Corch trolling

When I first saw that Furman 22, Florida 7 score, I knew Mike Bianchi would be blaming Corch for it.  Sure enough


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  1. timphd

    Aww, I feel so bad for the Gators. Corch Meyer walked on water before last year. Now he is the devil. “Coach Liar”, I like that! May they never recover.

  2. Normaltown Mike

    His closing line (pasted below) is just a tad bit melodramatic.

    “History tells us Nero fiddled while the Roman Empire was crumbling.

    Now we’re hearing Meyer is interviewing while Gator Nation is stumbling.

    Say it ain’t so, Urban”

    • Brandon

      Yeah and there are several glaring inaccuracies in the melodrama: 1) pretty much all historians agree the Nero story isn’t true, but just something made up because Nero was such an sob (which was true); 2) he supposedly fiddle while the City of Rome (as opposed to the whole Empire itself) 3) burned instead of crumbled.

  3. Aligator

    Bianchi is a douche. Urban did leave us hanging, that is obvious and this will happen to whatever team he goes to either this year or next. I doubt he will win many more MNC if any … kids know he will bolt……

    • adam

      I’m sure it will hurt him dearly. Just like how cutting players hurts Saban. And all the arrests would hurt Meyer. And how Meyer lying to recruits (like claiming to recruit Tebow to play LB only when) would hurt his recruiting since the media was covering it quite a bit. Yeah, I’m sure leaving Florida is gonna hurt Meyer’s ability to recruit wherever he goes.

    • Cojones

      Thought Bianchi was your favorite team mouthpiece. He certainly was on tv. Bet he doesn’t have hair on the rest of his body either.

  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    I am offended that Corch’s spotless reputation is besmirched by a mere sportswriter. Corch is perfect. Just ask him.

  5. orlandodawg

    Oooooooooooo Mikey. Urb gonna stare at you next time he see you.

  6. Does anybody remember what Turban said after their win on UGA last year?? It sort of goes like, this is very important to me. I have the feeling he will be fired outright if he lost that game. As we see it, he was allowed to walk away with all his laurels intact.

  7. OKDawg

    Irvin Meyers + Gator Nation = Birds of a Feather…

    …at least while the gettin’s good.

  8. Bad m

    Not that I disagree with much of this, but geeze the loyalty of Gator nation has the half life of a hot-pocket. He brought them, not one, but two MNCs, and can’t be blamed for “winning with the last guys players.” Plus, after several top 5 recruiting classes he’s getting crucified for…not recruiting well enough. No one was complaining on signing day. (When blogs pointed out the actual quality of some of these 4 & 5 Stars, they were accused of “hurting the program”.)
    Typical. He doesn’t owe you a reason why he quit. Maybe he finally saw what the rest of the world already knew. Gators suck.

    • shane#1

      Anyone that says Urban didn’t recruit is an idiot. I’ll bet CMR and company breathed a sigh of relief when he quit. If UGA and UF had just listened to me and traded QBS, UGA has a drop back passer to run the pro style and Urbs has the dual threat he craves for the spread. But do coaches listen to me? NOOOOOO!!! I blame Bobo, he never listens.

    • Aligator

      I am as loyal as it gets, just feeling like his wife Shelly feels and that ain’t good. That’s all ….

  9. I will never, ever have a sympathetic feeling in regards to any drama between Corch and the reptiles. I just think it`s kinda funny how this is making the gator fans show their true colors.

  10. Skeeter

    Gator tears are the sweetest and tastiest of all the mascots.

  11. All must remember that GATOR tears are called false tears. They actually produce tears when eating and happy. LOL

  12. 1980's

    Welcome back Gators. Do you remember me now?

  13. Laron

    And the Gators would take him back right now, no questions asked. Would anyone like to see a scream-off between James “cutblock” Franklin and Boom Muschamp?

    • Aligator

      Hello, did you see how the team looked last year with Addozzio at the helm and Strong and Mullen gone? No thanks …

  14. Scott

    USC hurdles us in the rankings, going from 18th to 10th. Despite all the losses ahead of us, we don’t move and remain at # 13. When you are doing your Mumme Poll this week, keep in mind that K-State had 121 total yards of offense against Texas. And Oklahoma gave up 620 yards to Baylor.

    • When you are doing your Mumme Poll this week, keep in mind that K-State had 121 total yards of offense against Texas. And Oklahoma gave up 620 yards to Baylor.

      Thanks, I needed that.😉

  15. Dog in Fla

    “Unfortunately for Muschamp, he is the one who has to deal with the Urban decay that Meyer left behind.”

    And who better to work on an Urban renewal project than Boom Goes the Dynamite.

  16. HVL Dawg

    It goes to show you that even a million $ salary can’t keep anyone happy in Gainesville. The place is a pit.

    Foley drove off SOS and Urban.

  17. Comin' Down The Track

    Hey, look at the bright side. The longer they keep blaming Corch, the longer they’ll keep BOOM and Fat Fattie Fat Boy Fatso Fattie Fat Person.

    I’m good with that.

    • They have short memories.

      If/When Muschump and Weiss lose to LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, and FSU, and perhaps others next year, they’ll be ready to run them off too. It might take 3 years, but if Boom doesn’t turn things around and win at least 10 games in a season next year or the year after, the axe will be swift and sharp for a clean break.

  18. hoagie1

    I’m going to say it. Meyer didn’t leave them bereft of talent. Weis just can’t coach up an offense that doesn’t have players who fit his scheme.

  19. Mike

    Man…what a life he had!

  20. Spike

    Which is the bigger d-bag?

  21. Nate Dawg

    Man, that dude’s family must reallly get under his skin after short periods of time spent with them.
    And who knew the gondola would be the “watercraft of choice” for the boys from the peninsular state south of Georgia?

  22. Doug

    Both Florida and Auburn fans are displaying some pretty visceral reactions toward coaches who won national titles recently enough that some of their current players are sporting rings.