Confession time

I want to have Jarvis Jones’ baby.


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  1. ScooBoo

    I don’t know if I would have told that Brother!

  2. BMan

    You better schedule a c-section. That sumbitch is gonna come out big, fast and hell-bent on destruction.

  3. Pumpdawg

    Wheeww!!! Glad I ain’t the only one having that fantasy.

  4. You aren’t the only one, Senator. My man crush on that dude is overwhelming.

  5. Zdawg

    Love the kid. Proud as hell he is a Dawg.

  6. Keese

    Lol, drunk blogging Senator? Jarvis is awesome and all but…

    We should load up Lane Kiffen’s email inbox thanking him for being an idiot. He gave us Dawg fans three things: Jarvis Jones, UT in shambles and Barbara/Dereck Dooley with a microphone.

    How in the hell was Jarvis left off the Butkus award as a finalist?

    • Scott W.

      Dock one. Barbara Dooley has had a microphone due to Paul Finebaum long before Kiffin knew where Tennessee was.

  7. The Life of Reilly

    Just like Bobo in the presser after the game today: The Senator “ain’t apologizing for nothing”.

    • AusDawg85

      It dawns on me that the Senator’s predictions have been really good. And you never see him and Mark Richt at the same time. And he posted the photo from the field the other week. Sayyyyyyyyy…wait a minute….

      The Senator is Bobo!!! I blame the Senator!!11!!!

  8. wnc dawg

    Not if I spot him post game first.

  9. Keese

    Lol…….. I’m imagining that baby would be the reincarnation of Ted Nugent. Middle finger up, strumming umbilical cord

  10. D.N. Nation

    Our defense is so, so good. And it looks like the special teams have gotten their sea legs back.

    The offense, well…hey, our defense is so, so good.

    • Bevo

      My thoughts exactly. We took some steps forward on offense since 0-2, but Kentucky was a big step back.

      I just hope today’s offensive woes get the team in the right frame of mind to destroy Tech.

  11. zdub

    And to top it off he told Radi Nabulsi after the game that he was definitely coming back next year. YEAH BOI!!!

  12. Marshall

    He’s a beast. Great comments by everyone!

    And something needs to be done about the student section…that was pathetic. Take away tickets, go with a more stringent attendance policy–whatever. But something needs to be done.

    • The Life of Reilly

      The students that did attend sounded louder and more excited about the game than the rest of the fans in the attendance.

    • Take away tickets, go with a more stringent attendance policy–whatever.

      Believe it or not, these things are the cause and not the solution. Back in the day, students had tickets that found their way to the open market for recent alumni. Now, that’s not an option.

      • HVL Dawg

        McGarity needs to put the band back in the student section where it belongs– and get the correct G painted at the 5 yard line.

        Congratulations seniors!

        Go Dawgs!

      • Marshall

        That’s a very good point.

      • The Big Lebowski

        My sister’s a freshman. She missed today’s game because she wanted to get home for Thanksgiving break. From what she told me, that’s the reason many of the students in the dorms didn’t go to the game. Had she been able to give me her ticket she would have. I’m a recent alum, and I don’t have money to donate, but I could afford to drive up to Athens at least for the day.

        • Here's a thought...

          Did it ever occur to anyone that the reason the student section looks empty is because they sit in the lower level seats? Once you’re in the game you’re in. Seats are fairly Gen Admin. This applies to most games.

  13. Greg

    Lane Kiffen…the gift that keeps on giving! JJ is the best defensive player we have had since DP. He is an absolute beast. For the 1st time in years I look forward to our defense being on the field. Add in AO…and good lord. Just Beasts!!!

  14. Better idea genetic engineering, cross Ogletree’s DNA with Jones. That would be one bad mutha…

  15. Scott

    Scoring Defense
    Alabama = 8.45 points per game
    LSU = 10.7 points per game
    Georgia 17.8 points per game
    Okahoma State = 27.3 points per game

    Glad Ok. State went down last night. They had no business being in the BCS title game after giving up 300 points on defense with Oklahoma still to play.

  16. Zdawg

    Richt should of saved some of that post game kiss with his wife for Jarvis.

  17. Aristoggle

    Jarvis Jones = Honey Badger

  18. cousin eddie

    He must be sterile, he has been raping SEC linemen all year and none of the are preggo yet.
    John Brantley isn’t preg yet, Jones laided him all day long. So I’m going with him being sterile.

  19. X-Dawg

    Let Cootie be the mid-wife. What a special teams beast!

  20. David

    Watching the ut vandy game. Another dirty vandy chop block. Really find vandy disgusting. Coach Franklin really teaching some dirty play – or at least tolerating it. Serves vandy right to lose this one.

    That stuff causes career ending injuries and is absolutely unacceptable. Grantham had every right to be angry after the same garbage in our game.

