There’s a fine line between truth and sarcasm.

Just like on the Intertubes, sometimes it’s difficult to tell the difference between the two when Paul Johnson’s mouth is engaged:

Georgia Tech is a 6-point underdog to Georgia and has lost nine of its last 10 to the Bulldogs. After practice Monday, Tech coach Paul Johnson sarcastically played the woe-is-us card.

“They’ve got a heck of a team,” Johnson said. “Won nine in a row, SEC East champs. Hopefully we can stay with them.”

Johnson interrupted a question about his players not needing much motivation this week by saying they are “probably scared.”

And why would that be?

Said Johnson, “We haven’t beaten them in a long time.”

Of course, we shouldn’t discount the possibility that he’s being both honest and sarcastic at the same time.  The man’s a genius, you know.


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61 responses to “There’s a fine line between truth and sarcasm.

  1. Zdawg

    He is truly a paradox wrapped in an enigma.

  2. BMan

    It’s Paul Johnson and Tech; assume the worst and you’ll never be disappointed.

  3. Go Dawgs!

    I truly don’t want them to get a better coach, because it would mean recruiting competition for the offensive players we covet, and potentially increased difficulty in beating them. I truly believe that Georgia will be able to hold them in check under Johnson more often than not (save for the disastrous 3rd quarter in 2008, so far so good).

    That said, the man’s an ass, and I don’t suffer his kind of foolishness easily. I hope we beat them by 70 on Saturday.

  4. headley lamar

    There once was a man named bluto
    Who sucked a lot of wang, you know.
    He had too much time to write a blog
    And likes to suck big fat cock.

    • Go Dawgs!

      This is what happens when you try to put together an institution of higher learning without any sort of department of arts or letters. You get a bunch of jagoffs with internet access who can’t even devote more than 30 seconds to coming up with a better hate poem than one that attempts to rhyme “blog” and “cock”.

      Let me know where you’ll be Saturday, Headley, because I’d love to hear you recite this one out loud and see if you can make it work. But mostly I’d just like to point and laugh at you as we bitchmake your school for the 10th time in 11 years.

      • Jmar

        Football must be the only thing you guys look forward to in life. That is what I see from all of you “dawg” fans. Between this blog, tumblr, the rape jokes, harassing high school athletes, and God knows what else, how the FUCK do you lawyers get anything done???

        • The Lone Stranger

          All Dawg fans, mark it down. 12:57 PM Tuesday when the blogging walls have been breached. The rivalry is now truly ON!

          • Cojones

            Thanks for taking care of the camp, Lone. Sorry, I wasn’t here for the polecat invasion. But I’m here now. Where are the little striped-ass smelly nerds? Remember, there are nerd wannabees all over Atlanta and they try to act like the older 12th ave scared women belonging to Trader Post-Johnson.

            Tracker Red Blackman sure to find them. He is leader of Dawg Soldiers. Must go. I smell smoke signals. Maybe Apache-Mexican squaw, Mary Juanista, nearby. Adios, Kemo Sabe.


        • Go Dawgs!

          Well, internet tough guy, you might find that your trolling is more enjoyable if we actually know what you’re talking about. For example, when we make fun of Tech, we generally post links so that everyone can enjoy and be in on the joke.

      • headley lamar

        After the Tech UGA game? I will be about 8 & 1/4″ inside your mom, “bitchmaking” her. Thank you for your concern, Go Dawgs!

  5. Burma Shave

    Someone has decided to copy my MO
    You should all get a life and do something; go.
    Instead you sit on your fat ass
    And type many things without regard to class.
    Not many things did I ignore,
    Off to screw your mom, a big fat whore.

  6. Zdawg

    Aaaand…here come the trolls.

  7. The Real JMar

    A troll? I am not.
    Still seeking retribution for the page on blogspot.
    A lawyer from UGA, in Atlanta he resides
    Who likes to complain about his clients…really quite snide.
    We all know who he is like it or not,
    If you can joke about rape, we’ll joke about pot.
    Sorry to hear about Mr Munson, it really is true
    Even Jacket fans miss his calls and are feeling blue.

  8. Spike

    Is that the best they have? Seriously ? That is it?

  9. Jmar

    Or I could just call your mom a slut and get it over with. That make it better for you?

  10. an enigma yes but this is the approach I’m taking with all my Bama and LSU friends. We don’t stand a chance and should not even be allowed on the field with the SEC West

  11. Skeeter

    Poked the jacket’s nest but all that came out was maggots.

  12. WnE

    Skeeter must be one of our highly regarded Lit majors at the University. I do apologize for his literary misgivings.

  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    I think it’s sarcasm because Paul the Johnson can’t say anything sincerely nice or pleasant.

  14. paul

    The man is an a**hole. And he coaches Tech. He has, however, enjoyed a more successful career (in general) than many. So, presumably, he knows a little something about how to motivate his charges. I’d say that’s all this is. Let’s do our talking on the field. The 2011 Auburn model worked well for me. Let’s go with that.

  15. Comin' Down The Track

    Silly nerds.

    We’re coming for you.

  16. AusDawg85

    Tech posters maths….Age + IQ < 20

  17. TennesseeDawg

    That’s some of the lamest trolling by any school we’ve ever seen. At least Florida and Auburn can come up with something clever every now and then.

  18. Grafton


  19. Lrgk9

    Guys, feel how you want. But the man has won two National Championships and about 6 US Military President’s Trophys. He was tutored at Erk Russell’s knee and has Al Groh and Andy McCollum working for him.

    The facts are – Tech is a very dangerous and well coached team.

    The facts are also – Tech’s talent ain’t much and Peanutbutter n’ Jelly is an Insufferable Ass.

    • ScoutDawg

      Oh NOOOOO, he has got Al Groh working for him!

      • adam

        Oh nooooooooooooo a guy tutored by our former DC running their offense!

        If he were Erk’s disciple and a defensive genius instead of a jackass running the wishbone (and some flexbone) and pretending it’s something much more eloquent, maybe I’d be more impressed. My high school runs a more complicated offense. Hell, MOST high schools do.

  20. When CPJ is finally laid to rest his epitaph will read “I hate GA Bulldawgs”. Nobody should ever think that he can ever be a friend of the program or anything related to it.

    • Cojones

      Yeah, but at least he has a professional friend at FU. Now, what were the results of those Navy-Notre Dame games where they met at midfield and left a depression?

  21. Just Chuck

    PJ says they’ve played against athletes as good as ours already. Unfortunately for him, he’s got to play ours all at once.

  22. Knowshon5dollafootlong

    He dresses in yellow and black
    with a chin like a gunny sack.
    He bellows and blows with less-than-eloquent prose
    for athletes he surely does lack.

    He’d love to think his team is hot,
    but Steve Spurrier he is not.
    Throwing insults around like a man-boobed clown.
    Me thinks his foot has been shot.

    He’s provided fresh motivation
    for all of the Bulldog nation.
    The performance against Duke made his own mother puke,
    yet he still speaks with fork tongued oration.

    Tech is most certainly the enemy.
    Barbs and insults there fans will send me.
    Perhaps the coach should win a few before he has nastiness to spew.
    It’s clear he suffers from Bulldog envy.