Corch gets off the pot.

Big news from Columbus:

Scout’s Bill Greene is reporting Urban Meyer and Ohio State have reached a deal.

Me, I’m just wondering if Urban and Richt hold on and manage to face off again in 2020 and 2021, will Corch have been able to let go of the Celebration by then?  And if he can’t, will the Buckeye players care that he’s still worked up about it?


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  1. West Los Angeles Dawg

    Urban Meyer took some time off. Caught the kids’ volleyball games and such. They were boring. Boring is something Urban Meyer won’t stand for.


  2. David

    I guess Muschamp finally gets to move into the big office the Corch never vacated. That is unless Charlie Weiss has already called dibbs.


  3. Newt

    First of all, who didn’t see this coming in August?

    Second, I guess that’s the reason Corch isn’t broadcasting OSU/Michigan this weekend even though the crew he worked with all year is doing the game. If the rumors about him bringing Spielman along as a defensive assistant are true, I wonder if Chris will recuse himself, too.


  4. King Jericho

    Why does it seem that the Big 10 is where coaches go to die? Expectations from Corch? Anyone?


    • Nate Dawg

      I think he’ll do well if he can get the next Pryor/Tebow-ish type to QB there. He must have a horse shoe up his arse b/c look at the two big situations he walked into with talent at fla and talent (or at least big 10 talent) that theOSU supposedly has. Even at Utah he had a talented Alex Smith running the show. Rather be lucky than good…
      But none of this makes me happy, let me say. And it wouldn’t hurt my feelings a bit if he “leaves them in a few years with a track team, not a football team”.


  5. Zdawg

    So this makes it official right? Coaching in the SEC was too high pressure for corch.

    On the other hand, Richt hung in there through the tough years and took the heat. Corch bailed. I guess people are still going to call Richt soft right?


  6. gastr1

    I can’t wait to hear the collective Gator boo hoo over this. Will there be a Gradulation? Whine like the Arky pigs, you Gators, let’s get it out there. On the count of three…


  7. Coach Hewitt...

    “Ohio State has cancelled its future football series with Tennessee, according to a university spokesperson. The two schools were scheduled to meet in Columbus in 2018 and Knoxville in 2019. No reason was given for the cancellation”

    “Section 9 paragraph 2 of Urbans contract… No OOC games outside the state of Ohio…”


  8. BMan

    Tressel sent a congratulatory text message reading “time to lie, snitch.”


  9. Spike

    Go gataa !!


  10. MinnesotaDawg

    Just another reason to hate OSU and their fawning fans. They’re really going out of their way to clean up their act in Columbus, aren’t they?


  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    We’ve got to find some way to get a headline in the Columbus newspaper:


    Failing that, would your colleagues at MGoBlue be able to shout it all over Big 10 land?


  12. UGAfoo

    I work with Gators. They don’t have kind words for Corch.


    • Dog in Fla

      The ones I’m around don’t have kind words for Corch, Boom, New Jersey Slim or Jeremy. They do have a new-found respect for Todd though.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Interesting. Corch wins ’em 2 BCS National Championships and they turn on him because (gasp!) he left! Worse still, he went to another school. Does this mean that Gainesville, Florida is not the center of the football universe? That cannot be true!!!!!


        • That’s what I told them. Two BCS championships and they forget so soon.
          They just kept saying he left them with a pile of crap.


          • Yep and he left Utah the same way. 5 or 6 years into OSU he will leave them and they will suffer worse than any period in their history. Michigan fans should get ready to dominate that series in a few years. Corch will leave them a B1G version of a track team.


        • What fresh hell is this?

          It doesn’t mean Florida is not the center of the football universe. It means the cupboards were bare, the competition was too tough, AND Florida is not the center of the football universe……and that corch has zero integrity. A perfect predecessor for Tressel huh?


  13. jsmoov

    I guess Urban is done protecting his kids from the damage that was somehow done when it went public that he had a health issue.

