Check out the big brain on Buzz.

You know, once you get past the classlessness, the hypocrisy about drug usage, academics and player ineligibility, as well as the sad attempt to relive the highlights of the series (it doesn’t take long)… there’s still a lot to mock about the Georgia Tech fan base.

One of my favorite pastimes is to watch some of them fire up the ol’ laptops and put those engineering degrees to work by searching for statistical proof that theirs is the superior team.  It never gets old, because it never makes too much sense.

Like this dramatic message board announcement:  “MYTH: UGA’s schedule is sooo much tougher than ours” that peters out with this conclusion:

So looking back at the totals, you have four games that are even, four with a slight Tech advantage, and two with a slight UGA advantage … and then the Boise game.  Other than the Boise game, you could argue that Tech’s schedule was as tough (if not slightly tougher) than Georgia’s…

Sure, you could argue that.  You could also argue that if the Spanish didn’t have guns and smallpox, the Aztecs would have kicked their asses back to Europe.

And then there’s this astute comparison of the two defenses (as a general rule of thumb, Tech message board threads which contain “On paper” in the header are usually comedy gold, Jerry):

… Besides, we are about as good as they are there in terms of talent and execution. Lard will only get you so far. And both Ds are just what everyone expected: average. They’re better against the run, we’re better against the pass.

Well, hell, that had me worried a little bit.  I was sort of under the impression that Georgia’s defense had been pretty stout this season.  Could I be seeing that through red and black colored glasses?

Nah.  Average?  Georgia ranks 4th nationally in total defense; Tech is currently 43rd.  (Hey, that’s only off by a three, no big deal.)  Tech isn’t better against the pass, although they’re not bad.  Give him credit though – Georgia is better against the run, so he got one out of three right.  You can make a good living playing baseball doing that.

Back to the drawing board, fellas.  Keep ’em coming.


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  1. HahiraDawg

    Your labor is quite impressive Senator, keep’em coming. Thanks

  2. fuelk2

    It seems like a logical, right brained fanbase could figure out what makes its team tick – a gimmick offense that causes the other defense to get off its game. I guess it’s just to painful to admit that if we play our normal game we’re going to beat the ever-loving shit out of them.

  3. retwely

    I’ve posted this elsewhere, but since they love stats, here are a few I enjoy…
    -Richt has more wins in Atlanta during “Clean Old Fashioned Hate” than the last 7 GT coaches COMBINED.
    -In the last decade, GT has been placed on probation more separate times than they have beaten UGA
    -Since the Gerald Ford administration, GT has won at UGA in basketball the same number of times Antarctica has hosted the summer Olympics

  4. orlandodawg

    “Only off by a three,” lol. Classic. The math wizards should love that one.

    • Cojones

      How many of you have a 6″ statue of Hairy holding a football out below shoulder height with 3 little Gnats below jiggling on springs trying to get it? Whoa! There are a lot of us aren’t there?

  5. Doug

    Every year I promise I’m not going to look at the GT message boards during Hate Week . . . and every year I give in. That whole fanbase is such a poster child for little-man syndrome.

    • Why would you deny yourself the pleasure?

      • gastr1

        It’s only this that can remind us just how much we have to wipe the floor with them. Otherwise it is awfully tempting to forget them because of their utter ineptitude and irrelevance.

      • Doug

        Oh, I dunno. I guess I keep thinking I’ve seen everything from these limpdicks and there’s nothing they could say that would surprise me anymore . . . but there’s always something.

        A Tech message-board thread is like a car wreck, or a little kid’s temper tantrum in a toy store, or a Herman Cain soundbite: I know I don’t need to look, it certainly isn’t going to benefit my life in any tangible way if I look, but I’ve still got to see just how bad it is.

  6. charlottedawg

    How do i hate tech, let me count the ways. 1. they suck. period 2. the number of bcs bowl wins the acc can claim, that’s right as an aq conf. they have same number of bcs bowls wins as our school. epic fail. 3. they’re classless having an inferiority and superiority complex at all at the same time. 4. they’re weird. as in so weird they couldn’t get laid even if they were a 10 year old in a shower with sandusky. Feel free to add your more i know i’ve only touched the tip of the iceberg.

  7. 81Dog

    numbers dont lie, nerds, and here’s the number that should have all of you lifting your skirts and running for cover this week: 1-9, as is Mark Richt led teams have beaten your mustard asses 9 our of 10 times.

    Apres nous, les deluge, pencil necks. Enjoy Shreveport.

