Last Tango in Athens

Senior Day is here.  It’s always bittersweet knowing you’re heading up to the last home game of the season, but maybe it’s a bit more so this year, because of the head of steam that’s been built up over the past few weeks.

I wouldn’t mind if there were a few more home games left.  (Unlike some of the students, sad to say.)

Anyway, there is the sweet part.  Unlike their immediate predecessors, these seniors have something big left to play for.  And you can only hope it’s not a one-off experience.  No senior class from this program should ever lack the experience of having played in an SECCG.

As for a game preview, five minutes spent wallowing in conference stats will tell you that it’s going to be an uphill climb for Kentucky to make a game of it today.  Which isn’t the same thing as neglecting to note the recent history of the series, which has certainly had its ups and downs from a Georgia standpoint.  But Kentucky lacks the playmakers it had to make a tough showing like it did in some of those matches.

Which isn’t to say that Joe T shouldn’t be getting all medieval on their asses about making sure their minds aren’t right.  No repeat of this low point is necessary.

Consider this your game day thread.


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98 responses to “Last Tango in Athens

  1. SouthGa Dawg

    On UGA students – Today’s generation don’t care about going into the stadium. They don’t want to see the game. Open up some of those seats and lower the donation and ticket prices. I guarantee folks will buy them up.
    On today – Win big and make a statement.Then focus on going to Atlanta – not the dome – I’m talking about Grant Field…

    • CarolinaDawg

      I understand everyone’s sentiment about an apathetic student section. However, you all should advocate the removal of student athletic fees before you call for less student tickets. Secondly, I won’t argue about the lack of interest in the game day experience of the student. I do think that there are reasons other than “this” generation. Most importantly, when you have an administration that castrates the gameday experience like ours has you are going to lose some fans

      • CarolinaDawg

        Sorry, got cut off. The other reason is the type of students attending the school. If you want a better academic reputation, you will end up with more students who aren’t as interested in their social experience. Lastly, not everyone who attends UGA today grew up a Georgia fan. You have people from out of state and the kids of carpetbaggers in Atlanta. Like I said before I agree there is a lack of interest, I just think its unfair to say “this” generation is the problem.

      • baltimore dawg

        bingo. student athletic fees exist in principle to lower (or eliminate) entrance prices to athletic events. in practice, they are a part of the regular revenue stream. student athletics fees ain’t going away, so admin can’t reallocate seats from student sections without admitting that the fees-for-reduced/free-entrance rationale is phony.

      • adam

        Definitely not true for all students. Some of us are better than average fans. Follow the team and the game closely, cheer loud and never sit down. Some of us get there an hour early for every game.

  2. Weren’t we missing an Uga that day? Thankfully, old, reliable Russ will be with us. He’s had quite a run this season, which seems only fair after the previous two partial seasons under his watch. Glad to have “good depth at Dawg”.

  3. Scott W.

    After reading what Oregon’s students go through to get tickets and knowing how it is to get tickets as an alum, I am all for taking the tickets away from those who don’t want to be there. This stops at reducing the size of the student section though. Going to football games is a part of their college experience and even at the risk of not being able to get tickets myself, I think it should stay that way.

  4. zdub

    Regarding the student seats,

    Win more games in back-to-back seasons and then get back to me and see how many unclaimed seats there are. Next year when we’re making another SECCG run I bet we pack it out (except for the cupcake games). During our runs in ’02, ’03, and ’05 I bet there were not as many seats unclaimed.

    And don’t forget the new process for getting student tickets. You can donate the ones you don’t use but that doesn’t mean someone will gobble them up. Nor does it mean that people will donate them anyway. Some people don’t want to spend time doing that.

    From ’06-’10 we have been a disappointing football program. Yes, I count ’07 in there because we weren’t on fire the entire year. We won a lot of games midway through the season and finished high, which was great but I didn’t want to go to the next games either after we got waxed by UTk. The point is that if you’re losing with regularity, people don’t want to come watch you play. They would rather hedge their bets and watch on TV where they can turn it off if you lose big again.

    Also don’t forget that a lot of these home games are ones that no one wants to see. ID State, NMSU, CC, even KY isn’t really a game I WANT to watch except that it means we could go to the SECCG.