    Bizarre rule to live by according to Urb: If you have a fake heart attack, make a big stink about how it is hurting your children for the press to know about it.


    • gastr1

      The whole thing is strange, really. Does it not seem like he had a health issue right when Tebow was leaving? Obviously if he doesn’t take this job now it might not be open for another 10 years, but the timing is odd and poor. Especially to anyone who fostered any illusions about who Corch really is. Too bad, so sad, bye bye.


      • Cojones

        His health issue came up less than 6 hrs after Bama destroyed them in the SECCG, remember? The question I asked earlier is: Does this mean he doesn’t care for his children anymore?


    • SCDawg

      One year out of coaching? That family must be boring as hell.


  14. Rick

    Shelley Meyer will not let Urban forget about the celebration. She stands up on the kitchen table after every dinner and screams “what goes around comes around!”


  15. Dog in Fla

    I wonder if Corrine is going with him


  16. Comin' Down The Track

    Urban Meyer is a liar.
    Who knew?


  17. DamnGoodDawg

    The meeting between Corch and Richt is a moot point. The world will end in 2012. So say we all.


  18. CoachSpurlock

    Seriously, I can’t believe he hasn’t been offered the OC position with the Denver Broncos.


  19. DCB Dawg

    It’s a perfect match made in hell. Ohio State will do anything to win, such as fielding iliterate players that somehow got into school. Urban Meyer will do anything to win, such as covering up for players who should have been expelled from the university. It will take less than 5 years for more NCAA sanctions to be levied against the Buckeyes. These a$$hats deserve each other.


    • Skeeter

      The good thing is, laptops have since gotten lighter, sturdier and less expensive, so they can easily be thrown much further out a window that a few years ago, thereby more easily escaping police detection (not that they’re gonna be looking). Also, texting friends to let them know it is time to do something, like die, is now less expensive. Go Gay-Ta!


  20. kckd

    I hope he has forgotten. He’s kicked our arse ever since Senator. You must be a glutton for punishment.


  21. cousin eddie

    Corch gets off the pot……..No Jenkins reference?

    Now if coach johnson would leave tech to coach a flag football team.


  22. D.N. Nation

    Urban knew he had recruited Florida into a corner. So he bailed. And let some other poor bastard take the fall.

    I mean- It’s that easy, right?


  23. G Marmalard

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer fan base. Makes one appreciate the stability at uga. Even if corch, Satan, and the mad hatter have brought home the championships, would you really want any of those guys or types of guys at Ga?


  24. G Marmalard

    Whoops, forgot to mention the Chiz.


  25. Brian Dawg

    Here’s to facing Corch Meyers and OSU very soon in the BCS MNC game.


  26. JaxDawg

    I really couldn’t care less about Meyer. However, I do care to see the gator fans wallow in their angst and pity. Refusing to acknowledge that the impossible has happened – that mediocrity has engulfed their proud program. To the Jacksonville Gators (which is essentially their nexus), this is but a one-year phenomenon, that next year will bring another SECC and a MNC. Why? Well, because they are Florida and they are entitled to win. Just ask the Gators from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s – they were great back then, just other teams cheated and beat them (Georgia).

    I could not be more satisfied seeing these arrogant SOB’s wallow in this mudpit b/c it could not happen to a more arrogant, conceited bunch of fans. Get used to it lizards.


  27. Go Dawgs!

    Well, I guess it’s time to go into hiding, Ohio media. You don’t want to end up sitting in Seat 37F, so it’s time to just start copying and pasting from Ohio State’s news releases. Don’t worry, though, you can still write pieces critical of the Corch, you’ve just got to put them in a vault to publish after he leaves. That way you can look like you were tough on him all along. Bianchi can fill you in on the details.


  28. Mike

    I think the consecutive 39 point and 24 point butt whippings he put on Georgia in 2008 and 2009 might have assuaged most of the pain from the celebration in 2007

    The times-outs were pretty sweet too.