Today, in I Blame Bobo…

Here’s something that should wake you up this morning:  did you know this season that Georgia is running more plays per game than Oregon?

On the other hand, this may be the least surprising stat you’ll see today.

… Some teams tend to wing the ball around quite a bit on standard downs but grow much more conservative on passing downs.

USC (105th in Run Percentage on Standard Downs, 43rd on Passing Downs).
Georgia (55th on Standard Downs, seventh on Passing Downs)
Alabama (56th on Standard Downs, 14th on Passing Downs)
California (81st on Standard Downs, 46th on Passing Downs)

Teams with this approach almost end up with artificially inflated passing numbers; they are going to throw the ball rather efficiently, but they do not necessarily trust their passing game to make a play when they need it.


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32 responses to “Today, in I Blame Bobo…

  1. heyberto

    So you can’t blame Bobo.. can you really credit him or is it Mark Richt who has been studying the game of football and probably the one mandating the style our offense would take this year? (I really don’t know, I’m just trying to be funny and probably failing miserably at it).

    • Brandon

      Bobo has been a good OC every damn year, he is as good or better than Richt was when he was calling plays. The difference is Richt had Van Gorder backing him up when he was doing most of his playcalling and Bobo has had Willy Mo. There is nothing miraculous about what has happened this year except for the fact that we have a defense this year so Bobo does not have to score on every possession to keep up with the points being hemorraged by the defense. When your defense causes the other team to get less plays we will get more, I get that we’re doing the no huddle and all that, its great but having a good defense causing three in outs is a bigger factor. In the past when Bobo called a TD drive, we immediately coughed up a touchdown on defense, how many times have people lamented on here about us having a “let down” when things are going good, then the pressure is right back on Bobo and his charges to score again and the focus is improperly on his playcalling again. Offense depends on execution, and you can not realistically be expected to score on every drive, sometimes this is because of the defense, human error, or whatever. Even Auburn with Scam Newton last year had games they weren’t so hot in (Oregan and Miss State come to mind). That’s going to happen, on the flip side a good defense you can hang your hat on, like Erk said, if they don’t score, you can’t lose.

      • The other Doug

        I agree to an extent, but there have also been plenty of times when Bobo’s offense has produced multiple three and outs in a row right when we need to let the defense rest. The Boise State come to mind.

        • Brandon

          You look at the Boise game though we outrushed them, had more yards per pass and had only 17 less yards of total offense. We didn’t make plays when we had to, Boise is a good team and you have to give them credit, at the end of the day our defense yielded 35 points, its hard to win games when that happens.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Per Coach Richt promoting then quarterback coach Mike Bobo to offensive coordinator:
      “Any new venture goes through the following stages: enthusiasm, complication, disillusionment, search for the guilty, punishment of the innocent, and decoration of those who did nothing.”

  2. JimDawginTexas

    good OC every damn year?????

    What a joke. Lets wait and see how we do against a good team like Alabama. Maybe we have to settle for LSU this year. Remember how the game plan went the last time we played bama? Oh, and in the Boise game we scored 7 real points and two garbage touchdowns after Boise had already wrapped the game up.
    What makes a good OC? Recruiting? Coaching? Game plans? Adjusting during the game? If not for the defense this year, the OC would already be planning his move out of Athens along with the rest of the staff. .

    • gastr1

      This is exceptionally myopic. Look at what the offense has done with the personnel it has: a patchwork offensive line with players out of position and no depth at all; a freshman RB that can’t complete games; backup RBs that are too stiff or too small; a slew of true-freshman WRs that play because the upper-class WRs aren’t very good. The ONLY players on this offense that are above average and reliable playmakers are Murray and the TEs.

      Yet somehow Georgia has the second-best offense in the SEC, and somehow those WRs and the OL have gotten better and better (can’t say that for the RBs). Somehow they manage to be in the right spots at the right times with the ball in their hands more often than just about anyone in the conference.

      I guess it’s just coincidence.

      • AusDawg85


        The more last season is reviewed via player comments, the more dysfunctional that team truly appears to have been. That’s more on Richt than Bobo, and CMR certainly made the changes to correct the problems.

        This season’s Bobo rants were early…when no one really knew what we had that would work. Sitting on leads and letting the defense win games turned-out to be EXACTLY the right moves by CMR and CMB. Now the offense is in tune, though the OL is still our greatest concern.

