You’ve won the SEC East. Be vewy, vewy careful.

Mark Bradley wraps up one of his patented “Click on me, son of Jor-El!” pieces about Georgia and Georgia Tech fans with this nugget:

Tech is Georgia’s biggest game only when Georgia fans are scared they might lose. This isn’t such a year. Georgia has won its division and is going to play LSU or Alabama for the SEC title next week. Georgia has, to borrow another Johnson line, bigger fish to fry. Which is the primary reason Georgia fans should be wary of Johnson and his team.

Paul Johnson, you wily devil, you.  You clever fox, you’re lying in the weeds, ready to pounce, aren’t you?  Everybody knows that Georgia never gets focused for Tech when it’s going to the Dome the following we… wait, what?

Average margin of victory:  23 points.


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30 responses to “You’ve won the SEC East. Be vewy, vewy careful.

  1. Chadwick

    And people wonder if the newspapers can save themselves.

    • gastr1

      But it’s my job, Son, say I say, Mah JOOBBB–to write things based on ma’ hunches! See that dog over there? That there’s a chicken! Go get him, Son, go get him!!!

      Heh heh heh…that fanbase is about as stupid as an oversized cartoon rooster.

  2. Normaltown Mike

    Yeah but everybody knows statistics lie!

  3. Brandon

    Mark Bradley used to give endless bj’s to george “big bee” (as Bradley referred to him) o’leary as well, he Shultz and Moore are part of the reason I am thankful for GTP, Dawg Sports, and others so I don’t have to read that crap all the time anymore.

  4. TennesseeDawg

    I don’t care if we are winless or undefeated, I still want Tech’s ass kicked every year.

    • john galt

      I hope we are ready to run the ball. If we don’t win this one, we’ll never hear the end of it. This game is a must win for CMR. GATA

  5. SouthGa Dawg

    Schultz + Bradley = Trolling

  6. JG Shellnutt

    Paul Johnson is so smart.

  7. Rebar

    Its all about our defense; if we keep Tech off the field by forcing a bunch of 3 and outs, we win. This will determine how we enter the dome, as a dominant defense that is not scared to play with anyone.

    • Chopdawg

      Stay with your assignments, and getting a step or two up the field, being aggressive on the line of scrimmage, but mainly stay with your assignments.

      Trying to get 11 hats on the ball doesn’t work, playing this offense.

      What CMR said about the running backs in his interview worries me a little: this is the point in the season where we should be well past “seeing how guys do in practice.”

      One more thing: Tech’s not a good come-from-behind team.


      You really have to play defense because with Tech, it’s 4 and out.
      Georgia needs to stuff the run from the get-go to discourage buthole from going for it on fouth downs.

  8. I predict pain and lots of it. In an offense where the QB runs it he is a runner and you get to hit him even after he has pitched it. I have a bet with nerd friend that he will have to leave the game at some point because of injury. Washington is no Tebow,hell he ain’t even a Nesbet and we got him out of the game the last time we were in Atl.. The defense is and will be just fine. Hit’em early,hit’em often,hit’em hard.

  9. I was reading the stat sheets from the previous games and the most obvious thing I get from going over the numbers and scoring summary is God I really do miss Reggie Ball. Tuck Fech

  10. Doug Bennett

    I love you man

  11. Richt knows how important this game is. He got this job because his predecessor was unable to beat his rivals. With the obvious exception of Florida, Richt has done quite well against his rivals. He is a smart man, and he knows that the best way to maintain job security is to own the trade school. And, he has.

  12. Bard Parker

    Tech’s offense will kneel before Todd

  13. Will Trane

    It is good to hear the comments CMR and some writers have said about the RB situation a Georgia. I think the Coach is saying what several of us said right after the UK game. Find a consistent, dependable RB. One that can be counted for practice, a game plan, and game management. For 3 season this has not happened. This issue can be dropped in the file labeled recuiting.
    There is a mind set at UGA you have to have another Walker, a 5 star player, or a “beast”, annointed by the recruiting sites [that be the cows generally following the bell cow].
    UGA fans need to be aware how Tech plans to stop the Dawgs offense. If you do not move the ball and do not score, Tech will be a problem. Don’t give a damn how great some people think TG and the D are. If we have no running game it will be an issue with regard to game management against Tech…you never know how the QB will play. One thing to have solid group of receivers and TE, but it is another to have a QB who can get the ball in their hands or zip code.
    For sure the Dawgs are going to recruit the RB talent again, and there are some future Dawgs who are willing to put in what it takes to be a quality SEC type RB.

