Observations from the 35: battle of the back up running backs

If you’d have told be before yesterday’s game that Georgia would hold Kentucky to 165 yards on offense, force four turnovers and play an essentially flawless games on special teams, well… I would have told you to punch the Dawgs’ ticket to Atlanta on December 3rd!

Which is how things wound up.  And on a weird day, the weirdest thing of all was listening to some in the home crowd boo the offense on the way to a 19-10 win.  Lots of Bobo blaming, too.  Although I never heard anybody explain what kind of plays they would have called in light of (1) fourth- and fifth-string running backs who couldn’t hold on to the ball; (2) an offensive line that seemed incapable of dealing with run blitzes; (3) a quarterback who struggled with his mechanics all day and (4) receivers who only sporadically were aware of what they were supposed to do when a football was thrown at them.

The playcalling was conservative and ugly.  But that’s what happens when you lose half the playbook.  Playaction is useless when the opposing defense doesn’t respect the run.  And when you’re rushing one guy who looks like a stiff gust of wind could knock him over (and who still ran for 100 yards on the day!) and another guy who fumbled on his first carry – a turnover which led to Kentucky’s only TD of the day – what’s to respect?

Sometimes when you’re calling plays, you take the Hippocratic Oath:  first thing, do no harm.  As Bobo put it,

“I was thanking God the defense was playing as well as they were, and I really didn’t want to do anything to lose the ballgame, and we still fumbled three times,” Bobo said. “That’s just the hand we were dealt today, and I’m really proud the guys kept fighting. We didn’t play as well as we would like, but we did enough to win.”

How ugly was the offense?  The clinching score came on a busted play.

This was the kind of day it was for Georgia: On its only touchdown, a 7-yard catch by Marlon Brown from Aaron Murray, Brown actually messed up.

“It was actually the wrong route,” Brown said. “I don’t want to tell everybody that. But it was the wrong route.”

Murray, who had an uneven day otherwise, stayed patient and found Brown when he got open in the back of the end zone.

So no style points were awarded.  Big deal.  They’re still on their way to the SECCG.  Last time I checked, you can’t win the SEC unless you play in that game.  That’s all that matters right now.

Anyway, here are a few things I saw:

  • Lost in all the offensive futility and the defensive excellence was that the special teams had by far their best day of the season.  Blair Walsh was a perfect 4-4, and if he’s back to being Mr. Reliable, that’s a huge plus.  Drew Butler nailed every punt, one of which was downed at the one.  Kickoff coverage was gloriously uneventful.  Both of Kentucky’s stabs at trick plays were turned aside.
  • The main reason I want to watch the replay is to see if the pass interference call that set up Kentucky’s only touchdown looks as awful on the broadcast as it did live.  As much of a question as there is about who made contact with whom, that ball sure didn’t look catchable from where I sat.
  • Can Todd Grantham make halftime adjustments, or can Todd Grantham make halftime adjustments?  I lost count of Kentucky’s three-and-outs to start the second half, but I guarantee you after Georgia’s second third-quarter turnover, Mike Bobo didn’t.
  • Aaron Murray, I have one word for you:  mechanics.  That pick at the goal line was a pass thrown almost flat-footed.  It seems like when he loses confidence in his line play, his footwork suffers, even when he’s getting enough time to throw.
  • Murray and King had almost zero chemistry.  It seemed like either Murray couldn’t get King the ball when he was open, or when he did find the receiver, King couldn’t make the play.
  • The play of the game was Jarvis Jones’ forced fumble that set up Georgia’s only TD on the day.  He fought through two UK players’ holds to get to Max Smith in time.  Just an incredible effort to watch unfold.
  • Jones should feel flattered.  UK’s first-half strategy on offense was to look for Jones and run everything away from or over him.
  • It almost got to be a surprise when Kentucky made a defensive stop and Danny Trevathan’s name wasn’t called.
  • Branden Smith had a good game.  The interception return was nifty, but the open field tackle he made on that fourth-quarter screen pass was even better.
  • It sure is fun watching Alec Ogletree turn into a monster.
  • Oh, and so much for the “Quintavius Harrow was only signed to get Isaiah Crowell” meme.  Who had the better day yesterday?
  • Best victory formation of the season.


