Bring it on.

Now that Urban Meyer has run off to play Hamlet with the Ohio State job, he’s left a huge, huge void in the SEC over which head coach is easiest to take offense over something silly.

James Franklin in his first season is worth keeping an eye on, though.  He’s proving that nature abhors a vacuum, as his response to Tennessee’s locker room celebration after their win indicates.

Seriously, could you be more of a “it’s going to be a big deal” pompous douchebag than that?  (Although I give him props for the well-played “Some people act like they won the Super Bowl and they beat a team that the two previous years had won four games total” crack.)

Next year’s game should be plenty of fun, especially when you toss in the on-field extracurricular activities.


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47 responses to “Bring it on.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    And the Urban Meyer Douchebag Coach of the Year Award goes to……….. James Franklin. Hate to break it to Franklin, but Vandy will always be Vandy. They won’t be competing for SEC championships anytime soon.

  2. Brian Dawg

    kinda makes you wonder how big of a douchebag this guy will become when they do win a meaningful game-

  3. SemperFiDawg

    Franklin has no credibility. He’ managed, almost overnight, to infuse a thug mentality into his program. He comes off as a whiner with a chip on his shoulder. I see him as the a Football Farrahkan.

  4. Jeff Sanchez

    Franklin’s going to be a perfect fit for Florida when Corch Boom gets pushed out after the next two seasons.

    Game recognize game

  5. BCDawg97

    Is there video anywhere of the Vandy clip that called back the touchdown? Or does anyone just remember how close it was to the Kwame clip? Same player? Same intent?

  6. SouthGa Dawg

    Franklin is now officially the Jerry Glanville of the SEC.

  7. Irishdawg

    Franklin is the one who is providing the motivation here. Other teams are going to be awful eager to beat his ass next year

  8. H-Town Dawg

    Summer’s Eve in Nashville: A Douchebag’s Tale, starring James Franklin…

  9. Dr. Ken

    As the great poet Dwayne Johnson once said…..

  10. Go Dawgs!

    How in the heck has the head coach at Vanderbilt become one of the most hated men in the SEC?

    • H-Town Dawg

      The old fashioned way: He earned it.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Agreed. But it’s bizarre to sit here and think that Vandy is so high on my hit list for 2012. But they’re playing dirty and at least one athlete has been arrested, so I guess they’ve decided that they want to join the SEC. Looking forward to teaching a lesson or two next year.

  11. fuelk2

    I will say this; he’s creating some interest in Vandy football. With next year’s Tennessee game being in Nashville, can you imagine the electricity inside that stadium? Wow, I bet that’ll be a tough ticket to come by.

  12. Turd Ferguson

    Gotta give him credit: Because of James Franklin, I now enjoy watching Vandy lose — whereas, in the past, it wouldn’t affect me any more than other stuff that happens all the time.

  13. gastr1

    I have to confess I fail to see the douchery in this clip. Seriously, he’s a football coach. What did you all expect him to say?

    • H-Town Dawg

      I expect him NOT to pretend that anything that went on in the UT locker room was somehow different than what happens in ANY locker room after a victory. Plus this clip is simply an add-on to the other examples of Franklin’s douchery.

      • gastr1

        Really? What do you think Richt would have said in the same situation? BTW, I am not arguing (confirmed) other cases of douchery….only this one.

        • gastr1

          Sorry, misread your response, H-T D—yeah, ok. I do still think, though, the number of coaches who would make a motivational issue of this where one was clearly there for the taking would probably be about a 50/50 split.

  14. X-Dawg

    A tempest in a teapot.

  15. Coach Hewitt...

    meh…It’s vandy…

  16. Dog in Fla

    Other than the kerfuffle when he made Todd blow a gasket (and really, just how hard is that to do?), I like the acting work that Franklin displays in his press conferences. It’s Peabody-worthy.

    Who else could blend the attack and sarcasm skills that we all love so much in Irvin, Spurrier, Nick and Lane into one witty urbane badass coach persona?

