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Now be thankful.

A hearty Thanksgiving Day wish to everyone who’s dropped by here.  If you’re a Dawg fan, you’ve got a lot to be grateful for this season, right?

I appreciate what’s got to be the best comments section in the Dawgosphere, so here’s a little thanks back to you, or at least those of you who are old farts like me.  If you’re somebody who believes the Mick Taylor-era Rolling Stones were in fact the Greatest Rock and Roll Band in the World, you need to go here stat.  It’s the best thing I’ve downloaded in ages.   Just phenomenal.

Anyway, pig out and settle down tonight to watch the last time Texas and Texas A&M meet in the regular season.  And be thankful James Franklin coaches somewhere else.



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Today’s innocent question

I’m seeing the predictions coming in from the punditry about the outcome of the Georgia-Georgia Tech game, and I’m struck by something:  why don’t people credit Georgia’s dominance in this series in the same way they tend to with Florida’s dominance in the Cocktail Party?

At this point, Tech’s last three head coaches all have losing records against Mark Richt.  Richt beat O’Leary with Verron Haynes as his tailback.  Richt beat Gailey –  period.  And the genius has lost to Richt’s two weakest squads.  It all adds up to a 9-1 record.  And yet no one dismisses Tech’s chances this Saturday in the routine way that Georgia’s chances in Jax are discussed.

So what’s the deal here?


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