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107 responses to “Observations from the 35: battle of the back up running backs

  1. Rocketdawg

    Yes the PI looked as bad at home. The call was marginal at best and the ball was uncatchable. Terrible call. Almost as bad as the facemask on UK that turned into holding on UGA. SEC officials suck donkey balls.

  2. Smitty

    I’m glad you pointed out Branden Smith’s open field tackle. A thing of beauty. Shows a lot of discipline to make a play like that.

    And We better land a stud Tailback in this upcoming recruiting class.

  3. Rocketdawg

    Oh and since we have avoided the Pennster all season you can bet he will be officiating the SECCG to make sure LSU stays undefeated.

  4. gastr1

    They could have called holding on the PI call, but it was not pass interference. I think it was Commings? who did grab his shirt (very briefly) as the UK player ran by.

    A call was a judgement call but essentially legit…they just called it the wrong thing, IMO.

    • OKDawg

      The jersey “grab” lasted for a millisecond as the receiver made his cut across the body of the defender with no advantage gained and no altering of his route or ability to catch the uncatchable pass. BS call and one that if called consistently would ruin the game.

      Seems like the refs got their cash from UK at the pregame handshakes but realized it was lacking when they counted it at halftime. Second half felt much more even handed from the zebras.

      • Cojones

        Didn’ think the ball had left the QBs hand either. Agreed with your and gastri’s assessments and didn’t see the shirt stretch out as well.

  5. Babs Jansen

    Maybe there were some boos for the offense, but from my seats it seemed pretty clear the fans were booing the refs everytime they got near us. Lots of hostility about the BS pass interference call.

    • The booing at halftime was clearly directed at the refs.

      But there was booing directed at the offense, too. And I heard plenty of disgruntled “Bobo!”s out there.

      • Grafton

        Whats disapointing to me is when after the touchdown pass my AM, the Camera man scanned the crowd and I saw a lot of crossed arms. I know our fans wanted to see us blow UK out but it didn’t happen. The players can sense the crowd and if the crowd is half into it, it’s not going to help production on the field IMO.

  6. MT

    And you’re right about the 3Q D: UK only had 4 yards of offense in the quarter.

    Watching it on TV I interpreted it as booing the refs too. There might have been a smattering of boos on the 3 Harton rushes and a punt in the 3Q, but that’s about the only time I thought I heard something directed against the offense.

    • gastr1

      Nitpickers delight: UK had TWO yards of offense in the third and 13 for the entire second half.

      It’s a great thing when the defense refuses to take the day off even when the offense clearly has.

      • adam

        Think about if we had offense that was as well coached as the defense…

      • Bad m

        Seriously, who could ever even ask for defensive numbers like that and still seem reasonable? Just a nasty, smelly, drooling, beat your step-kids, kick grandma–kinda defense.

      • W Cobb Dawg

        A tail of two coordinators: When the D was having problems CTG gathered everyone around, gave em a healthy dose of chewing out and some chearleading, not to mention his adjustments – before, during and after halftime. In contrast, what did CMB do? Fumbles, dropped passes, poor route running, no adjustments. No chewing out where it was merited and not even some chearleading. Defend CMB all you want, but his effort yesterday sucked. CTG gets performance even when they don’t bring their A game.

        • James Stephenson

          hhmmm, how can CMB do this while up in the booth. And the last thing you want is a tentative RB.

          • Ray

            You have to realize that some people are just not happy unless they are bitching about something. Typically they are stuck in mediocrity but expect excellence from everyone else despite their shortcomings. You really have to feel sorry for their spouse or children. These are the same people who take credit for UGA winning…..because they bitched enough that it forced Richt to coach better. Usually I ignore the pms-dawgs but I am going to start calling them out. By the way, I haven’t seen Bobo fumble since the 90s. I don’t recall if I ever saw him drop a pass or run a poor route. My bad, I’ll have to catch it again on the DVR.

        • I wanna Red Cup

          With all due respect, Bobo did make an excellent half time adjustment. Look at the first two drives of the second half when we went to a two tight end set with a lone running back and two wideouts. That formation was gashing the cats with a midget running back going up the middle which in turn set up play action and we had two very good drives that failed because of player mistakes- INT and fumble. Once we got the TD Bobo alertly realized Kty had to score twice to beat us and with our defense the only way KTY could do that was if our offense handed them a TD. So Bobo played to win, And we got a win so quit yer whinin. Reminded me of the Dooley era. Just find a way to win which we did.