    • X-Dawg

      Albeit that ONE loss was a ring inducing beatdown of microscopic proportions.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Just another fringe benefit of frequenting this august blogging environment — a smattering of the fairer romance languages tongues to soften our brutish football habits.

      • 81Dog

        it’s probably just because I dont know advanced GTU literary techniques like rhyming (sic) “cock” with “blog”

        • Cojones

          That’s because you don’t pronounce them the way NATsters think:

          In Techiestan, The “o” in cock rhymes with the “o” in poke while the “o” in blog rhymes with the “o” in blow. Now read the poem the way a Techie reads. This info was furnished by my nephew who has a degree from No Ave Trade School (NATS).

  8. Brandon

    Get a load of this. Yesterday after work I check my facebook page, this girl I went to high school with who went to Tech writes: “What’s the good word?” to which several other techies write: “To hell with Georgia” and “Down with the mutts” and such. I decide to troll them a little bit and make a comment to the effect that they better enjoy this week while they can because when the SEC expands we’ll probably drop them off the schedule since the rivalry isn’t really competitive anymore anyway. Now I doubt we ever will drop them, I’m just having a little fun here, so I check again this morning and there is a jacket retort or two mostly trying to live vicariously through Florida. I type a response and then find out I have been locked out from making comments. I just shook my head and laughed, how Tech can you get? They are so insecure and inferior they can’t endure any debate or criticism even the good natured kind.

  9. Macallanlover

    I also visited teh Hive to read posts on the game and see what the expectations were in Fairyland. Things that struck me after just a few minutes: the nreds don’t know much about football, are as delusional as the Cocks and Bammers, and have a huge “little man” complex. No wonder they don’t have good attendance. If you don’t get the game, are constantly disappointed, and feel the world is against you, why would you spend money to sit in the cold and get drilled?

    The one thing absent was a continual call for PJ’s head despite the lack of any encouraging signs of progress. Maybe they just like being stuck in yester-year and going no where. You can almost understand because most mid-majors have accepted their role to win a few games every year, never compete for anything significant while waiting for some minor sport to put them on the front page of the sports section. What is surprising is why they chose someone so unpleasant to bring them mediocrity. PJ is just a person even a mother could not like. And it is questionable if they are the best triple option team in the state, so there are other “options” that don’t make your skin crawl. PJ may be the only coach in the South who makes Little Nick seem like a good guy that you might want to have a beer with.

    • Beer Money

      Of course they don;t know what they are talking about. Said it before, say it again…Tech people wouldn’t know a football from a vagina since they have never touched either.

      I am ready to blow these fuckers apart.

    • The Lone Stranger

      Tech liked the predictable life of Chan the Man in his heyday, too. Maybe there is comfort in knowing you’ll always be getting your 7 wins per w/o the lofty expectations of contending for much.

    • gastr1

      They’re not calling for his head because he beats NC State consistently. And he is truly, absolutely a kindred spirit…think he is the smartest guy in the room while absolutely being the most arrogant no matter the score. Those losers are perfect for each other–AND THEY KNOW IT.🙂

  10. Irishdawg

    It is the most loathsome fan base in sports. Patriots fans are bandwagon jerk offs, Yankees fans are insufferable douchebags, but nothing compares to the unique blend of inferiority ridden overcompensation and whiny twattery that makes up the Georgia Tech fan base. If Tech and Al Qaeda were playing each other, I’m not sure who I would root against.

    • Dante

      Well for starters, go Flying bin Ladens! Beat Tech!

      Back to the point, I happen to live about 3 hours from a fanbase every bit as delusional as Tech. And next year they’re joining the SEC. I’m hoping their time apart from Texas will bring the Aggies back to reality a little, but I somehow doubt it.

    • JaxDawg

      Florida fans are the worst. Tech is a very close second.

      • Beer Money

        Maybe I am wrong, but I don’t think 99% of true Florida fans would celebrate the death of Larry Munson, even though his most famous call came at their expense.

        Tech people are in their own stratosphere. That is why I have absolutely no respect for them, their program, their campus, or anything about them. They will remain second rate in their existence for all of eternity. I plan on reminding them of this on Saturday as I do every year win or lose.

    • X-Dawg

      WTF? I thought that GTU and Al Qaeda were one and the same.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Georgia Tech calls this matchup “The T-Day Game”.

    • 81Dog

      probably 20 plus years ago, Tech played the Russian National basketball team at Alexander in a season opening exhibition. I went, along with 3 friends. We had seats about 4 rows off one of the baselines. We all wore red, cheered loudly for the Russians, and enjoyed a crushing victory for the Big Red Team, all to the substantial annoyance of the whiny nerds seated around us.

