My Week Twelve Mumme Poll ballot

Gah.  I spent an hour on this.  And like Mike Bobo on his game plan for Kentucky, I ain’t apologizing for anything.

Here ’tis:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Boise State
  • Kansas State
  • LSU*
  • Michigan
  • Oklahoma
  • Oklahoma State
  • Oregon
  • Stanford


  • There were a lot of teams I considered this week, but two I didn’t were Virginia Tech and Houston.
  • Just missing the cut were Georgia, South Carolina, Southern Cal and Wisconsin.  YMMV, of course.  (In fact, I’d be surprised if it didn’t.)
  • The reason it took me an hour to put the ballot together was because of fretting over the last four slots instead of the usual one or two.  I don’t want to think about how much time it would have taken me to construct a top 25 in order.  I doubt Nick Saban has time for that shit.


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16 responses to “My Week Twelve Mumme Poll ballot

  1. piper

    i’m really surprised people are keeping such regard for oklahoma. those two losses are not good. worse than georgia’s surely.


    • +bazillion

      I just don’t get it. Nobody wants to put UGA ahead of Boise, but they sure as hell love putting OU ahead of Baylor and keeping them in the top 10 of the BCS. Don’t even get me started on the Texas Tech loss.

      I think Stoops must have naked pictures of everyone he is using as leverage.


  2. Again Senator, I just don’t get the blatant slap against Virginia Tech. They had one loss to a decent Clemson team. Oklahoma lost to a bad Texas Tech team and followed that up with a Baylor loss. I guess you are looking at quality wins instead of losses?

    Why not put Houston up there? They beat the shit out of SMU. A SMU team that beat TCU. A TCU team that beat Boise at home.


    • Have you actually watched Va Tech play? How about Houston?


      • I have watched VT play a couple of games. I have not watched Houston play a game. I have also watched OU in both their losses. Maybe that is my problem. I need to see them actually win a game.

        Nobody can watch all games, so I’m not sure why you asked that question. I’ve seen highlights of all the teams.

        Math Outside of Blacksburg, VA
        (1 Clemson Loss) > (1 Loss to Texas Tech + 1 Loss to Baylor)


      • AusDawg85

        Case Keenum > Andrew Luck. Gameday did an analysis of Keenum’s passing skills that are absolutely pro quality, while several pundits are pointing-out Luck’s weaknesses for the next level. Houston is probably not BCSCG worthy, but they are beating everyone on their schedule. C’mon man…let ’em at least have #10 in your poll for a few weeks.

        And OU is NOT good in a weak Big12 conference. You really think they are better than UGA now? If you are giving them credit for the Texas win, you haven’t been paying attention to the meltdown in Austin.

        I do agree that it’s taking longer to fill-out the ballot, and attempting to put 25 in order is just a pure waste of time right now.


  3. Marshall

    I just don’t know about that ballot, Senator. Weren’t you giving K State hell earlier in the season? And now you’ve got them in the top 10 rather than UGA? I just don’t get it. And to me, having OU still in your top 10 is the epitome of regular polling mentality. Isn’t the Mumme Poll supposed to be the antithesis of that?

    With all that said, I’m putting Arkansas St. in my top 10 if they win out! Go Red Wolves!!!


  4. JasonC

    Is there a way to only vote for Casey Keenum, but not the rest of Houston?


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    Tough ballot to construct this week. Senator, curious why you didn’t consider Michigan State?

    Boise State
    Kansas State
    Michigan State
    Oklahoma State

    Also considered: VT, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Wisconsin, USC, Michigan, and Houston.