    And never forget that most students are out getting obliterated drunk and stagger into the game late. That’s their choice, not yours. If I buy a ticket to a game I will go whenever I please, whether it’s at kickoff or halftime.

    • zdub

      And as far as that picture goes in the article, guess where those students are…crammed into sections 109 where they can actually see the game well. No one wants the nose bleeds and because all you have to do is flash your card to the Sanford staff you can get in anywhere as long as people cram and make room.

      • TomReagan

        That’s the fraternity section. Those boys aren’t packed into the lower level, they’re either on their way after being too drunk to realize how late it was or trying to drag their date/girlfriend to the stadium. Those sections have always filled late, even in the salad days.

  5. JaxDawg

    #1 – take the tickets away from the spoiled ass students who don’t give a shit. F ’em.

    #2 – good lord our D was pathetic just 2 short years ago. In Grantham we trust.

    #3 – beat the shit out of KY and get your asses to the dome.

  6. AthensHomerDawg

    The tickets are done through the student ID card …. no physical ticket sold. Miss enough games and you will be moved to the end of the line when it comes to ticket purchases next season. So in a way is that self policing? Take ticket sales away from students? WTF! I do know that the kids bunch up in other seats. We are not talkin’ Neyland Stadium style bunching… but the kids do move around. Does anyone have a hard count on actual student attendance? I think we have enough “taking” going on already.

    Oh … and I saw what you did there Senator.

  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Iowa State upset #2 ranked and previously undefeated Oklahoma State last night. Need anyone say more? The Dawgs need to take care of business and not sleep walk through the game with Kentucky.

  8. Tronan

    That ’09 Kentucky game ranks right down there with the ’02 Florida game and last year’s debacle in Boulder. What a horrible and enraging evening. At 1:57, you can hear Bob Davie groan when Cox throws his last pick. I’m pretty sure I was audible two states away.

  9. Dante

    FTA: “Even with the biggest home game of the year, a national television broadcast, and a 3:30 start time, guess which sections were still half-full just minutes before kickoff against Auburn?”

    We’re Georgia fans. We roll in halfway through the first quarter, thankyouverymuch.

  10. Non-Dawg related, but is anyone else interested in seeing how the Angry Sabans handle Georgia Southern’s option/triple option/veer/whateveryouwanttocallit attack?

  11. Boz

    The running back saga continues… The awesome!!!

  12. Scott

    3 and 10 and we give it to Harton for the 3rd his straight carry of no gain? and coming off a timeout? Carlton Thomas out for personal reasons? This has been pretty ugly on offense. Luckily, Walsh is accurate today. We may need him.

  13. Cootie

    Can the “I want Boo” crowd shut the **** up now?

  14. Bevo

    Who’s offense showed up today?

    Somebody needs to show some leadership and spark this team. Our body language sucks.

  15. Keese

    What in the hell is going on with these refs?They are coming up with reasons to throw flags.

    Dawgs looked flat coming out the locker room.

    • adam

      Kept the flag in their pocket a lot too. Kentucky was holding Jarvis and various other defenders quite a bit.

  16. Scott

    They are daring us to run, but we can’t with Malcome and Horton.

    Crowell is soft. He seems to disappear with injuries every game. I am really curious why Carlton Thomas missed this game.

    UK believes now, which is what we needed to come out and make sure they did not happen.

    • Bevo

      Who knew Kentucky had a top SEC defense?

      Crowell missed significant time in high school ball due to various leg injuries, etc. I wouldn’t call him soft, just because I never call players soft, especially the ones that play for free — fragile maybe, but not soft. Anyway, I’ve always been worried about Crowell’s durability; he was often dinged up even during his high school career.

      • Bevo

        Unfortunately, this is not the first time this season that our offense has COMPLETELY disappeared for an entire first half of a football game.

    • Zdawg

      Crowell had a 300+ pd lineman roll over his ankle. Now he can’t run? Wuss.

      • Scott

        He didn’t look that hurt trying to run on it on the sidelines. Looked like he could tough it out. Granted, if it were me, I would be laying on the sofa for a month.

  17. The Lone Stranger

    Anyone checked the FURMAN score … I advise it, its fun!

  18. Sparrow

    What is up with Aaron?

  19. Timmy T

    Crowell = pu$$y

  20. PNWDawg

    At least we got our kicking and punting game back.

