My belated congratulations to the 1992 and 2007 teams

Check out this plaque in Georgia’s team meeting room.  Notice anything interesting about it?


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  1. Coweta Dawg

    Finishing 2007 as #2 in the country has to count for something, right?

  2. is it that 92 and 07 didn’t play in the Championship game they did tie on a record basis just lost the right to play because of tie-breakers? ie they were co-champs

    • Brandon

      Yes, that is correct. We were technically co-champions because we tied record wise but didn’t get the championship game berth due to tie breakers. It’s just like in the old system prior to the championship game, teams could tie for the conference championship but only one could go to the Sugar Bowl, Alabama for example claims an SEC championship (and there is nothing wrong with the claim) in one or more of the years 80-82, can’t remember which one’s, though we went to the Sugar Bowl all three years.

  3. and if I’m right do I win anything?

  4. Matt

    geeze, I knew Auburn pulled stunts like this. I didn’t know we did it too.

    • Coweta Dawg

      Do you think Spurrier will allow a “2011 SEC East Champs” banner in his team meeting room?

      • gatorhater27

        2011 SC didn’t tie for the East either.

      • Coweta Dawg

        Let me rephrase due to brain malfunction: If Spurrier’s team tied but did not go to the championship game, would he allow such a banner?

        • WH

          Ah, now I get the question you’re actually asking. Not that I give a rip what SOS would do, mind you, but the question at least makes sense now.

        • stoopnagle

          At UF, probably not; at SC, you bet.

        • of COURSE he would. He counts an SEC title he didn’t win in 1990.

          Every team in the SEC counts their co-titles even if they didn’t go to the dome.

          Hell…have you ever seen Alabama’s 13 national champs details?

          1925 – awarded National Champs by a poll that didn’t exist until 16 years later.

          1926 awarded national champs by a poll that didn’t exist for 15 more years.

          1934 – Awarded national title by 2 historians and a poll that didn’t exist for 12 more years.

          1941 – Bama claims a title for a year in which they finished 20th in the AP poll and 3rd in the SEC.

          So…we have nothing to be ashamed of. we were the co-champs.

      • WH

        Well, the W/L record gives Georgia sole ownership of the East crown, which means SC claiming co-champ status wouldn’t even be “technically” correct (which we all know is the best kind of correct).

      • H-Town Dawg

        Except that in the end it wasn’t a tie. UGA won it outright.

      • jadams

        Heck yes he would.

  5. The ATH

    I know 2007, we technically split the eastern division w/ Tennessee. I’ve heard Richt and others count that among his division victories. You’re testing my memory, but I believe Goff’s ’92 team were also “co-division champs.”

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Yep, both UGA and FLA were 6-2 in the conference in ’92. Hell, UGA had a better record than they did. But UGA lost head to head with them that year. So Florida got to go to the SECCG.

  6. H-Town Dawg

    Technically, in ’92 the Dawgs wound up in a tie for 1st in the East with Florida. In ’07 it was a tie with Tennessee. My understanding is that the tiebreaker determines who gets to play for the SEC championship…it does not determine the division champion. Thus, co-champions of the division. It’s not something to brag about necessarily but I think it’s legitimate to recognize it.

    • No argument there, but I’m a little surprised they do, anyway.

      I guess it means they could have put the 2011 plaque up after the Auburn game.

      • H-Town Dawg

        I suppose they could have. I guess recognizing the division co-championships in ’92 and ’07 falls into the category of “every little bit helps.” lol Besides, ’92 was Goff’s best season.

      • Red Dawg

        The difference is we don’t have a flag up in the stadium for co-championships.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Oh really? UGA was co-champs of the SEC with Bama at least twice under Dooley and those flags are waving.

  7. Skeeter

    So we were the second tallest midgets those years?

  8. Go Dawgs!

    Co-Champs. Doesn’t really mean much, but if they want to claim it, that’s cool. After all, we had to look at Tech fans claiming the 1999 ACC Championship even though they lost to FSU which got the league’s Orange Bowl bid.

    • Doug

      Yeah, and the Techies looked like complete turdwits when they did that, too.

      Sorry, but there’s no way that we in good conscience can claim a division co-championship in ’07. If you’re one of two teams that finish with the group’s best record but you lost by three TDs to the other one, you’re a runner-up, period, no matter what you try and tell yourself when you go to sleep at night.

