.

  13. Hey Senator,
    Just wanted to give you this read, in case you thought Spurrier isn’t blaming the schedule: http://espn.go.com/blog/sec/post/_/id/33130/spurrier-doesnt-need-east-title-to-be-proud

  14. Comin' Down The Track

    Total pr!ck… still, I would be remiss if I didn’t say that I missed him a little when he was in the NFL.

  15. Bright Idea

    Spurrier wants to beat Citadel and Clempsun, avoid LSU or Bama, go to a good bowl and hit the links. He has no problem with UGA going to Atlanta.

  16. AusDawg85

    Wait, where’s my wallet?!

  17. Mike

    He can afford to be gracious. After all, he has a 14-5 record against UGA and is 4-4 against Richt (counting his time at Florida and USCe)

  18. what happens when Spurrier takes Viagra….. answer ..he gets taller

  19. kckd

    Not so fast Senator: from a cock board

    I love the money quote: Corch Spurrier took a jab at Georgia’s schedule…

    “We actually had the same schedule except we had Arkansas and they had Ole Miss. Obviously, Arkansas has had a little bit better year than Ole Miss. That’s what you call ‘rub of the green.’

    We both had a good draw right there, but they had a little bit better draw getting Ole Miss.”