It just keeps getting worse.

It’s not just that nobody at Penn State told the police about what Mike McQueary saw in the showers, they didn’t even notify the school’s attorney.

… McQueary, who by then had been elevated from graduate assistant to an assistant coach and recruiting coordinator, laid out for investigators what happened next. It took a week and half, a time lapse that investigators find deeply troubling, for Curley and Schultz to call him to a meeting. McQueary told investigators, and later the grand jury, that he had explained to the two men in graphic detail what he had witnessed.

Curley and Schultz gave different accounts to the grand jury of what transpired in that meeting. Curley said McQueary saw “inappropriate conduct” that he termed “horsing around” between Sandusky and the child, and Schultz said he had “the impression that Sandusky might have inappropriately grabbed the young boy’s genitals while wrestling.”

In either event, no one notified the police. And once again, before deciding what to do, no one consulted the university’s lawyer, according to Courtney, Penn State’s general counsel…

They thought they could keep a lid on it, and with good reason.

…Those young men were not eager to tell their stories, the two people with knowledge of the case said. The young men were not convinced that the attorney general’s office had the will to go after a case that could rewrite the storied history of the university’s football program.  And they asked: If the case went forward, who would believe them over a revered figure like Jerry Sandusky?

What’s left to find out is who Sandusky’s enablers are.

“This was not the secret that they are trying to make out now,” one person involved in the inquiry said. “I know there were a number of college coaches that had heard the rumors. If all these people knew about it, how could Sandusky’s superiors not know?”


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  1. gastr1

    I’m beginning to think McQueary learned his lessons well from those guys.


  2. John John



  3. Merk

    As I said…They were sweeping this under the rug, burning the rug, then burning the house with the rug in it down. They knew what a child molestation case ON SCHOOL property would mean and they were not going to ever let it see the light.


    • NC Dawg

      Sounds like it came down basically to this thought process: Go public, call in the cops, embarrass PSU and Paterno, lose my job and my reputation,


      .. force Sandusky to retire, hope nobody ever finds out and maybe not lose my job and reputation, but in the process lose my soul, become an enabler and run a pretty good risk of going to prison myself.

      Not exactly a win-win, but one choice obviously had a much larger downside.


  4. tmfwoof

    Sandusky used the term “horseplay” in his interview with Bob Costas the other night. Interesting that the term “horsing around” is included in this story. WTF is wrong with these people?


    • its my impression that he said horseplay because the grand jury doc referenced horsing around… as if that’s his story now and he wants to beat that drum.


    • The Lone Stranger

      Just about everything that matters is what is wrong with these people. Maybe after a generation or two the Central PA landscape and attendant gene pool will be scrubbed clean and made more in keeping with reality.

      I’ve been locked in on the radio broadcasts here in Pittsburgh and speculation continues that the GOVERNOR is complicit in some of the coverup behind contributions & grants to The Second Mile charity. Apparently all sorts of accounting records are now “missing” from that charity, if you can call it that.


  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    There are now multiple stories out there from McQueary about what he saw. I was lead to believe that it was anal intercourse that he saw. The term “rape” was used in some accounts. Now it appears McQueary may have said “inappropriate touching” whatever that means was going on. Also, since McQueary himself has now come under criticism for not doing more to stop the the act from continuing, his story has morphed even further to “I made sure it stopped before I left.” How he did that is unexplained. Also, Sandusky’s lawyer in a televised interview said that he has been in contact with the child–now adult–involved and that guy says there was no sex, anal or otherwise and will say so under oath. Frankly, I do not know what to believe. This does not seem to be as open and shut as the media originally made it sound and there may have been a rush to judgment driven by media hysteria. It appears that the desire to sell newspapers and TV air time now trumps the 5th and 6th Amendments to the Constitution of the United States. Maybe the talking heads should back off and let the court system do its job.


    • I don’t know about you, but to me “horsing around” in the showers with young boys is still child molestation. If Curley and Schultz were under the impression that nude horseplay had taken place, then they knew enough to pursue criminal charges of Sandusky.

      Regardless of what McQueary said or saw, if he reported what Sandusky has basically admitted to, then Curley and Schultz were adequately informed, and failing to report this is a cover up. If they knew, Paterno knew, and if Paterno knew, then the whole place should be burned to the ground.


      • gastr1

        +1. No adult should ever be naked in the shower with a child that is not their own.