  7. gastr1

    The pass Murray had intercepted was a duck thrown into coverage but Mitchell turned the wrong way (or at least Murray though he did). Though it was a bad pass, I actually think Murray’s worst pass of the day was the one where he so terribly underthrew a five-yards-open King that the ball hit the frantically retreating defender in the back. Even a decent pass probably gets a TD on that one.

    Murray does need to work on this streakiness, good grief. He got no help from his receivers but some of his passes were just awful.

  8. Greerdawg

    Some of those ‘boos’ in the second half were for ‘Boo” Malcolm after his carry.

    • adam

      Yeah. But, since not many people knew that was his nickname, it did probably seem like scattered boos for the offense.

    • Debby Balcer

      I agree the Boos were for Malcolm and at the refs I didn’t hear any boos directed negatively at the offense.

      • I sit near the Senator trust me we have some serious drunken(and yes I might take a nip now and then) haters who were booing, attacking Bobo for not throwing long on every play and proving two things to me 1 their lives are probably pathetic and 2 I doubt they ever attended much less graduated from UGA

  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    I hope Aaron Murray sat down to pee yesterday. He couldn’t hit anything! But all’s well that end’s well.

  10. Biggen

    If we can get our TB’s healthy/non-suspended we have already seen what UGA can do (ask Auburn). But damn when you have to throw out half the playbook and use the 4th and 5th string TB’s it’s no wonder Bobo was cautious.

    There is no doubt about it though, without TB’s we will be finished before the game even starts on Dec. 3. I really hope Crowell finds the drive inisde to push through his injuries.

  11. Scorpio Jones, III

    If we can win with a walk on Dawg, a dawg just begging to keep his little house on the sidelines, a dawg who actually seems interested in the game, why should we let someone decide he is not worthy based on his age.

    End the UGA oligarchy.

    Keep Russ!!!!!

  12. TennesseeDawg

    Crowell is soft (there I said it), Carlton Thomas needs to get his act together after yet another violation. We desperately need RBs. Here’s hoping for Marshall and at least one other.

    • H-Town Dawg

      Gurley is the other must-have for the Dawgs. He is a 48-minute warrior for the Tarboro Vikings: offense, defense and special teams. He never leaves the field, he’s involved in contact on every play and he’s leading his team to a 4th consecutive state title game (they’ve won the last two). Not to take anything away from Marshall but the Charlotte and Fayetteville papers had Gurley as the top recruit in North Carolina.

      • adam

        They both love UGA, love Athens, and love Coach Richt. And they want to go to school together. I think we get them both and our situation at TB improves significantly.

      • Can't Get Right

        Sounds good. Makes recruiting difficult. Tarboro is a 2A school. Millbrook is a 4A school.

    • Cojones

      Yeah, what happened to Thomas? He’s not on the updated injury list nor is he listed as suspended. And where is Rev. Drew? Hope someone picks uo his Fing Scooter, drives it to Atlanta and parks it unprotected at the football player’s dorm. Then put in a stolen scooter call to Atlanta PD.

  13. timphd

    The pass interference that was called wasn’t as bad as the one that should have been called on UK on the third down play, I think to TK who was held around the waist and arm well before the ball got there. Would have been a first down in the red zone, instead they had to kick the Field Goal (thank God it looks like Walsh may be back).

    Don’t get blaming Bobo for anything frankly. Both running backs make critical fumbles, the O line looks worse than again Boise (okay, maybe that is a stretch, but still they look lackadaisical at times) and the receivers can’t run the correct route. Thank the good lord for the D.

    • Cojones

      The D was like that early in the game and that does affect Murray. Left side of line especially looked confused. Not meaning to take hard play away from a possessed Ken team loaded with Ga players making a point. I fully expected this game from Ken players , but didn’t see Murray’s disconnect. Just glad it occurred now.