    • The Lone Stranger

      So we’ve got that, which is not anything to sneeze at although Murray may lose this thing yet.

  21. Turd Ferguson

    Not exactly lookin’ like deserving division champs so far.

  22. Hayduke

    Gawd, what an ugly half. I thought we’d seen that last of that team.

    • Bevo

      Our offense is still our greatest weakness. That hasn’t changed since Boise St, but damn…it looked like the offense was going to peak at just the right time.

      Still not over, but if we have this kind of half offensively against a real time, we will get destroyed.

  23. Scott

    South Carolina is struggling with the Citadel.

    Between his suspensions and fragility, we can’t count on Crowell to be there for any game. It’s nice if he is there, but I hope we land another star RB.

  24. Scott

    18 rushes, 18 passes, at least we are balanced.

  25. The Lone Stranger

    Worst kind of time for Murray to have ‘one of those days.’ But I BELIEVE in the Junkyard D.

  26. Bevo

    Wow. Two drives for the offense in the second half and two turnovers.

    I’m not blaming Bobo.

  27. Scott

    Nice fumble Horton. He wasn’t even touched. My poor dog is hiding in the corner. He thinks I am screaming at him.

  28. Bevo

    I dislike fans that boo.

  29. Bevo

    Well, maybe our offense can dial up a TD with starting field position on Kentucky’s 10.

  30. Bevo

    Stepping out on a limb here to say:

    The Georgia DEF ain’t gonna give up this lead.

  31. The Lone Stranger

    UK: 3 yds. offense in the 2nd half. Hello, UF—I remember you!

  32. D.N. Nation


    We won.

  33. Tronan

    An ugly win is better than a pretty loss.

  34. Scott

    Florida in a shootout with Furman, leading 37-32. Furman has 216 yards rushing.

  35. Nate Dawg

    Ok you Bobo lovers..let’s hear what a great game he had..
    How bout them Grantham’s!!

    • Zdawg

      Yea, once again Bobo caused the turnovers, rolled over Crowell’s ankle and misfired repeatedly at the qb position. Fire Bobo.

      • Nate Dawg

        Wonder who was deciding to send that 135 lb RB up the middle ovr & ovr & ovr again. Nice 4th down call too.
        Seems to me we cud call a few things to counter act some of those unfortunate events. But I’m sure I’m probably wrong, right?

        • Zdawg

          Yea, because our toss sweeps were working to perfection. We were undermanned in the RB position today, and Murray wasn’t exactly throwing strikes.

          The 4th down call was to burn clock, and the RB went out of bounds. Blame Richt on that one.

          • Nate Dawg

            U mean both toss sweeps?
            Or throw a pass & try to pick up 1st & score & put them away…no wait, just give it back to the D, cuz they’ll save us..& they did. Good thing. It’s just frustraiting & I can’t see how anybody can be impressed by the game he calls.

            • adam

              He called a terrible game today. No question. Receivers were playing pretty well. Nothing innovative on offense and Bobo took ages to make adjustments. Also, up 9 with 9.5 minutes left… And we start trying to kill the clock. Ugh.

              Murray had a rough day too. His position coach deserves some of the blame and Murray deserves some as well.

              • Zdawg

                Wanted to just point out during our weekly pile on Bobo thread that Murray missed some passes and some critical reads. Bobo did seem a little lost in the running play calls. Not sure how I would of called it differently once Crowell was out. Need to ask Nate I guess…

  36. MinnesotaDawg

    Thank Dawg for the D!

    Murray is throwing like he has a dead arm, and the o-line looked like it wanted to play touch football today.

  37. PNWDawg

    Was Ben Jones putting poo on the ball? Seemed like no one on offense really wanted it. As bummed as I am about the offensive performance I’m really pleased to see Walsh come through for us. I don’t even need to comment on the defense.

  38. JaxDawg

    As the team celebrated winning the east for the first time since 2005, Crowell sat alone on the bench, isolated, pouting and picking his fingernails with his teeth. He sat there since the trainers taped his ankle – nearly 2 hours. I understand that he needs an offseason S&C regimen and that his ankle hurts, but his attitude pisses me off. He issues this apology for smoking weed and then acts like a bitch while the team clinches the east.

    I don’t know why another teammate or coach didn’t say something to this primadonna but his attitude needs to improve.