        • gastr1

          (and past a certain age…)


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          No adult should ever be naked in a shower with a child even if the child is his own either, period, IMHO. That doesn’t change the issue. The issue is was there child molestation or not and if the kid, who is now grown, testifies that there wasn’t any as has been stated by Sandusky’s attorney then by definition there was no child molestation. Do you guys remember the security guard who was falsely accused of planting a bomb at the Atlanta Olympics? The media had him tried and convicted in the jury of public opinion and he ended up being completely exonerated. Several media outlets ended up paying a substantial sum to that security guard for defamation, too. All I’m saying is that on closer examination the thing is not as cut and dried as it was previously presented to the public by TV and news outlets. I have a friend who for years has said that he doesn’t believe anything he hears on TV any more. I myself am now reserving my own judgment about this until the court process is finalized with Sandusky.


      • tmfwoof

        I agree.

        As Jon Stewart said the other night: “Horseplay is wrestling your friend out of a pillow fort, throwing your nephew in a pool, various other things that would never be mistaken for rape.”

        My mind still boggles that Costas got that interview. Sandusky should be coming up with ways to survive a very tough rest of his life in prison.


    • Mayor,

      Read the Grand Jury’s findings and you’ll see it’s got multiple instances of oral and anal sex.

      I think, if anything, the media hasn’t judged Sandusky or this program harshly enough.

      I dare you to read the entire 23 pages and not think there weren’t other instances of this disgusting abuse going on for a long time. Add to that the enabling behavior of the program and it’s a scandal the likes of which we haven’t seen in college athletics.

      Full Grand Jury report from the Detroit Free Press:


    • Dog in Fla

      “Also, Sandusky’s lawyer in a televised interview said that he has been in contact with the child–now adult–involved and that guy says there was no sex, anal or otherwise and will say so under oath. Frankly, I do not know what to believe.”

      Mayor, c’mon dawg, we don’t want to have to recall you. Here’s a safe bet – don’t believe that. Where do you think Jerry’s lawyer got the info that Jerry didn’t have sex, anal or otherwise, with a victim who cannot be identified by anyone except Jerry ? Jerry. According to the lawyer, the authorities don’t know the identity of that victim. How difficult will it be for Jerry to produce someone who will say under oath that he hasn’t had sex, anal or otherwise, with Jerry? Not very.


    • UGAfoo

      Everyone seems to forget that Sandusky promised in 1998 that he would no longer take showers with young boys. So, what was he doing in the showers with a young boy in 2002?

      Look at the facts…

      1. A young boy’s Mother claims sexual abuse in 1998.
      2. Two janitors witness him molesting a young boy in 2000.
      3. A graduate assistant catches him molesting a young boy in 2002.
      4. The mother of another young boy reports Sandusky molested her son in 2008.

      I am going to go out on a limb here and say that none of these people knew each other and they most certainly were not aware of the sordid history of Sandusky. Any reasonable person can look at those facts and be pretty certain something is very wrong with Sandusky. He will have his day in court.

      Take Seth’s advice, go read the entire Grand Jury report.


    • 81Dog

      if you read the grand jury report, which is available all over the place online, there would not be any doubt in your mind about what McQueary told the grand jury he heard and saw. Polite TV commentators tip toe around it, but it graphically describes McQueary’s testimony as hearing the sounds of, and then witnessing Sandusky anally raping a 10 year old boy. From which McQueary simply walked away, according to the grand jury report (which I would have to think is based on McQueary’s grand jury testimony, since Sandusky didnt testify, nor did the 10 year old).

      as a lawyer who does criminal defense work, I understand and honor the legal presumption of innocence, and every defendant’s right to a fair trial. As a human being, it makes me sick to my stomach that a grown man could witness another man doing that to a little kid, and just walk away without saying a word, as the grand jury report describes it. If that is what happened, how Scotty McQueary can sleep at night is beyond me. As for Sandusky, if he is proved to have done 1% of what he was accused, he should never take a free breath for the rest of his life. If he is proved to have done all or most of it, he should never draw another free breath, and every person at Penn State, or in Centre County, PA, who knew about it and did nothing but let him keep doing it should be exposed for what they appear to be: disgraceful human beings who wanted to protect the football program, and their little empire, more than helpless little kids.


  6. Dog in Fla

    “What’s left to find out is who Sandusky’s enablers are.”

    Investigators say it’s a complete mystery. No one has a clue


  7. HK

    Sounding more and more like the plot of Sin City.


  8. Spike

    Like I said. This will get worse. You heard it here first.