      I blame Kentucky’s hard rush and slobberknocking play. They never stopped and for a while it looked like they were in a contest with our D to see who could make the hardest (and clean) tackles. If you like hitting, this was the game. The Wildcats lived up to their namesake and played like banshees. Congrats for a great contest.
      Loved watching ‘Tree, Jones, Rambo and especially Gilliard (he gets larger every week) who were all bringing it. Seemed like more players were helped from the field than in any game we have played.

  14. Will Trane

    It is widely said now among some bloggers and writers that the SEC has no “offensive teams”, and that their defenses could be over-rated due to that. Most think Arkansas is the only team in the entire SEC with an offense.

    Not sure about the defensive side of their argument, but there could be some merit to their argument about the offenses.

    Yesterday’s game against UK was a day for Murray to shine. Nope, he just can not keep up the pace. He does not have the mental toughness to do what his peers on the defensive side of the ball does…play every down. Neither does his OC. The most stunning post game remark was Bobo about Crowell’s injury. In other words they were locked into their game plan and was limited to sets and to adjustments. Where has he been lately. His highly touted TB has had at least 4-5 different injuries and a 1 and 1/4 game suspensions. Thomas,well, he just does not want to be a Dawg. Missed 3 games…none due to injury…he learned alot from his former TBs.
    Coach Richt when are you going to get your TB’s attention about playing SEC caliber football. If you take Harton’s passion, heart, determination, and put them in Crowell…well, you would have one hell of a player. Harton you are a young man with character and guts…a team / roster player.
    How easy was it for UK to scout and to prepare for Bobo’s offense? Listen carefully to Joker Phillips. A huge difference in Dawgs passing game and the Hawgs. A huge difference in LSU’s and Bama’s running game and the Dawgs.

  15. Will Trane

    And some say we get no respect in the polls. Just maybe you answered your own question when you say words like this. “their defense is brilliant and is as good as Bama and LSU, their offense has been outstanding at time”.

    Well, there you have it. No doubt the defense has played well all season. Can not say that about the offense and the special teams. Good record against several teams with poor records, and these two phases of your game have not exactly set the writers keystrokes and pens on fire about your team..

    • adam

      Bama’s record is also against bad teams. They beat Arkansas and no one else of note. Unless you think Penn State is a good team (they aren’t).

      LSU has beaten a bunch of bad teams… Plus Bama, Oregon, and a semi-decent WVU. LSU can make the argument that we havent played anyone. Bama and the rest of the country cannot.

    • sUGArdaddy

      Will Trane, you don’t understand tackle football. There. I said it. Get off the bus or cheer for the eastern division champions. I’m sorry we didn’t win 9 straight pretty enough for you. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s the first time since 1982 that we’ve done that. Of course, I know you’re the one that REALLY gets it and the rest of us don’t.

    • Cojones

      Will, where does”your game” and “your team” come from. You use the “your” reference in a number of your posts. You may write a Dawg resume, but I’m not so sure you are not an interloper. Please explain to the Dawg Nation why it is important to listen to you.

  16. David

    Is C. Thomas done? 3 suspensions in one year?Anyone else think he doesn’t suit up again?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      A really big screw-up. This would have been his chance to play a lot and show what he can do. Instead Harton was the Player of the Game named by Gary Danielson.

      • Dog in Fla

        Harton had a good game but appears to be microscopic on television. I think the LSU defense would vaporize him. Who knows what’s happening with Carlton and Isaiah, if he plays v. Tech, may be too gimpy for the SECCG.

  17. Richt picked Bobo to help him stay on as HC. He Did.
    Bobo is not going anywhere & will still be the OC. The Dawg Fans need to get with the program & support the Entire Coaching Staff.. It is what it is & It is what we have.
    Personally I thought Bobo did a very good job yesterday. You work with what you have which has been a problem every since he took over as OC.
    Thomas was voted the player of the game. I Blame Bobo.
    We have a great Defense & wins will be much easier to come by in the future. As Ever: Go Dawgs. GATA.

    • Brandon

      Agreed. Our offense is built off a power run game, off of which we do the play action pass, there is always a tweak here and there but that’s what we do. The Harton kid has tons of heart but when we are depending only on him to run the ball we cannot run our offense, when your run game is not a threat in this offense the play action pass is not effective, throw into that the fact that Murray picked yesterday to have his least accurate game of the year and we kept dropping the ball and we are lucky we had a good defense that could win us the game, we haven’t had that any during his tenure until this year and surprise surprise having a defense again has led to a better year.

