I dares ‘ya to say it to his face.

Sounds like Bacarri Rambo may be ducking Jarvis Jones for the next few months.

… After ringing up 2 ½ sacks, making seven tackles and forcing a key fumble in Georgia’s 19-10 SEC East clinching win Saturday against Kentucky, the third-year sophomore reiterated that he planned to return next year despite some projecting him as a first-round NFL prospect.

“I’ve got a long time around here,” said Jones, who increased his sack total to 12 ½, two shy of breaking David Pollack’s Georgia single season sack record. “I’m definitely coming back. I’ve got a great coach. Our whole defense is coming back next year so why would I mess that up?”

The whole defense would include redshirt junior safety Bacarri Rambo who has made no such declaration that he will return.

Asked about Rambo, Jones repeated: “Our whole defense is coming back next year.”

Hey, do you wanna be the guy who says “no” to Jarvis Jones?  I’d rather risk the wrath of Todd Grantham.


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14 responses to “I dares ‘ya to say it to his face.

  1. Daniel Simpson Day

    Hey, do you wanna be the guy who says “no” to Jarvis Jones?  I’d rather risk the wrath of Todd Grantham.

    Sheesh, for an attorney, you don’t provide a lot of attractive options. I assume option “C” is staying because A and B, not so good.


  2. ChicagoDawg

    My sense is he will end up declaring when all is said and done, espcially if he truly projects as first round guy. That said, with the multi-million dollar insurance options that are available now and his need to add 15-20lbs for NFL may keep him for another year. Also, he seems to be a different sort of cat who may not do what most do. The prior neck injury could play both ways though — it may make insurance significantly more expensive, thus removing it as a viable option. However, the NFL may want to see another year of clean health before burning a first round pick.
    Whatever the case, his play this year as been MVP/All-American worthy and he gave UGA a lot — even if it only turns out to be 14 games.


  3. austintwo

    The thought of everyone but Boykin/Tyson coming back is scary to say the least; I’ll be a little surprised if none of the eligible guys go for the NFL dream – if all or most return, we will be ranked top 5 preseason – absolutely loaded – gotta get this Marshall kid too at TB.


  4. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Willie Martinez had a great showing last night.


    • BMan

      Surrendered 479 yards through the air. Mein Gott! I’m sure that the next good thing a player does he will run and jump in the player’s arms and wrap his legs around the player like he was a sailor on leave.

      The OU v. OSU game promises to be a defensive shit-storm.


  5. Boz

    Jarvis Jones’ wallet is the one that says “Bad Mother F@cker”


    • Dawgfan Will

      After every sack, Jarvis Jones says, “I’m sorry, did I break your concentration?” Or “What does Coach Grantham look like?”


  6. JRod1229

    I’m hoping the Draft Board basically wants to see a ‘larger’ body of work from Rambo. He had a good freshman season becoming known as a hard hitting safety. His sophomore year revealed he had no idea how to cover the pass. This year he’s improved vastly, but still has some room for improvement. With what the NFL asks from a strong safety he’s gotta still improve in the pass coverage portion. Hopefully thats enough to bring him back.


  7. Cojones

    Jarvis will get extensive pressure to declare and not all of it will come from opposition trying to get him off the team. As the leading sacker in the SEC for several weeks, he already has seen that pressure and he once again assures the fans against that pressure. One DGD.

    Chicago Dawg, previous injury would take a back seat to other possible injuries since several physicians cleared him to play and he is doing so with abandom. This one fine Dawg has his heart into this team.With the character shown publicly that’s evident to fans, he will be tops next year and with an insurance policy that’s not jacked up for previous injury.


  8. Turd Ferguson

    And hey, if a college athlete makes a promise, we can go ahead and chisel it in stone, right? I sure do hope Jones (and every other eligible player) comes back for another season, but I’ll believe it when I see it.