SEC Power Poll, Week 12

For all the chaos that consumed college football last weekend, the SEC was a pretty orderly place to play.

  1. LSU (11-0, 7-0).  In the swirling, stormy sea that is this year’s college football season, Les Miles is a rock.  Think about that for a minute.
  2. Alabama (10-1, 6-1).  Now think about this:  Alabama has an easier path to the national title game than LSU does.
  3. Arkansas (10-1, 6-1).  The Hogs rolled their third straight conference team.  I still don’t think they have the offensive line or defense to match up with Alabama or LSU, though.
  4. Georgia (9-2, 7-1).  Mark Richt said, “It’s hard to win nine in a row — period.”  He’s right, you know.
  5. South Carolina (9-2, 6-2).  The “loser of the Georgia-South Carolina game can’t win the division” meme announced its retirement Saturday afternoon.
  6. Auburn (7-4, 4-3).  Revenge is a dish best served cold.  And Nick Saban is a cold, cold man.
  7. Florida (6-5, 3-5).  I wonder what Jeremy Foley was thinking when “Furman 22, Florida 7” flashed up on the scoreboard at the Swamp.
  8. Tennessee (5-6, 1-6).  Derek Dooley described the win over Vandy as a “big step for our program.”  Now that’s a sad comment.
  9. Vanderbilt (5-6, 2-6).  After this week’s game, James Franklin ought to cement Vanderbilt’s new reputation by chasing after one of the Wake Forest coaches and coming up from behind to throw a rolling block into his knee.
  10. Mississippi State (5-6, 1-6).  This team has seriously regressed.  Dan Mullen has the Egg Bowl to be thankful for, at least.
  11. Kentucky (5-6, 1-6).  A forgettable team enduring a forgettable season.
  12. Mississippi (2-9, 0-7).  If I could figure out a way to vote ’em thirteenth, I’d do it.


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12 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 12

  1. It is wonderful to see UT and FU enjoying victories over Vandy and Furman. I thought Vandy would beat UT but the I guess they have been feeding the orange dog in Knoxville.

  2. WarD Eagle

    wow. those last 7 teams are bad.

  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    “After this week’s game, James Franklin ought to cement Vanderbilt’s new reputation by chasing after one of the Wake Forest coaches and coming up from behind to throw a rolling block into his knee.”

    Nicely done there, dude.

  4. Go Dawgs!

    You can always just put A&M or Mizzou 12th and drop Ole Miss to 13…

  5. Go Dawgs!

    Also, Florida athletics just haven’t been the same ever since McGarity came home… just sayin’!

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      +1. The first major decision that comes along that Foley has to make without McGarity and he chokes. That’s where Muschump came from.

  6. Cousin Eddie

    Only way franklin could get lower in my book is if he punched the girl singing the Star Spangeld Banner and spit on the flag. He is one more fine piece of —-.

    • Macallanlover

      And that’s a fact. Just shows how Vandy fans are no different than Auburn, TN, Fla., and Bama fans, they will accept any bad behavior from a HC so long as they think he will help them win football games. And I mean accept any behavior, Franklin is Fairlley with a HC job.

  7. Not one to celebrate a hillbilly win, but that was pure poetic justice to watch Franklin have the cameras on him just as the refs overturned the call and gave UT the win. After the bush league nature of his team in trying to take out the knees of opposing defensive tackles, it is great seeing him blow his top on live TV. Also looked as if he was going to yell at another opposing coach until the camera cut to little Dooley saying how great a win it was for his team to beat Vandy……..Vandy. Can’t wait to hear him mutter those same words after beating Kentucky for the 27th straight year. My how the mighty have fallen.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Sorry GC but I will be pulling for UK bigtime in the UK-UT game. Lose UT, lose! A loss gives UT a second losing season in a row and would make the Vols 18-20 for the last 3 years.

  8. Aligator

    I will tell you what he was thinking, I need to retire … Ii screwed up again. First Zook as the HC, Then Addozio as the HC and now this loser?? I suck!