    • I am really hoping we get Marshall. Not just because he is another top rated running back that can help us but because he is a highly rated running back that has a 4.3 GPA and plans on enrolling early. That tells me the kid has his academics and life pretty well together and will give him a chance to come in and acclimate to college before being thrust into a staring role. I think dependable is the key word you used. Crowell despite everything could become only the second true freshman at UGA to rush for 1000 yards but he has to become dependable game in and game out. Marshall would be a great insurance plan for that.

  14. Macallanlover

    How odd for the same writers to say how UGA should pay tremendous respect to GT in a series we dominate (1-9 versus CMR) but ridicule UGA’s chances against Florida a series we lead by 8 (CMR record 3-8). Yet many UGA fans will tell you every year they are afraid of GT and think, every year, that we might lose. Guess what? We might, but you have to really like our chances every year, and this year more than most.

    I can only assume these are the same fans that grovel when near any UF fan and post how 1) we just cannot win, 2) they have our number, 3) we need to change the location, 4) they are in our head, etc., etc. Media plays the UGA sheep fans like Charlie Daniels on a fiddle.

    Should we lose this week, the sun will still come up, and we will still be a far superior program to GT year in, and year out. No one likes losing any game, but GT is just not the significant rival they were when they were in the SEC. I suggest we play them on a home only basis every 4-5 years like we do Georgia Southern. Better yet, let them and GSU play each other for a money game with UGA…make them earn it. Anyone else find it odd why GT has NEVER played GSU in almost 30 years of football? I do, and I want to know why the media doesn’t constantly harrass the arrogant head coach at GT about why he doesn’t play an in-state school that helped him get his start.

    • Cojones

      Good Dawg. While I agree with caution, it’s based on not getting upset if we score after giving a running start. It is our school playing a football game, nothing more, nothing less. And I get the caution some have entered as an excuse to turn a negative thought toward players for future negative rants. The jerks aren’t even good at it. Good for you to call the aholes out, no matter how insidious they get.

      Another good day to plant the UGA flag in Atlanta. Hope the ajc writers can find the stadium and realize what has been built while they looked elsewhere. Hope it burns their stomachs to realize they have missed a great writing experience with the Dawgs this season.

      • Macallanlover

        If those writers were true journalists, they wouldn’t be working for such a low integrity rag like the AJC. But you are right, this has been a damned good story coming out of Athens this fall, and the momentum going into next season is exciting to think about…..I will get around to that in a couple of weeks.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I agree with much of what you said Mac but I think it would be better to play Tech in Athens as a home game for the Dawgs every year. We beat them damn near every time we play them so why would we ever want to only play them every 4-5 years? I don’t think they would go for that though.

      • Macallanlover

        Naw, why give them a big stage to play on? They probably use that in recruiting for players who cannot get into UGA, “come to the projects, we can get you into a real CFB cathederal, Sanford Stadium, every other year you are on the team”. I say make them earn the money game by proving they can beat GSU first. At least helping GSU is bringing less obnoxious fans around.

        I am surprised at you Mayor, you have been looking for another home game to support all those motels and restaurants/bars you own in Athens. Get this proposal passed and you can stop attacking one of CFB’s great traditions, the WLOCP.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          That is exactly why I proposed playing Tech in Athens every year. Plus it would give UGA the opportunity to play another OOC team on a home and away basis.

          • Macallanlover

            Now we are in agreement, let’s get more interesting OOC games at new venues. We can share the home-only OOC game with others besides GT. Perhaps the new schedule next season with 14 games allows us to get out of this worthless marchup every season.

  15. Hogbody Spradlin

    Yeah, but Reggie Ball was quarterback 2 of those years.

  16. I really, really miss Reggie. Does anyone remember who pointed out on this blog that GT has been on probation more often in this decade than they’ve beaten us? Thanks to the person who posted it because I threw that factoid out at dinner last night and I thought the loud mouthed drunk’s head was going to explode. Thanks for the ammo.

  17. Matt

    Maybe I’m channeling Larry Munson and Vince Dooley too much, but I’m scared to death of this game. I’ve read how the team is saying all the right things in the press, but I’m still afraid they’re going to get caught up in the hype and believe they can win this in a walk. This is the first game they’ve had since early in the season that is not truly a “must-win” game, and I’m afraid they’ll slack off. I recognize Bradley’s pot-stirring for what it is, but I think he’s right on this one. Hoping I’m wrong, but there it is.