      • Macallanlover

        Surely you see the distinct difference between those two situations. One is a legit claim, one is a complete lie/falsehood. A claim when you are mathmatically equal is historically acceptable….to all teams. I don’t think we should fly flags for Division titles at all, only SEC Championships, but claiming a co-title is fine. In fact, not claiming it is dishonest and ignores the accomplishment of that team. It may not have been the “total win” you wanted, but it was as good as those you competed against. Why give them a claim for a co-title andd give up yours? Makes no sense.

  9. D.N. Nation

    I always liked the ’04 Ole Miss football media guide we got at the Red & Black, declaring the Rebels to be ’03 SEC West co-champs. Which, technically they were. Of course, they lost the tiebreaker to….the national champions, but hey, whatever.

    IIRC, the Nerds consider themselves the ’98 ACC co-champs. It’s all a little ridiculous.

  10. JaxDawg

    Many forget that we were co-SEC champs with Bama in 1981. I don’t recall why we played in the Sugar and they played in the Cotton – but remember that the Cotton was one of the big 4 bowls back then (wish it still were).

    As for us using co-champs of the eastern division in 92 and 07, big deal, although it’s a bittersweet prize.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The issue of what bowl to go to for Bama and UGA was decided on a vote of all the ADs in the conference as I recall. Bear Bryant lobbied very hard for the Tide to go to the Sugar Bowl even though UGA was ranked higher in the polls. The reason it was so important was that UGA still had a shot at winning the MNC that year if the other teams in contention (Clemson being the main one) lost and UGA won. We played Pitt in the Sugar and lost on a last minute pass (4th down and long, too) from Dan Marino into the endzone for the Pitt TD that won the game and dashed our hopes. It didn’t really matter though as Clemson won its bowl and the MNC that year.

  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    I don’t know. My first reaction was to think of Alabama’s ‘claimed’ 13 national championships. Banners and recognitions are a little overused.

  12. WH

    They could have put it up after the Auburn game under the qualifications of the existing plaques, but to an outside observer would they be inclined to investigate why or just claim hubris on the part of Georgia?

    Also, if they had then lost to Kentucky, how hollow would that plaque be? Hopefully they didn’t even think of putting it up until the glow from this past Saturday had faded.

    • jadams

      Richt had the 2011 plaque in the locker room after the UK game. They all rallied around it and celebrated being able to post it. I think that is awesome.

  13. Geronimo Doom

    Wonder if CMR would have put up a 2011 plaque if we had lost to Auburn or Kentucky but still tied with SC for the East (even though SC would be going to the Dome). Something tells me people wouldn’t have given him the benefit of the doubt on that one.

  14. I remember laughing at South Carolina for making a big deal of their Eastern division champs banner last year-I do understand why they do it, but in my opinion Championship Game is what matters! Sort of like celebrating in the end zone after a TD-just hand the ref the ball–we expect to be there.

    • paul

      This is the thought that came to me as well. It feels a little desperate. Act like you belong. On the other hand, the guys on those teams worked hard, busted their butts and earned the right to wear the “G” so I guess the feeling is they deserve the recognition.

    • Skeeter

      Here in South Carolina I saw a USC fan with an SEC East Division Champs car flag. I can see getting the t-shirt, but a car flag?

  15. 4.0 Point Stance

    Ole Miss does one better by having a big banner up in their stadium saying “2003 SEC West co-champions.” Of course at Ole Miss it’s a little more understandable, since it is literally the only championship, of any kind, they can even conceivably claim since 1961.

    I hope LSU never does this. In fact I’m kind of proud that they don’t claim the 1908 MNC, even though they have about as good a claim to it as anyone. I like the idea that, if you’re going to put up a championship plaque, you really mean it.

  16. Scott W.

    Recruiting will make you do some silly things.

  17. Cousin Eddie

    Utenn had ordered a banner for thier football team to go along with the door that reads “opportunity is nowhere” to celebrate the “2011 SEC Defeated Champs”, but the win against Vandy caused them to cancel the order.

  18. Otto

    I don’t like it, tie breakers are in place for a reason and they are defined before the season began.

    IMO this on the same level as Bama’s national titles, A, or Texas claiming a Big XII South division championship when they lost the tie breaker to OU. In the end it ends up blogger material for other teams and celebrating coming up close but short.