    • I hope that lose tonight and that wake crushes them next week to keep them out of a bowl.

      • David

        Agree and I grew up a vandy fan as a kid. Never thought I’d want to see ut beat them. But Franklin is a punk.

        • WF dawg

          Did you guys see Franklin at the end of the game stomping and shoving his way around? Much as I hate to see UT win, watching Franklin lose is grade A schadenfruede. That guy’s a punk.

          • BMan

            Franklin’s a prick. To quote Doc Holliday in Tombstone, “I’m sure of it, I hate him.”

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I don’t like Vandy any more than you do. I hate UT though. Franklin had a point about how the game ended. The TV replay showed that the UT player who intercepted the ball did not have a knee down but you could hear that the whistle had blown. Also, the replay clearly showed that one of the refs was waving his arms and acting like he was spotting where the ball was down. That ref had a whistle in his mouth, too. I think that was the ref who blew the play dead. It looked to me like all the Vandy players relaxed after that, too. I don’t know if a Vandy player could have run down the UT player or not but the rule is that if the whistle blows that is the end of the play. “Inadvertent Whistle” is the term. Guess which crew of refs–no not Penn Wagers’ crew. It was Marc Curles’ crew which is actually worse than Wagers’ crowd. Curles lied and said there was no whistle blown. The replay sound clearly demonstrates that the whistle did blow. Another Marc Curles special. How does the SEC justify keeping him around. I hope this gets him fired.

            • ChicagoDawg

              Yep, UT obviously deserved to win on the merits of the play. Clearly and interception and he did not touch knee to ground. However, the side judge clearly was blowing his whistle, waving his arm and marking the spot of the play. Curles telling a national audience and 100k people that there was no signal or whistle ending the play……and the side judge allowing him to say it…..and the replay officials not correcting him, show the incompetence of SEC officiating in full relief. Incompenence and lack of integrity make for a powerful combination of crappy of officiating that has become a signature of the conference.

              • Dude,if there were 100 k people in those stands I’ll have sex with JJ and I really really don’t want to do that. Did you see how empty the top of Neyland was. This is their Ga/Ga Tech where the hell was everyone. I never viewed Tenn fans a fair weather fans but apparently they are

            • David

              Agree it was another Curles crew blown call. But the inadvertent whistle would have also been a blown piece of mechanics. They just suck

              Dooley was due a break on one of these. And Franklin was running around like a crybaby prick. He’s gonna blow one of these days. He might want to avoid doing so in knoxvegas though.

  21. Chuck

    Damn, dude.

    Just remember: “The rose goes in front, big guy.”

  22. David

    Actually cheered for da’rick when he caught that one.

  23. BeatTech

    Senator, y’alls kid is going to be one badass blogger!

  24. Puffdawg

    Sports and Grits called. They turned in their fancard. Start blog. Check. Push firing Richt. Check. Fail. Check. go home fellers.

  25. Franklin just needs to receive some lessons from Tonya Harding’s ex-husband. LOL

  26. BMan

    In other news, the USC-Oregon game is pretty entertaining. And the Oklahoma defense is playing like they’ve got two thumbs up their collective arse.

  27. BulldogBen

    Days like today are why I keep coming back to this silly little game played by kids almost half my age in some cases.

    For any real Dawg fan on here, days like today are why we suffer through all the down years, bad coaches, prima donna players, and general NCAA bullshit/money grabbing.

    Cheers to the Seniors!!! SEC East Champs!

    Suck it SEC East. I hope it goes down bitter.

    • Junkyard Dawg '00

      And the entire SEC and College Football world can suck it two weeks from now when we beat Whomever… I for one, am glad we had to win an ugly one against KenSucky. Now, no one will give us a chance in the SECCG. I can’t wait to see the “experts” mouths gaping open and that stupid dumb founded look on their collective faces as we celebrate what they say will never happen. I mean how can we win that game? We haven’t played anyone, we barely beat Vandy, Florida, and Kentucky and blah blah blah…

  28. TXDawg

    Ga Southern scored 15 more on Saban than LSU. Bear Bryant had a lull before he became a legend. Good for you Richt. Discipline. Grantham. This ain’t high school and college roomates. Herschel Walker. Make us proud. Erk Russell. BVG. Junkyard. Punch Paul Johnson in the mouth. Hunker down hairy dawgs. Go you silver britches.

  29. Scorpio Jones, III

    We are all ignoring the big question: Who ceded ownership of the UGA brand to the Seiler family? Their ineptitude at mascot selection could very well have gotten a great coach fired.

    It is time mascot selection was decided on the field.

    KEEP RUSS!!!!!!!!,KEEP RUSS!!!!!!!!,KEEP RUSS!!!!!!!!,KEEP RUSS!!!!!!!!