        Reasonable (not just loyal) Dawg fans truly can see that Bobo’s earned credit where credit is due.

    • Macallanlover

      “Settle for LSU”? I think LSU and Alabama are both very good teams, but I have seen nothing that says Bama is better. LSU has beaten better teams, and won in Tuscaloosa head to head. Not saying Alabama wouldn’t win a couple out of ten on a neutral field against LSU but they knew that game on November 5 was for all the marbles…and they were healthy. Tide players didn’t get in done, and Miles outcoached Saban. It was a one play game so I am not putting Alabama down.

      I do think LSU would be the tougher opponent in the SECCG because they have better STs and more diversity on offense. Just don’t get how Bama is perceived as a step up from LSU based on their body of work. Perception gets out of kilter when people like F.Bomb defines their image,. Fact is, LSU is the most successful team in the SEC over the past decade, followed by UGA and Florida. How did Alabama become the top gun? Make them earn it, this isn’t a lame-brain poll run by the BCS, and talking heads. There are records for these things.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Settle for LSU? Pardon me but that was a rather stupid comment to make. You know who is ranked number one in the nation? Your post smacks of trolling and pot stirring.

    • Brandon

      Here are the SEC in conference scoring offense v. scoring defense stats, 2007 (Bobo’s first full year) to present:

      2007 O: 6th D: 3rd
      2008 O: 3rd D: 10th
      2009 O: 1st D: 10th
      2010 O: 4th D: 5th
      2011: O: 4th D: 3rd does not have stats for scoring offense and defense in conference (where you can be more certain the numbers come against a similiar slate of compensation) before 2007, but if you look at SEC scoring offiense and defense overall (against conference and non-conference foes, ncaa records, 2001-06) you’ll see that regardless Richt wasn’t exactly setting the house on fire every year as OC, :

      2006 O: 7th D: 4th
      2005 O: 2nd D: 4th
      2004 O: 6th D: 3rd
      2003 O: 7th D: 2nd
      2002: O: 1st D: 1st
      2001: O: 5th D: 3rd

    • Brandon

      Here are the SEC in conference scoring offense v. scoring defense stats, 2007 (Bobo’s first full year) to present:

      2007 O: 6th D: 3rd
      2008 O: 3rd D: 10th
      2009 O: 1st D: 10th
      2010 O: 4th D: 5th
      2011: O: 4th D: 3rd does not have stats for scoring offense and defense in conference (where you can be more certain the numbers come against a similiar slate of compensation) before 2007, but if you look at SEC scoring offiense and defense overall (against conference and non-conference foes, ncaa records, 2001-06) you’ll see that regardless Richt wasn’t exactly setting the house on fire every year as OC, :

  3. I think everyone’s problem with Bobo has been the predictable play calling when a more aggressive call appears to be warranted to those outside the arena. The 2nd and 25 run up the middle with an undersized running back, for example. I give him his due since the Boise game because the offense has chewed up yards and time of possession.

    • Rocket Dawg

      Do you know anything about football? Seriously? Do you know what the percentages are for converting 2nd and long or 3rd and long? What do you think the defenses are looking for on those down and distances? A pass maybe? Do you honestly think that there are plays in the playbook for that down and distance? Sometimes the best play is to punt and play defense, especially when you have the 4th best defense in the country. God you Bobo bashers are ignorant.

  4. If it has been Richt’s calls lately, then Bobo should only remain as QB coach. I wonder if it was Richt’s choice to get out of calling the plays or the “added job” by the former AD assigned to him which then forced him to get BOBO as OC. One thing different late this season is the risk taking on 4th downs and the passing game on those — seem so foreign to the DAWGS style in the past.

    • Jamrs Stephenson

      Who can even think Richt is calling plays? The only head coach/oc in the world that does not have a play sheet is Paul Johnson. Richt does not have a playsheet and is not calling plays. Admit it guys, Bobo is calling plays and doing a terrific job of it.

  5. Plays per game, is in part going to be influenced by a defense that can get you the ball back by turnovers, and make your opposition have plenty of 3 and outs.

  6. The Lone Stranger

    And also, good Lord has Auburn fallen off. I have to believe that they ran 15-20 more plays last season. And the Dawgs trouncing of them put this clearly on display (74-48 plays) as I expect will happen today versus the shaky Cats who trot out a Very Green quarterback. I see 3 or 4 INTs and the game over at the half.