    • Turd Ferguson

      Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. Looked like he had a bad case of Washaunitis for a while there.

    • Skeeter

      Looked more like he was disappointed in not being able to play, to me. Perhaps one sees what they want to see depending on whether one has a malevolent or benevolent view of life.

      • PNWDawg

        Excellent point. I found myself looking at it from both angles.

      • JaxDawg

        He should have supported the team and not pouted the entire time. Period. And while I’d like to give Crowell the benefit of the doubt, he hasn’t exactly earned it just yet. I’m not writing him off, but I don’t like what I saw today. With that said, he’s a kid and will grow up a bit.

      • Keese

        No matter which way you look at it, he should be supporting his teammates instead of being withdrawn.

        My take: he needs to get his shit together and be a positive inluence on and off the field. Nothing else. If he thinks he’s going to skim his way through college on his way to the NFL, he’s wrong. His attitude, injury proneness and lack of cometitiveness combined with the discipline issues will get him nowhere.

  39. Mayor of Dawgtown

    An ugly win but a win nonetheless. I am celebrating the SEC East title with a drink of Macallan. Mac, you there?

  40. Zdawg

    You know what? I’m happy. We are going to the SEC championship game and I congratulate the team and coaching staff. They played well enough to win today, despite the ugliness. I don’t have the energy to fight with the nit pickers.

    Time to enjoy it folks and lets hope we put something together on offense for the Techies and the SEC championship game. The last one I went to we lost to LSU and I ended up arguing with a fellow UGA fan who thought Richt should be fired for his offensive playcalling. I pray I don’t have that argument again about Bobo at the end of this next championship game.

    I’m keeping spirits up with a strong dose of dawg cool aid mixed with gin this evening. GO DAWGS!

  41. BMan

    Just glad they escaped with a W. I believe in the defense. As for the offense, I think the remark at the 00:17 mark says it best.

  42. AusDawg85

    Perfect Richt. Give the nats and tiggers nuthin to plan against. Hiding in the weeds…er…bushes. Perfect!

    /Great to be a Bulldawg!
    /I blame Bobo
    /Occupy the Dawghouse for Russ, the next UGA XIX

  43. NRBQ

    Murray wasn’t as bad as his stats.

    T. King missed three catches just by himself, and there appeared to be three of four bad routes run by receivers.

    He really showed how pissed he was after that right end-zone corner route was cut off.

    That said, it looked from where I sat (my couch) that he threw the ball TOO quickly a few times.

  44. Can we please get rid of Mike Bobo before he torpedos our program Willie Martinez style?

    My god, he’s terrible.

    The fact that he occasionally pads the hell out of his stats on bad teams when our stud athletes take it upon themselves to go nuts should not let him keep his job.

  45. Nate Dawg

    Zdawg – I realize I’m being a bit of an E Vampire & I don’t like that & ur right @ calling it different w Crowell gone. I’m excited @ being East Champs & will celebrate tonight! I’m just curious wht happens to the pass to Figgins or short throws to TE or run Figgins in the middle ANY pt in the game. It just seems to me we have more options than Harton up the middle on 3rd& 10 from our 40. It’s just frustraiting, thts all. I love the Dawgs & this yr’s team inparticular- what a special group! But I just don’t like Bobo, or am not smart enough to comprehend what he’s trying to do at times..

    • Zdawg

      Nate, I am celebrating tonight! And yes, a few TE throws or Figgins in the middle would of helped. Not Bobo’s best night by far.Oh, and I don’t think any of us are smart enough o comprehend what he is thinking at times.

      Go Dawgs!

      • Nate Dawg

        Damn straight – Go Dawgs!
        Z, did u know only 2 teams- the Dawgs & LSU have been to the Dome 4 times or more since 2001(Richt’s 1st yr)? I believe someone else referenced that earlier this wk. Impressive to say the least..again – Go Dawgs!

  46. Junkyarddawg34

    Sadly, even the threat of the “strike” for unused tickets isn’t working for a surprising number of students. I scan IDs at the student gates, and I’ve lost count (no fewer than ten per game) who come to me scan their IDs so they don’t get a strike, walk in, and then walk right back out. You figure 10 people scanning per student gate times 3 and that’s 300 students per game who don’t get a “strike” and yet never see a play in the game, keeping first year students and alums who would go to the game from being able to go to the game if the wanted.