  18. Sorry, I had Thomas on my mind ?. That S/B Harden not Thomas who was voted as Player Of The Game.. I Still Blame Bobo.

  19. Hogbody Spradlin

    Re Carlton Thomas. Back in 92 or 93 Bama had a kid named David Palmer who got into some well publicized non violent type trouble. Everyone was waiting for Gene Stallings to give him the heave ho. Granted Palmer was a valuable player, but Stallings handled things nicely; he said ‘David Palmer needs this football team right now, more than this team needs David Palmer.’ Talk about motivating guys to run through brick walls for you. Thomas’s missteps don’t appear, from public view, like Washaun Ealey’s. Maybe he deserves a break.

  20. Plainzdawg

    Can our 2 fullbacks not run the ball???????????????????????????????????

    • H-Town Dawg

      Thank you! I’ve been wondering the same thing. Especially we prefer the power running game and grinding out the first downs when possible. Let Figgins and ZTree get some carries! Line up Zander at TB and run behind Figgins. Whatever it takes.

      • Cojones

        Zander did carry and got creamed at the line.

        • gastr1

          I wouldn’t give it to them. You think they’re going to have more balance and quickness than Samuel, for example, at their size?

          • H-Town Dawg

            Yeah, I’d prefer to give it to Samuel…if he was available. Fullbacks have been known to carry the ball from time to time. And when the team is one injury away from calling the frathouse for a ballcarrier then it seems as though letting the fullback get some carries is not so far fetched.

        • H-Town Dawg

          Everybody gets tackled. One carry is not enough to determine how effective a back can be.

  21. baltimore dawg

    let me just go on about the greatness of jarvis jones for a second, if i may. he’s an effort guy (and he’s smart), and if he actually develops a pass rush move or two, he can go down as one of the very best payers in our history.
    it’s almost hard to figure out how he’s done it: he looks positively svelte out there next to the linemen he takes on, but, man, that guy is a hell of a player.

  22. OKDawg

    My take away – ST and D showed up. Blair Walsh, good to have you back. O, work to do for Tech.

  23. One blog site is complaining that UGA is not getting respect in the polls. Well, if you play conservative with no style points the voters will not vote you up. After the big losses this weekend several teams jump over UGA in the AP. Any homer like me can say what ever I like but the voters are not homers, and they usually will just look at the score were the team barely squeak by against a team with a losing record that was rolled over by another team with a losing record as well they will keep you where you are or even fall. Remember the #1 DAWGS falling out of #1 even winning against Central Michigan if I am not mistaken. That is where Richt and BOBO may have not gone over that hump re: STYLE POINTS.

  24. Bevo

    “Although I never heard anybody explain what kind of plays they would have called in light of (1) fourth- and fifth-string running backs who couldn’t hold on to the ball; (2) an offensive line that seemed incapable of dealing with run blitzes; (3) a quarterback who struggled with his mechanics all day and (4) receivers who only sporadically were aware of what they were supposed to do when a football was thrown at them.”

    This is fair. I’m not a member of the “blame Bobo” crowd. And I don’t like bitching about playcalling because I don’t understand Xs and Os, the personnel, etc.

    The problem is, however, who is to blame for our shitty execution on offense this season? In the Dome when we didn’t get a first down during the first half… Against South Carolina when we the offense gave up 2-3 touchdowns… And versus Kentucky when our offense couldn’t execute a damn thing for the entire game… The Senator conveniently leaves EXECUTION out of the realm of performance areas for which the offensive coaches are responsible.

    Don’t coaches take some responsibility for getting players ready to execute? Aren’t they the ones teaching the players how to execute? I’m not even saying “blame Bobo” — I never have, in fact — but I am saying the coaches on the offensive side of the ball, from Richt on down, are in some way accountable for the huge lapses in execution that our offense suffers from. That’s why I don’t really understand the “I aint apologizin for nothin” stance after the offense can’t execute anything for four quarters against Kentucky.

    • Don’t coaches take some responsibility for getting players ready to execute?

      Of course they do. Or they should, anyway.