    • H-Town Dawg

      Yeah, they’re in place for the reason of determining who gets to play in the conference championship.

      And no, this is not the same as “mythical” national championships because there’s nothing “mythical” about it. The co-championship is based on actual conference standings, not opinion polls.

      • Macallanlover

        Exactly right. We have a bunch of weenies here crying about this. In the SEC co-champs have alway shared equally since the beginning of conference play. It isn’t like you had a lessor accomplishment/record. The tie-breaker is only in place because of the timing of the championship game. In other sports there would be an overtime, or sudden death playoff but football’s logistics don’t allow that. Georgia should damn well claim them, they earned them and do not have to apologize to anyone. You don’t see any teams giving back the co-champ SEC titles do you?

        I have always said to those trying to trash the UGA program, Richt had four East titles and 2 conference titles in ten years. Now it is 5 in eleven years, and that incluses the first season which is usally a change-over year. And folks want to trash the man.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If Arkansas beats LSU and Bama beats Auburn, Arkansas, Bama and LSU will be tied with 7-1 conference records in the SEC West. Which team gets to go to the SECCG will be decided on the teams’ respective positions in the BCS standings for cryin’ out loud. Do you think that the 2 that don’t get to go to the SECCG shouldn’t be considered co-champs of the West? Come on!

  19. Will Trane

    2011 SEC East football conference.
    Steve Spurrier will remember 2011 as another Ed Sullivan moment in his life.

  20. Joe

    I think a lot of people forget that we were in fact the SECE champs those years; the nod went to the team that beat us head to head but otherwise we were tied.

  21. David

    If you lose the tiebreaker due to head to head loss, then you should never count it or recognize it. If you lose the tiebreaker due to your BCS rankings or some other nonsense, than I’m all for counting it. Therefore, 1992 and 2007 don’t count.

    • H-Town Dawg

      Nope. If you lose the tiebreaker then you don’t get to represent the division in the championship game. That’s it.

  22. Big Shock

    We’re recruiting a bunch of 16-18 year olds. They don’t know who went to the SEC championship in 2007. They just like to see the bling.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Besides, the 2007 UGA team was actually the best team in the SEC and in the entire nation that year–LSU be damned.

  23. NCT

    I’ve got no problem with their being on a plaque in the team meeting room. The championships are officially recognized by the conference. I’d have a big problem with banners at the stadium. They’re not there, right???

  24. These guys earned the right to call themselves Division Champs, and Division-Co-Champs in other years. Who are the fans to tell them it’s undeserved?

    Oh, right…the fans are the people who walk around thumping their chests, wearing 2002 and 2005 SEC title hats and t-shirts talking about “When we won the title.”

    Sickening how people want to claim the team’s success as their own, yet talk smack about the team enjoying what they’ve done.

  25. Technically the SEC allows them to be awarded Co-Championships in case of ties. Apparently they get a nice little letter from the conference for congratulating them on it. Surprising MLB once did this (not sure they still do) and in 2001 the Astros and Cardinals were officially Co-Division Champions even though the Astros won the head to head and Cards won the Wild Card.

  26. Mike


    Georgia is counting SEC East Titles for years they did not make it to the SECCG


  27. downindixie

    This really isn’t that complicated, folks. SEC bylaws provide for the naming of champions in divisions, in the conference, and participation in the championship game. The bylaws distinctly address the issue of co-champs. Twenty-two teams have shared a division title since the inception of divisional play: 1992 UF/UGA, 1996 Bama/LSU, 1997 AU/LSU, 1998 MSU/Ark, 2001 LSU/AU, 2002 Ark/AU/LSU, 2003 UGA/UF/UT, 2003 LSU/Ole Miss, 2005 LSU/AU, and 2007 UT/UGA.

    Additionally, prior to divisional play, shared SEC championships happened regularly. Twenty teams split the SEC title: 1934 Bama/Tulane, 1939 GT/UT/Tulane, 1946 UGA/UT, 1951 UT/GT, 1961 Bama/LSU, 1966 Bama/UGA, 1976 UGA/UK, 1981 Bama/UGA, 1989 Bama/AU/UT.

    All are officially recognized championships. Participation in the SECCG is determined by tiebreakers, as only one team can play from each division. These championships are not matters of opinions or “making claims,” they are indisputable fact.