    I hope the coaches let Mason off the chain in the 2nd half, just so we can watch his mechanics/decision making.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      “I hope the coaches let Mason off the chain in the 2nd half, just so we can watch his mechanics/decision making.” Murray ain’t going anywhere …. Mason is.
      just sayin’

  7. Today it was all about the Defense. Defense, Defense, Defense.GATA.
    Where was Carlton Thomas? When Harton goes over 100 & Is the Games Best Player ?. I Blame Bobo.
    I find nothing to base their comments on when the Non-Bobo supporters make their comments. I continue to completely disagree with them.

    • Normaltown Mike

      They said Carlton was out for “personal reasons”….I hope he didn’t come to practice with a bag of dope.

  8. Sorry, But on TV, Harton was “The Player Of The Game” Not “The Game’s Best Player”.?. Still “I Blame Bobo”.

  9. PNWDawg

    Hard for me to rip on his play-calling today when the doobie brothers aren’t playing and the execution looked horrible. Bobo can’t throw the ball for Murray. As for getting the team motivated to play…

  10. DawgByte

    Wow, what a dismal offensive performance today. Crowell goes down early and we’re forced to use a 5′ 2″ 115 lb. running back. God bless Harton, he got pulverized out there and kept coming back for more. Shame on our coaching staff for not having more Div. 1 running backs. Why not use Kerempolis today. Give the kid a couple of carries, he proved he could tote the rock against NMS.

    Secondly, what is up with Richt not going for a field goal in the 4th Qtr.? Kentucky was a quick TD and an onside kick away from winning. If we kick the field goal it forces Kentucky to score TWO touchdowns to win. Did Richt just have a mental fart? What was he thinking? Enough already with this self imposed governor on our offensive throttle in the second half. It was like we were playing not to lose. I hate that style of play.

    Don’t even get me started on Bobo. Today’s play calling was just ridiculous. How many more times was Bobo going to go to Tavares King who clearly had butter fingers? Bennett got one touch today, which is just moronic. He ran Harton in the 4th Qtr. on the same play 3 times in a row. I mean HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLO, earth to Bobo. How do you go from calling two great games in a row to just mentally shutting down? Grantham is proving how important Coordinators are and how outclassed our Offensive Coordinator is at UGA.

    I feared this would happen after the emotional and near perfect win against Auburn. The coaching staff and players were clearly not prepared. Nevertheless we are SEC East Champions.

    Time to beat the crap out of Tech!

  11. 81Dog

    Quit clouding the discussion with facts, Senator. The people who hate Mike Bobo have no time for reason.

    Meanwhile, the offense is producing pretty well. The defense is playing lights out. UGA is racking up wins, and a substantial portion of our fanbase couldnt be unhappier. That’s a them problem, not a Bobo problem.

    • Junkyard Dawg '00

      +1 God forbid a coach have an off day without their best weapons at RB and an 20 yr old redshirt sopo QB who isn’t seeing all the reads and making all the throws.

      Is it just me, or is this the mindset of half of our so called fans- “Man, I hate it when we win ugly. I’d rather lose than win ugly. I mean if that’s the best we can do for an offense coordinator then I just hope we lose all our games until we can get rid of the uncreative bastard.”

      Go ahead and put me in the category of, …I will never understand this kind of reasoning! Only thing that will bring you is a loss, even when we win.

      • 79dawg

        I made this comment earlier in the season – half our fans grew up playing ncaa on playstation where they could beat the other team 100-0 every game, where the quarterback always puts the ball right on the money and the receivers alwasy catach a ball thrown to them, and most importantly, where you can always turn the power off or hit the reset button if things aren’t going your way. (I can remember one of my brothers acting this way after every game until 3-4 years ago, and he’s finally grown up and realized we are dealing with fallible and error prone human beings, not robots). To try and blame Bobo for Murray’s accuracy issues yesterday is mindboggling.

        • You guys are right. I never imagined calling a 3 & 13 draw, followed by a 4 & 7 off tackle dive with my 165lb TB…all while being in field goal range with a 4/4 kicker. Wait, that is the kind of moronic shit I did on my PlayStation when I was 12!