      I think it’s fair to criticize Bobo for the BSU game. For one thing his game plan played into Boise’s strengths and away from Georgia’s. Also, they didn’t look comfortable in the no huddle shotgun sets. I see why Bobo and Richt wanted to change directions on offense, but it didn’t work out well against a talented, experienced opponent.

      As for SC, what exactly should the coaches have done about the offensive turnovers? Murray admits he was told to do the exact opposite of what he did that led up to the disastrous fumble SC scored on.

      And Kentucky… you quote me there and tell me it’s fair, but don’t say what you would have done, other than have the players execute better. No doubt Bobo would slap his head and say “I wish I’d have thought of that” if you mention it to him.😉

      • yurdle

        Exactly. Bobo can draw up plays that get receivers open. He can call plays to anticipate coverage. He can coach the QB to read the play correctly. He can work mechanics so that the QB actually makes the throw when he reads the defense.

        Bobo does 1 well. UGA’s plays are well-designed. He does #2 pretty well – we can bitch about 2 bombs and a draw, but it’s hard to call good plays when the good runners are out and the good passer is bad. He does #3 well, as demonstrated by Murray’s progression away from picks and towards touchdowns. #4 is also pretty good, although Murray could stand to have better mechanics when he gets nervous. To this guy, it looks more like a mental problem than a physical one, and that has to be at least partially attributed to the lack of IC and RSIV.

        Short of making the throws himself, what exactly is Bobo supposed to do?

        • Brandon

          He could throw pretty good too, 26 for 28 in the Outback Bowl against Wisconsin in 97′ if I remember correctly. Improved dramatically over the course of his college career, from super shaky sophomore to seasoned senior.

        • Bevo

          Well, then who in the hell is responsible for drilling the plays and teaching the players how to execute? And when they don’t execute properly, who is responsible for holding them accountable?

        • Cojones

          yurdle- please wait patiently for the negative nabobs to chime in before you write such a good post. Thay can’t wait to entertain us with their football acumen AT THE COMPUTER! We kinda laugh at their after-the-fact schemes and how perfectly they would work. After-the-fact coaching is for cheepies (the word “chippies” was derived as an alternate term)

      • Cojones

        Senator, this line of crud against Bobo isn’t new for Bevo. Thought we all had agreed that player misfires are on the players’s heads. They still forbid coaches to go in the game and handle the ball. Looks like Pome de Rue can fall from steers as well as horses.

        • Bevo

          Dude, you just don’t get it. It’s not about whining about Bobo. Please show me a comment where I call for Bobo’s head. I’ve sung the same tune all season: Praising the D; concerned about the O.

          Our offense has had a few disappearing acts and turnover parties this season, and that’s our greatest weakness as a team. It’s about that, not Bobo. I don’t give a damn about Bobo and I think Georgia is better off with him. Solid recruiter, great QB developer, and a decent OC from what I can tell. I just want to see the offense get better and be more consistent.

          Also, I don’t think the offensive coaches get a free pass when their players execute like hell. I don’t think Willie got off the hook for that and I don’t think the offensive staff should either.

          • Dog in Fla

            Willie’s agent sent a tweet to Big Game Bob that Willie needs a contract extension after last night’s performance against Ken Starr’s quarterback.

          • MinnesotaDawg

            +1. Of course. Lack of consistency is the hallmark of Georgia offenses during the Richt era. This issue is too frequently brushed aside when the defense is good/great and is treated as a secondary issue when the defense is average/bad. From season to season, game to game, quarter to quarter, drive to drive, you really don’t know what offense is going to show up for the Dawgs. Maddening. This season, the Dawgs have grown to be a good football team because of the defense. We won’t be great again until we can find more offensive consistency.

        • Sometimes It does come down to who or what you have to work with. There are some bad teams out there who have good a good HC & a good OC but poor results.
          Some of our better plays this year or plays that were terrible last year. The difference is in execution. You can coach them up but you can not control the execution once the game starts. Still 9 wins in a row & at least 19 points in every game works for me.

      • Bevo

        I’m not at practice every day to see how the coaches go about drilling and teaching execution for their plays/game plans. Ultimately, as you seem to be pointing out, it’s up to the players to execute. I can agree with that. But at what point do coaches on one side of the ball take responsibility for huge execution lapses? I don’t really know the answer, but I think there’s at least some responsibility there.