    At least Franklin is learning what anyone who has watched Vanderbilt football over the years knows – The SEC officials regularly fuck over Vanderbilt much more often than any other team in the conference. Ask Bobby Johnson.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Actually DIF there is a pyramid doctrine of ref “fucking over” in the SEC. The team(s) at the top get(s) help from the refs against anybody they play. The tier of teams below that get help against everybody they play but the team(s) at the top. The next tier down gets help against every team except those above, etc This pecking order is established by winning in the first place to demonstrate that you are bankable to support for a big money bowl. This pyramid doctrine applies to all teams except UGA which all other teams get help against because the refs hate the Dawgs (see WLOCP end zone stomping incident 2007).At the top of the pyramid was Florida and to a slightly lesser extent UT but now sit Bama and LSU. Arkansas could upset the order of things with a win against LSU but it will have to be earned because the refs ,following the rules set out herein, are bound by the pyramid doctrine to help LSU win. If Arkansas should overcome this obstacle and win against LSU anyway the Hogs would share, but not depose, the status on the pyramid with LSU and Bama. You might even see for a time honest refereeing in games where these 3 teams play one another. But it will inevitably revert as 1 team emerges as the top team again and then the refs get back to following the pyramid doctrine enunciated above.

  17. 81Dog

    Paul Johnson testily demands a recount for the Urban Meyer Douchebag Coach of the Year trophy. James Franklin is the love child of Will Rogers and and Mr. Rogers compared to Paul Johnson.

  18. I never imagined enjoying UT win a game, except against a team coached by Franklin. LOL

  19. Hunkering Hank

    There’s no winners in this one…and for that I am grateful.

  20. 4.0 Point Stance

    It’s very interesting, as an LSU fan, to read an SEC East blog and see articles with this level of vim towards the players and coaches at teams like South Carolina, Tennessee, and Vandy. To a fan from the SEC West those teams just kinda exist, and we play them, sometimes. But I guess that’s how y’all feel about Ole Miss and Bama. It almost is like two separate conferences.

  21. Will Trane

    It was reported that Franklin would have an official response to the SEC officiating crew / call re OT in UT game. What was it.

    I think most people in the SEC had respect for Vandy’s program. This coach has changed that for many. Franklin, for a first year coach, has done a good job of coaching his team. His failures…he does not accept defeat well and he has absolutley no respect for opposing players and coaching staffs.

    Next year the paddle-boat boys come between the hedges and get to greet Coach Todd Grantham again. Looking forward to that meeting.

  22. The Lone Stranger

    All other things being equal though, you gotta love that disco inspired satin-like dancin’ shirt Franklin is working there.

  23. adam

    So now everyone in the East will be eager to kick the shit out of Vanderbilt next year. If they go 0-8 in conference (don’t know who their west opponent is and theyll probably beat Kentucky anyway) and get blown out by everyone capable of doing so… What’s Franklin gonna have to say then?

    The last thing Vandy needed was to give people some incentive to beat his team beyond just getting an SEC win and avoiding an embarrassing loss.

  24. Hobnail_Boot

    What’s getting lost in all this is how far UT has fallen. That team was FIRED UP after barely beating Vanderbilt in overtime, at home.

    I gotta tell ya, if Georgia ever goes 4-7 and ends with a squeaker of a win over Tech and they act like that, I say nuke the program.

    • Y’all beat Vandy by 5 points. In case you forgot.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        Take your truthiness elsewhere.

      • Dawg19

        Vandy has played very well at home. They lost to Arkansas at home by 3 points…you know, the Arkansas that is rated #3 in the BCS. In fact, Vandy’s only real blowout losses were at Alabama (34-0) and at South Carolina (21-3). Franklin’s frustration is knowing that they had a real chance at beating the Gators, the Vols, AND US. In each of those games, there is one particular play that, had the break gone Vandy’s way, they win that particular game. For whatever reason, Vandy found ways to lose on the road, and that was their downfall. Georgia has found ways to win on the road, and that is why they are in Atlanta. So don’t knock the Dawgs for only winning by five. Any coach in the SEC will tell you that winning on the road is tough…and a win is a win. The final score doesn’t matter…

  25. I hope Franklin plays that clip for his players everyday for the next, what, 362 or so days. That way they won’t be surprised when a Tennessee team with a healthy Tyler Bray and a Justin Hunter on the field hangs 50 on them. That will be a true ass-kicking, but they will have been brainwashed to know it is coming.