  9. Irishdawg

    I’ve been on a number of law enforcement operations involving pedophiles or other sex offenders. “Horsing around” or some other macabre euphemism is a pretty common way of describing what they’ve done in a pathetic way to lie their way out of it. Sandusky’s scum and everyone that knew at PSU wanted to hide his depravity in order to protect their precious reputations.


    • UGAfoo

      Did you notice how he repeated the question Bob Costas asked him about being sexually attracted to underage boys?

      Spotting Liars

      Liars will repeat a question verbatim. Hey Charles, did you send the email to Jackie? Did I send the email to Jackie? If this is Charles’s response, you have your answer—he didn’t send it yet. Repeating a question in full is a common stalling tactic used by people looking for an extra moment to prepare their deceptive reply. In natural conversation, people will sometimes repeat part of a question, but restating the entire question is highly awkward and unnecessary—they clearly heard you the first time.


  10. Grafton

    Maybe Sandusky is just anal raping everyone and they ate all scared to say anything.


  11. Go Dawgs!

    There are people that are going to walk away from this situation with nothing worse than losing money in civil cases who deserve to spend a LONG time inside of a jail. One of them used to be the head coach.


      • Go Dawgs!

        The really unfortunate part here is that this McQueary clown is putting a huge dent in the state’s case against Sandusky. I’m not a lawyer, but all of the various versions of his story which are floating around would seem to impact his credibility as a witness. He’d certainly be expected to be among the prosecution’s star witnesses, too. The fact is, his sworn statements to the grand jury indicate that he was a coward and ran away without saving the boy. Well, he’s too much of a weak coward to have that said about him, so he has to go back and circulate lies to his former teammates and friends to make himself sound better, all the while giving the defense plenty of loose threads at which to pull. McQueary is a complete and utter failure of a man.


  12. 3rd Degree

    After reading this story,, it sounds like an epidemic across the entire administration beyond a closed eye towards athletics.


  13. paul

    Very often, with highly sensational stories, as time goes on and more facts come to light, our initial rush to judgement turns out to be somewhat at odds with the truth. With this case, the truth seems to get worse by the minute. Every detail seems to be more sordid than the last. Every revelation even more disgusting. Read the report. Listen to the interview (and remember, it’s an interview arranged by his lawyer for which he was coached). Add in the rapidly expanding number of ‘missing’ records and we have something that we probably can’t even fathom at this point. As always, the attempted coverup only serves to make a very bad situation even worse.


  14. Go Dawgs!

    Did you guys know that Penn State is exempt from Pennsylvania’s open records laws? No joke, it’s true, CNN did a piece on that fact the other night. That means not only records of the athletic department and the school itself, but also all case files and incident reports from the Penn State campus police department are all subject to release only if PSU decides they want to issue releases. Unlike virtually every police department in the country, you can’t walk up and get an incident report from the PSU police.

    What in the hell is going on up there?!


    • DawgPhan

      It at least explains why they never have any “incidents” like the rest of D1 football teams.


      • Go Dawgs!

        Right?! That fact alone is enough for me to call BS on any Penn State fan that wanted to talk about how “clean” their program was, aside from the Sandusky stuff. Penn State was subject to the rules at one time, and then asked for and was granted exemption from the open records laws in 2008.

        This is an institution that receives state and federal funds, folks. Seriously. What in the hell are they doing, and how in the hell was it allowed to continue for so long?!


    • stoopnagle

      Privatization of public institutions FTW. (sic)


  15. Jax

    I don’t really give a shit anymore.


  16. Scott

    CYNTHIA BALDWIN is the general counsel for PSU. She is the first ever General Counsel for the University, and she was hired in January of 2010. Prior to 2010, PSU hired outside law firms for specific matters on an as needed basis.

    a) Corporate Counsel: Where were the Lawyers at Penn State? Nov. 15, 2011 by David Hechler;
    b) The Legal Intelligencer: A Campus Counsel’s Nightmare, Nov. 15, 2011 by Ben Present.

    The article you read was just poor journalism, but there is a lot of that going around with this scandal.


  17. Scott

    Franco Harris just got fired for expressing his opinion that Joe Pa should have been allowed to retire at the end of the season. And now the mayor of Pittsburgh has asked Franco to resign from a charity.

    That should be soup for your soul. Sticking up for an old friend and mentor is a such a despicable trait. Throw the bum Franco out on the street.


  18. You’re equating some PC silliness with men who’ve been charged with enabling a serial child abuser?  Get real, man.