Great moments in excuse making

Shorter Will Muschamp:  If I wanted to blame our 5-5 record on depth, I’d say so.  But I won’t, even though I have.  By the way, have you noticed our numbers?


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37 responses to “Great moments in excuse making

  1. Keese

    Losers make excuses, winners don’t need them.

  2. fuelk2

    So basically, “I blame Urban Meyer.”

    I really underestimated my ability to hate that whiny little bitch Muschamp.

  3. AusDawg85

    To all of those who wanted Boom as our HC, raise your hand.

    Then slap yourself with it.

    • stoopnagle


      As if the ’04 LSU game didn’t tell you all you needed to know.

      • FisheriesDawg

        The ’04 LSU game just told me that LSU didn’t have any corners that year. When Saban has lock-down guys playing corner, his defenses are juggernauts. When he doesn’t, they can get burned early and often because he expects a lot of them.

        What told me that I didn’t want Will Muschamp was the fact that he’s a spazz. As soon as he got in a high-profile position with some scrutiny he started falling apart mentally.

    • Dante

      Done. Wow, that hurt. But to be fair Muschamp was only 3rd down my personal list of favorites behind Dan Mullen (SLAP!) and June Jones (DOUBLE SLAP!).

  4. Spike

    What the hell did he say?

  5. Go Dawgs!

    “I’m not saying it’s Urban Meyer’s fault… but it’s Urban Meyer’s fault.” – Will Muschamp, one year into his three year term as Gator head coach.

  6. X-Dawg

    I’m kinda surprised he didn’t blame his good buddy Bobo.

  7. Derek

    Said differently, it’s all about the jimmies and joes not the x’s and o’s. While we have similar depth issues whose to say where we’d be without Aaron during an October like UF faced. (I do think outlr back up plan at qb was a little better but throwing Hutson at LSU and bama makes be nauseous to think about.). We got lucky in that we had a weak slate to get confidence and our back ups played good enough when needed..

    Don’t get me wrong I love that uf is suffering but I don’t think we can lay it at the coaching staffs feet yet. Their problem, one that I hope will be fatal, is that its tough to recruit when you are mediocre. It sure would be nice if al golden and jimbo stepped it up.

    • bad m

      Not that you and everyone isn’t right about “weak slate” meme going around, but I’m kind of tired of it. 1) We didn’t get lucky. We’ve been pounded in the arse with schedules for years now and it’s about time we got a break. Regression to the mean. 2) Our schedule is MAYBE one game softer than most everyone else’s. Usually it’s two games harder with crappy timing on the bye week. 3) Other teams get one or two more home games (because of Jax and cupcakes). 4) It looks a little extra easier than normal also because of the order of the games and how we normally schedule. We knocked out two tough ones first.
      If get beat up by the schedule for years and years, well, by God, we get to get the benefit of it for once.

  8. Bulldog Joe

    Instead of “Croomed”, SEC coaches in trouble get “Boomed”.

  9. stoopnagle

    “Management issue”

    So, coaching, right?

  10. UGA Illuminati

    TO: Leadership
    FROM: Special Agent Russ

    No change this week. Muschamp still continue his fine work while Dooley brings in an orange dog. Still amazed the fan bases of both schools still don’t suspect a thing. Dismantling of both schools still on target.

    • bad m

      Shhhh. Giggle. “No WAY people are going to buy that, coach!”
      “If you say it with a straight face. They’ll buy anything.”
      “Whatever you say, Coach. Bring in the…pfttt….orange dog!” Bwaaaa Haaa HAAA!
      “By the way, get me an Octopus Costume, roller skates, and a fifth of Jack for next week.”

  11. Doug

    People have been laying into Derek Dooley pretty hard in these comment threads, but I still think Baby Dooley seems like an OK guy, albeit one who may be increasingly driven to madness by the situation he’s found himself in. MF Boom, on the other hand, landed in a much better (though hardly perfect) situation and has still managed to come off like a douchebag ever since he got there.

  12. timphd

    When Spurrier left I thought I would never be able to hate a Gator coach as much as I did him. Then Meyer came along and I was proven wrong. Now I find myself moving Muschamp up the despised meter pretty quickly. I doesn’t help him that he hired one of my least favorite people in the world to be his OC, Fat Charlie. The two of them together have the chance to surpass the Old Ball Coach and Tebow’s bitch on my hate list.

    • Biggus Rickus

      I prefer the nickname “Ol’ Frontbutt” for Weis.

    • Dante

      I’ll despise Muschamp when he beats Georgia. Until then, it’s sort of just slides off my back. But I’ll also reserve my opinion of his coaching prowess until his 3rd season. He’s fundamentally changing both the offense and defense. As Grantham has shown us, that doesn’t usually yield improvements in year one. I hope he stays Goff-esque, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the ball eventually gets rolling.

      • The Lone Stranger

        It’ll only get rolling if UF ever locates a competent QB, and as the land lays now the Dawgs are getting the best ones, even poking around in Florida for some.

  13. Comin' Down The Track

    … numbers up front, has been frustrating. Injuries… that’s a tough management issue as far as moving forward… But how we’re practicing now is a little different… because of our numbers… We’re having a hard time… getting ready… because of our numbers… that’s just management issues… That’s what it is… It is what it is… But I don’t think our record is indicative of me being a first-time head coach…

    This crazy diatribe lies somewhere between telling a lie big enough and long enough until it becomes the truth, and methinking that the lady doth protest too much.

    Either way, it was painful to read.

  14. He’s a Ray Goff guy, and he’s dangerously close to dropping some dairy references on them.

    The Gators just gotta get butter.

  15. Always Someone Else's Fault

    So… kudos to Georgia for finding an FSU guy, and shame on UT and UF for hiring Georgia products?

    Sort of a weird take, no matter how much you hate your rivals.

  16. PatinDC

    Couldn’t happen to a nice bunch of fans. Boom MF.

  17. JaxDawg

    I feel bad for Florida and Muschamp. Really. Now if only that huge limerock cavern under Gainesville would open up and swallow them all.

  18. The Lone Stranger

    Not so sure BoomMF and the JortNation at large ought to sleep on Furman either. The fightin’ Purple Paladins are scrambling for a winning season, coming off a home loss and looking for a bounce-back game. (Sort of like Vanderbilt, whom two weeks ago it could be said outplayed UF at their homecoming game).

  19. The Lone Stranger

    And ironically enough, the first-year coach at Furman had been an and the DC at Vandy for the previous nine years. Maybe the Commodores can exact tangential revenge, of a sort.

  20. Aligator

    We suck the past two year at the football. okay there it is … regardless of who’s FAULT it is.