      You can look it up.

  11. stoopnagle

    I’m holding all comments regarding tech (save for #beattech) until Saturday afternoon. I expect a close match between two good teams and I don’t want to sully the memory of St. Larry by risking a loss through my own dumbassery.

    (Yes, I’m the superstitious type; haven’t washed my gameday undies in three months. Kinda sticky.)

  12. Thursday Night Thunder!!!!!!

    I am just thankful the game isn’t played on Thursday Night–Nobody owns Thursdays like Georgia Tech.

  13. Go Dawgs!

    Georgia Tech delenda est.

  14. Senator…part of me wishes we played Tech every week because your best, snarkiest wit is on full parade during GOFHW. Of course, they are an easy target, but that doesn’t make it any less fun. Keep the hits coming!

  15. Skeeter

    Tech OWNS UGA in moral victories!

  16. gastr1

    You knwo what’s really funny is that scheduling mororn thinks that Kentucky is NOT AS GOOD as KANSAS.

    KANSAS. The team whose defense is 120th out of 120, averaging 45+ points against (it was 50 for most of the season), that gave up 70 to Okie State in THE FIRST HALF. The team who has only lately even managed to stay close against ANY BCS conference opponent (and then it has happened only two times).

    Kentucky is bad, but Kansas bad? That dude is smokin’ some serious ATL out the ‘hood crack.

  17. heyberto

    I have to ask why more at Tech aren’t denouncing this crap? Why does the school allow them to use their intellectual property (I.e. – logo)? UGA shut down a fake Grantham account because it wasn’t clear ity was fake.

    But, do I really want that to happen? Not really. Watching them make asses out of themselves and laying it out for the world to see is much more satisfying. All that other stuff just tells you what the school and its fans are made of, and it’s not much.

  18. SCDawg

    The “I’m going to beat off while I throw bulldog puppies in a lake and watch them drown” thread was pure comedic genius.

  19. Hogbody Spradlin

    There is not, as far as I can tell, a Georgia Tech blog that allows un-moderated comments. A reasonable mind could think they’re afraid of un-controlled discussion.

  20. AlphaDawg

    Whats the over/under on the number of times CPJ startegically lets us score so he can better position his team to out score us? Resulting in his 3rd straight Moral Victory and another ring?

    • Skeeter

      LOL! That’s right, I mean if Bobo’s goal is to run more plays, then the brilliant CPJ will show us by allowing us to score in only one play per possession, just so he can get the ball back! That’ll keep UGA off its game. Let’s see Bobo adjust to that! Moooohawhawhaw!

  21. Rocketdawg

    God what a bunch of whiney ass Nerds. I hope we beat them 1000-0 on Saturday and knock out all 3 QB’s. God I hate them.

  22. W Cobb Dawg

    CMR is poised to get his 10th win in 11 games. If this were prison gtu would be our bitch.

    • Skeeter

      I appreciate and share your sentiment, but I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the prison rape bravado amongst rivals. Maybe it’s just me.

  23. Rusdawg

    I haven’t clicked all the links yet so you may have posted this already, but yesterday one of the GT faithful changed Munson’s wikipedia page to say he had committed suicide because of the future loss against GT.

    I even have a screen grab. Now, THAT, is classless.

  24. James Stephenson

    Even dumber, is on one of the threads they have about Munson’s death, they say that Larry’s son is doing commercials for the pink pony. Obviously they do not realize that is one of the regular guys doing the voice. That is just plain stupid.

  25. George P. Burdell

    You all will work for me, some day!

  26. Spike

    That is all you have to say, huh, George ? That is it? Pathetic.

  27. Comin' Down The Track

    My tickets just came through for Saturday! However, the last time I went down to that concrete craphole an usher took $40 apiece to let us in a side door without tickets. If you don’t have a ticket, try it.
    Beating the nerds in Sanford rules, but I gotta tell ya, getting yelled at by their frat boys on the way out of beating them at their own tiny house makes their tears taste a little bit sweeter.

    • Babyfarts McGeezax

      I remember 2007 when we had about 1/3 of the stadium in red.

      Their fraternities all blasted Rocky Top after they got their ass handed to them by Stafford and Moreno since TN had barely hung on to beat KY. That was also the game where one of their DL tried to end one of our OL’s career with a dive at his knees about 30 yds downfield.

      I hate those self loathing fucks with a passion. There is nothing better than seeing them whine.

  28. Terry

    The nerds have some what of a point about their schedule compared to ours. Just think about it. They have UGA on theirs we have GT on ours.

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