Oh, and about that whole “looking ahead” thing…

that Georgia Tech fans will use to convince themselves that a Georgia team which has won nine of the last ten games in the series won’t be taking the Jackets seriously, here’s a little note from the Kentucky game.

Richt said sophomore nose Kwame Geathers (ankle) was held out Saturday but could have played in an emergency.

This week’s the emergency.


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  1. NC Dawg

    I Crowell supposed to be ready for the Tech game? For the first quarter, at least?


  2. charlottedawg

    We just won the sec east we NEED to win this game for league and team pride. losing to a second rate school from a basketball league is unacceptable. Tech’s entire conference has won the same number of bcs games as georgia has: two. They suck their conference sucks and it’s that time of year to remind them as such.



    Duke put up thirty something on them. Tech held on to win by a touchdown.
    If our passing game is halfway on, and we can patch up two running backs, If the defense is even close to what it’s been, then the Dawgs finish the regular season with ten wins…Oh yeah, and please send competent refs.


    • Murray has to calm down and focus. It was hard to watch the game Saturday. He kept throwing into double coverage. I couldn’t believe when he underthrew King after the pump fake. King was wide open. There was no wind Saturday, so I’m not sure what happened.

      He also missed a wide open Orson Charles dragging the middle when he threw the interception at the goal line. Orson would have scored.

      The third play that irked me was when he dropped the snap. Panicked, picked it up and threw it in the direction of Harton towards the sideline. That was almost a pick 6.

      I realize he is still a Sophomore. There are just some things you can’t teach and handling pressure is one of those. Maybe experience will help him deal with it in the years to come.


      • Macallanlover

        I agree with this assessment, Murray is like the “little girl” and can be very, very good when he is on. Saturday was obviously a day when he was out of sync with his receivers and never got into a rhythm. It certainly looked like the offensive line always allowed someone to break through and AM felt rushed all day, even when he wasn’t.

        I am a big fan of AM in so many ways because of his talent, his attitude, and his leadership, but he does get happy feet and panic at times. I don’t think this Saturday will be a day where our OL will allow anyone to hassle him, but he does need to get this resolved, especially before the SECCG. Having a RB available would help all of this.


  4. KornDawg

    I love it! With our conference schedule loaded with rivals, I never realize how much I hate Tech until this week rolls around. We MUST beat them.


  5. JasonC

    I think we will need all hands on deck. I hope Crowell is healthy, because our offense is completely different with him or CT in the game. I know our defense is playing great, but with the exception of a few games, Tech has still put up a lot of points. I think they have been held under 20 once. I think they will score on us, so we will need a healthy offense keep ahead of them.


    • adam

      to be fair… we have the best defense tech has seen all year. by a pretty decent margin too.

      team, result, rush D rank, total D rank
      WESTERN CARO. * 63 – 21 W #120 and #72 in their division
      @ Middle Tenn. * 49 – 21 W #107 #38
      KANSAS 66 – 24 W #118 #120
      NORTH CAROLINA 35 – 28 W #18 #38
      @ North Carolina St. 45 – 35 W #31 #34
      MARYLAND 21 – 16 W #115 #108
      @ Virginia 21 – 24 L #28 #25
      @ Miami (FL) 7 – 24 L #68 #46
      CLEMSON 31 – 17 W #86 #56
      VIRGINIA TECH * 26 – 37 L #13 #12
      @ Duke 38 – 31 W #80 #89
      GEORGIA #2 #4

      check out some of those teams that beat them (miami and virginia) and some that kept it very close (duke, carolina). we should be a nightmare for tech.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    If I was a Tech fan, I’d be saying the same thing. Their corner of the world is a dark one, and you’ve got to hold onto whatever glimmer of hope that you can find.

    Georgia’s gonna get their best shot, though. Coach Jowls McManboobs can say all he wants about UGA being just another game for Tech, but nobody’s buying it. He needs this win, and after seeing some coverage of the pathetic showing they had at Duke, I’m firmly convinced that they spent more time last week on the Bulldogs than they did on the Blue Devils. I remember ol’ Tater Tot telling the tale of 1997 when Auburn focused more on Georgia than Mississippi State and got beaten by the Bizarro Bulldogs only to come back and have it pay off the next week when they crushed our hopes. Screw ’em, though, we’ve got the better team.


  7. Ben

    I’m not convinced that UGA wasn’t overlooking Kentucky to get to Tech. I think the team knows you have to beat Tech no matter what, and I think they’ll be ready. I like our LBs to stay keyed on the pitch man or the outside handoff; I like our D line to be ready for anything up the middle; and I like our secondary’s chance to be in position on the occassional deep ball. I may be optimistic here, but most of these guys have seen the triple option before, they know what to expect, and some of them even remember what losing to Tech feels like.

    Go Dawgs!


  8. Comin' Down The Track

    Man, for such an irrelevant team, I sure do hate them a lot. I mean, it’s this seething irrational, filthy, dirty, evil, boiling, perverse hatred.

    I bathe in my hatred for them.

    Pound the nerds.


  9. MinnesotaDawg

    Get ready for some chop blocks, men. Expect this game to be very nasty.


  10. Lrgk9

    Remember the Tech game when Greene was out?

    Shockley’s first start after 3 years in the program.
    Could not handle the speed and pressure, but the next year he was fine.

    I think Murray gets there and then we will be Hell on Wheels.

    Hey – Whats that coming Down the Track! Its Big and RED and BLACK !


  11. I like Ben’s point about some of these guys know what losing to the Trade school feels like and they need to impart that institutional wisdom to their team mates. Let;s face beating these guys is no big deal BUT losing to them is as painful as having Jarvis Jones’ baby. (Sorry Senator but that image just ain’t leaving my brain anytime soon) We’ve seen this offense often enough we should be ready to eat it up. Someone posted the idea of having Geathers,Motel 6 and Tyson in as the down linemen at the same-time and some how I think that would take away the Dive. Additionally I think the odds of T Washington playing the whole game without Jarvis or C Washington crushing his face is damn slim.Remember everyone avoid the rush hate Tech early. Tuck Fech