“Mike’s had a great season.”

You may have missed it, but last Saturday Auburn’s Mike Dyer became just the fifth running back in that school’s history to rush for 1,000 yards in back-to-back seasons.  Considering the talent at the position that Auburn has had over the years, that’s quite an accomplishment.

Which makes the fact that Georgia held Dyer to his lowest yardage figure of the season perhaps the most impressive feat the Dawgs’ defense has performed so far in 2011.


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14 responses to ““Mike’s had a great season.”

  1. DawgPhan

    Didnt you hear? UGA’s defense is only good because everyone else sucks so much.

  2. Go Dawgs!

    It’s impressive to me that not many people at Auburn accomplished that feat before the “modern era” of 12 game regular seasons, title games, and bowl stats that count as regular season stats. Certain players get three more games than guys in the old days did. I’m just not as impressed by people who break records these days, unless they just shatter them. Dyer’s a helluva running back, though.

  3. Tronan

    I recently commented to a friend of mine (a UVA grad who has a typical UVA grad’s devotion to college footbaw) that I expect at least half of Georgia’s two-deep to wind up playing on Sundays. I then wondered if I might be guilty of blatant homerism. But, based on the number of former Dawgs from Two Thumbs’ defenses playing in the NFL, I think my estimate may prove to be conservative.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Dial back to the 90’s. We had lousy defenses, but some terrific players. Many were impact players in the NFL, Bell, Stroud, Henderson, Smith, Ferguson, etc. At least a couple will be hall of famers – Seymour and Champ. You’ve got to be a special kind of screw up to lose with players like that.

  4. Bulldog Joe

    41 carries for 141 yards at South Carolina. Thank you very much, Mr, Dyer.

  5. Jax

    Since my first UGA game (which was the ’78 contest in Auburn) where I saw Joe Cribbs, William Andrews, and James Brooks run for like 400 yards (Willie Mac had a good day too), AU has trotted out tons of really good RB’s so it’s really impressive what Dyer has done. I’d go as far as to say that collectively, AU has had as many or more solid backs as we have, Herschel notwithstanding.

    • James Stephenson

      I wish he would drop far enough for the Falcons to get him. He would be a perfect replacement for Turner. I can pay no higher compliment than wanting him on the pro team I pull for.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Auburn has had a lot of really spectacular backs, but it seems like the Tigers don’t really find them until four or fives games into the season. Kenny Irons was a perfect example. He was buried on the depth chart to start the year that turned out to be his breakout year, and then in his follow-up season he started the year and got banged up as things rolled on. It seems like Cadillac was a similar story, but he certainly never wore down.

    • TomReagan

      Just since Herschel we’ve had: Henderson, Tate, Worley, Hapton, Hearst, Edwards, Musa, and Knowshon. Historically, you can add Trippi and Sinkwich among others.

      They’ve had good backs, but I don’t think Auburn can beat that group.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        Add 2,000+ yard rusher/NFL mvp Terrell Davis to that list. Don’t blame Davis for still being pissed the way Goff shafted him.

        Olandis Gary had a thou. for the bronc’s too – but injury ended a very promising career. Gary did a good job for UGA – I remember him fighting like hell whenever he got close to the goal line.

        A couple RB’s you can add to the list.

    • BMan

      I was at that game in 78 Jax. 22-22 tie if I remember. And yes, the Auburn backs ran wild (in fake juice orange jerseys, by the way).

      • JaxDawg

        yes, the urgne jerseys. check out patrick garbin’s post about that on the link to the left: about them dawgs! blog. we would have won the SEC that year had we won the game. The 1978 Underdog/Wonderdog’s.

  6. Bryant Denny

    Dyer is a hoss and he proved it at USC. Heckuva game by that kid.

    But he was never a factor in the UGA game (before the score was out of hand). That’s puzzling to me. He’s their best player and Malzahn tried to fake everyone out by not giving the ball to Dyer.

  7. Dante

    The rushing D Georgia has put up this year makes me salivate for the Tech game.