Sometimes coaching genius isn’t enough.

Kevin Scarbinsky notes Auburn’s remarkable statistical decline this season from 2010:

This team has given up 52 more points than it’s scored this season. This team is on pace to give up more points than the 2009 defense, the worst in school history. This team has scored an astounding 335 fewer points than last year when the offense set the school scoring record.

Unless I’m missing something there, that means Chizik and Roof are in the process of presiding over the two worst defensive scoring seasons in Auburn’s history.  (And it’s not like 2010 was any great shakes either.)  Ouch.


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  1. Barstool

    I’m just proud we’re responsible for nearly 80% of that spread on the point differential.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    I dispute your premise that there is genius present.


  3. Doug

    Now there are rumors that Gus Malzahn is the #1 candidate with a bullet for the UNC head-coaching job (their new AD is buddy-buddy with Malzahn from when they were both at Tulsa).

    Auburn lost Cam Newton and managed to hold the line at mediocre. Without Newton or Malzahn, though, they are, in the words of Eric Cartman, F’d in the A.


  4. Bob

    Not trying to defend Chiz or Auburn, but sometimes I just shake my head. The guys won a national championship last year. They went through a season 14-0. They also lost a ton…I mean a metric ton at that. And they are still going to win 7 games and go to a bowl.

    All rational folks knew that they would be down. I agree that they need to look at Ted Roof and maybe a change will be forthcoming.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Malzahn is a great offensive coordinator. His 2009 offensive team was tough. But seriously, all this really shows me is that Cam Newton is a once-in-a-generation player. Jokes about recruitment aside, the guy is truly remarkable. Screw Bo Jackson, Newton is the closest thing Auburn’s ever going to have to a phenomenon like Herschel Walker. He came in to a mediocre-to-good team and made it great. If you take him off of the 2010 Auburn Tigers, you’ve basically got this year’s team. I think Auburn’s staff has done a very nice job getting them to this point at 6-4. But without Newton last year, Gene Chizik’s seat would be damn hot in 2012.

    As far as Chizik’s defensive “genius”, it’s remarkable how average his defenses look when he doesn’t have Tuberville or Coach Boom helping out.


    • Dawg93

      Nail, head. Cam was just that friggin’ good, period. Case in point: everyone thought he would take a year or two to adapt to the NFL game and look at what he’s done in his 1st year. Not to mention he didn’t have the benefit of mini-camp, OTA’s, etc. Like him or not, he was absolutely THE reason Auburn won a title last year.


      • Russ

        Agreed. I said last year that Cam Newton was much better than Timmy, and it’s been borne out in the pros. He’s the closest I’ve seen to a Herschel Walker in my 40+ years of watching college football.


    • yurdle

      Not to downplay Cam’s role, but don’t forget that Auburn graduated practically all of its OL, had its leading WR take an il–advised flyer on the NFL draft, lost it’s top 2 d-linemen, and then lost 4 more guys to the Lee County jail. All that, plus the remnants of Tubberville’s last pathetic recruiting efforts. There’s been plenty of luck involved, but credit to those guys for getting to 7.


      • Spence

        “lost 4 more guys to the Lee County jail”

        HA! +1


        • Cojones

          Are they still in jail? Did they see the game from behind bars? By now they should be warming up to prison sex after watchin’ the screwing we put on their former team. I’d call that horizontal-striped foreplay.


    • tduga1

      Agree 100%. Take Cam and put him on Mississippi State’s Team (who had a decent defense by the way) and they might have won the west. Cam was just that good.


  6. Irishdawg

    I hope the Malzahn to UNC thing is legit, and we get him the hell out of the SEC.

    Newton’s immediate success in the NFL is undeniable, but it sickens me just the same. The guy was bought and paid for, and he played for a crooked program; I don’t give a shit what the NCAA says.


    • That is called MERCENARY.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Hey, at least he’s paying taxes on his income this year.


    • Griff

      I don’t get the fascination with Malzahn. If Tech’s offense is high schoolish then I would consider Malzahn’s offense to be more like flag football. Last week was the healthiest Auburn’s offense has been all year and we held them to under 200 yds and 7 pts. I agree with the above posts, it was all about Cam. He made Malzahn look great. The one thing I do like about Malzahn is that he doesn’t toot his own horn…he’s virtually non-existent in the media.
      I do hope he goes to UNC though; not because of his offensive genius but because it will cause even more trouble for Auburn. 🙂


  7. 69Dawg

    And to think that if Cam had not stolen that lap-top Urban would still be coaching at UF. He would have had a great heart.


  8. Dog in Fla

    “opinions on Chizik and his work on the field vary” but all agree that he knows how to make an entrance

    (h/t Spurticus)


  9. PatinDC

    I was pretty sure AU would struggle when 22 of 24 starters graduated…I think that is the right number. I do think Scammy was an anomoly and it will be interesting to see how long Chicik gets. These fans ran of TT after his undefeated season….


  10. Remember, Chizik is still the guy who went from 3 wins to 2 wins in his 2 seasons at Iowa St. Granted, the payroll differences is like comparing the Royals to the Yankees, but still. Any Wil E Coyote caliber Super Genius should be able to get at least close to .500 at Iowa St.


  11. I’m confused. The faithful at TET proclaimed him the best coach in America just a few weeks ago, so it must be true.