        As you say, telling the offense to “execute better” is pointing out the obvious. My question is — how do you get execution on the offensive side of the ball to be more consistent? I guess that’s what practice is for, but I think that’s the greatest weakness of this team — the offense just goes away for long periods of time. That’s okay against the bottom half of the SEC, but it’s not going to work against the big boys.

        • Cojones

          How do you prevent some from puking before the game? Do some fail to puke because they think it shows fear or apprehension and internalize until game time.? Who cares? The kids play and they execute or fail to execute. Are you seriously a fan with a point to make, not a cause to lead? If you are serious, somehow you ain’t comin’ through. Just sounds like Butthead Bitchin’. Try something constructive so we can find out what little you really know about college football.

          • Bevo

            “Try something constructive so we can find out what little you really know about college football.”

            Try taking your own advice.

  25. GREAT OBSERVATION ON HARROW… Have to sign a running back… Crowell gets the best seat in the house for the games…Carlton Thomas is a deeply troubled young man…Shame for Richard Samuel great kid great leader was becoming go-to guy…Harton can’t hold on to the ball to save his life and the life of our offense…Coach Richt is absolutely the best…HAVE TO SIGN A RUNNING BACK! http://www.wedgeorgia.com

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Actually, we need to sign more than one new RB.

    • realworldannex

      “Carlton Thomas is a deeply troubled young man …”

      What does this mean? What did he do? The TV announcers described him as being absent “for personal reasons.” I was thinking a death in the family or something. Didn’t realize until after the game that he was suspended for “breaking a team rule,” which could mean anything.

      So what have you heard?

    • I keep seeing these troubling references to Carlton Thomas. He did not dress for “personal reasons” damn people that could be a thousand different things . Illness, family, school and yes possibly football discipline but does anyone amongst all the speculators know what the reason really is?

  26. yurdle

    Get well soon, RSIV.

  27. Bryant Denny

    Congrats on winning the SEC East, Dawgs.

    I wouldn’t worry about the close game. Joker had a free meal riding on it, remember?

    Teams have ups and downs and you found a way to win. Nuff said. Enjoy it.

    Have a good evening,


  28. Keese

    Anyone catch a glimpse of Bobo shaking a magic 8 ball in the booth yesterday?

  29. All those reasons you listed as to why the offense did poorly are still things that fall upon the coach.
    People aren’t only fed up with Bobo because of his poor playcalling. It is also his failures as a coach between games. He doesn’t get his guys ready. They clearly don’t fear him enough to not have pathetic performances like this.
    He has all the hallmarks of Willie Martinez. Not just bad performances in-game, but a total lack of ‘coaching them up’ between games.

    • Cojones

      Are you there in the locker room, Muckbeast? Didn’t think so. And you and Bevo surprised me by waiting so long to make sure we didn’t hear your earlier-in-the-year negative rants. I expected you sooner. Asking the old unanswered questions, are we? What qualifies you to judge our coaches? Gimme some expertise, now. We need to know why we should listen to your after-the-fact expertise?

      • Bevo

        “What qualifies you to judge our coaches? Gimme some expertise, now. We need to know why we should listen to your after-the-fact expertise?”

        This is awesome. I love unintentional comedy. Second best comment on the page.

  30. Cosmic Dawg

    I’m generally pretty neutral on Bobo – he does some things well and some things not as well. But all the remarks about who is qualified to judge who, and who is in the locker room, etc, are not helpful. Few to none of us are “qualified” to judge football experts, yet every one of us are “qualified” to make remarks about the caliber of both the coaching and execution we see on the field.

    I am not coming there to just blindly praise everything that happens, nor am I coming here to try to nit-pick. But telling people they aren’t supposed to think critically or make comments on our team, good or bad, and questioning their loyalty, etc, is unfair. If we cannot ever see that our team can do some things wrong, then our praise when they do good things means nothing, either.

    My suggestion is that we try to be polite in our criticisms, praise, and responses – about the team and about each other – and remain loyal to the values we hope to see in our team (grit, sportsmanship, effort, decency, etc.)