Today’s innocent question

I’m seeing the predictions coming in from the punditry about the outcome of the Georgia-Georgia Tech game, and I’m struck by something:  why don’t people credit Georgia’s dominance in this series in the same way they tend to with Florida’s dominance in the Cocktail Party?

At this point, Tech’s last three head coaches all have losing records against Mark Richt.  Richt beat O’Leary with Verron Haynes as his tailback.  Richt beat Gailey –  period.  And the genius has lost to Richt’s two weakest squads.  It all adds up to a 9-1 record.  And yet no one dismisses Tech’s chances this Saturday in the routine way that Georgia’s chances in Jax are discussed.

So what’s the deal here?


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  1. Uftimmy

    People see Florida and Georgia as relative equals even though UF has had great success over the past 20 years. So they use the head thing as a reason why Georgia loses.

    I don’t think many see Tech as your equal.


  2. Chuck

    Who’s no one? I don’t think Tech has a chance, particularly if Aaron is on. Even if he isn’t, what Tech does well, we defend even better. The only thing Tech has going it for it this year is home field, which in this case means that instead of 88,000 UGA fans in the stands, there will probably only be 30,000 of us in the stands.


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Excuse me Senator but did you not see the UK-UGA game last week? UK is the bottom team in the SEC East and we only beat them by 9 points. We don’t have any running backs. Tech ain’t much but the Nerds are better than UK. Anybody who doesn’t see the danger in this situation is in total denial.


    • Well said M.O.D., especially when we only see he triple option once every November. Yellow Tech could always be considered a “trap game”, if for no other reason than they hate us as much as we hate them. And I hate them one heck of a lot. Happy Thanksgiving everyone and Wreck Tech. Or as Coach Russell put it; “Tuck Fech”! GATA!


    • Macallanlover

      There is always the “any given Saturday” argument. I made the same observation the Senator has here in the prior “You’ve won the East, Be careful” post about how the media and fans treat this game differently for no obvious reason. Can we lose? Of course, but we shouldn’t very often, and definitely should not this week if we have some RBs to play.

      As I said earlier this morning, we need to consider dropping this as a home and home game, every year game. They are GSU look alikes and should be treated as such. Lot of risk relative to the gain. Like Vandy, you get blasted and ridiculed when you get caught napping. Rotate them off every four years, and play them at home only to get them some money so they can keep johnson as HC.


      • Beer Money

        Absoluterly not. Beating these assholes every year is a Thanksgiving tradition.

        Plus it is worth it knowing that they live their entire existence in envy of UGA. Their entire season every year is based on this one game (that they rarely win). How misearble must their pathetic lives be.

        As for Saturday, I am struggling to understand the pundits reasoning that Tech will absolutely move the ball on UGA’s defense. Who other than Marcus Lattimore has run effectively against UGA? Sure they will probably have more rushing yards than anybody else we play, but that’s only because they probably won;t throw the ball unless they have to if they get down big. And then we sit back and watch Ogletree and Jarvis disembowel Tevin Washignton.


        • gastr1

          I am excited about our chances against their running this year. I can see a scenario where we hold them under 200 yards rushing, in which case we win 19-10 or 45-10. Either way, winning by stuffing their pride and joy in its tracks like a random T-day turkey will make me very, very happy even if we win by one point.


        • Macallanlover

          I don’t disagree, it is fun to mash them in the dirt regularly, it is just wrong to give them a platform to feel they are better thaan other mid-majors by getting a home and home.

          I also agree about the defensive matchup this year. It reminds me of two years ago when we had two stud defensive tackles who shut the dive down. I feel our NTs this year will jam the middle dive and force the outside option deep allowing our LBS to make the play. We should be able to control the front against them, just like we have stuffed the run all year (except for the SC game). I just hope we don’t get anyone hurt with their chop blocks designed to injure players along the LOS. Bury theswe punks! Go dawgs!!


    • I guess I didn’t realize that Georgia’s the only team that wins ugly against weak opposition.


    • ThePetis

      Skeptic Dawg – is that you? I thought the Mayor of Dawgstown handle was already taken…

      Ever heard of a sandwich game? You had the obvious let down of a huge win over a big rival and the look-ahead to your in-state rival. These games happen all the time. Just be thankful we won our, unlike Oklahoma State.


      • Skeptic Dawg

        No, that was not one of mine. I believe this team will handle Tech’s running game. I actually see a solid W for the Dawgs if the offense is clicking. They will need Hi-C or Thomas to step up tomorrow.


  4. timphd

    Think they are getting some love because people think the Dawgs will be looking ahead to the SEC championship game. That and Paul Johnson is such a freaking genius adds up to the big upset.


  5. Patrick

    Excellent Point. I blame the AJC


  6. Poon

    THis game will be won by the defense or not at all.


  7. heyberto

    I will say that the Triple Option worries me in ways other options don’t, just because how hard it is to prepare for it. Even with our defense playing as tough as they have, Tech will probably score some points on us, so if our offense isn’t able to keep pressure on us, I can see us losing this game. I’m not sure if that’s what keeps the pundits from bringing up our dominance, but that’s my fear. I feel like Grantham will deploy the defense effectively, so I’ll keep faith in that. Certainly, Coach G will be included in my thanksgiving day prayer.


  8. Alcohalic Genius

    I pitty the fools that take the shots for the Genius calling us all a bunch or retards who can only work for Walmart. Walmart aint bad. They a bunch of Dawgs work for Walmar – as lawyers and accountants. We don’t have near as many Chinese as Tech, but they lots of smart Dawgs too. It take a real smart coach to deliver that kind of bulletin board stuff. Genius. Next, he gone say something bad ’bout our mommas, an then, they better have mo than one ambalance at historic Grant Field with some special wenches to pull lots of feets out of asses. Maybe one of the Chinese can design something to do that during the game, cause they sure as hell wont be there.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The CEO of Wal-Mart went to Ga Tech, AG. Might be better not to go into all the Dawgs who are “lawyers and accountants” for Wal-Mart.


      • The CEO of Wal-Mart ain’t named Walton so he is exactly one stupid remark or one sexual harassment charge from being out the door.I bet we could get some of Herman Cain’s accusers on board with it.


  9. Paul

    As UGA fans, we’re in the unique situation of being both the red-headed step child and step-dad. At least it adds some perspective.

    Even more perplexing about the UF 3-18 storyline is… Look at the records of other SEC teams against them in the same time frame. They’re very comparable, yet we’re the only one who has them in our head.


  10. Tronan

    It’s a good question, Senator. Georgia Tech is only very rarely UGA’s equal and almost never better. The best Tech has been able to do most years is lose a close game. So, yeah, you’d think the fact UGA is almost always the better team on paper AND on the field would make picking the Dawgs a no-brainer. My theories why (for many people) it’s not:

    1) Atlanta-area media wants the game to be a story every year, which often creates a false sense of competitiveness.
    2) GT fans will never admit the Gnats are inferior, and on the rare occasions they do win, they act like the series W-L record has been reversed.
    3) Some people (cough, Furman Bisher) still remember when pterodactyls filled the skies and Tech had the edge in the series.


  11. Dawg Vent

    I realize last year’s score doesn’t exactly back up what I’m about to say, but bear with me:

    I thought Grantham did a decent job of containing the triple option last year. Our problem, as with most of our losses last year, was that there were some completely inexplicable breakdowns in coverage and/or containment.

    But overall, considering we didn’t have a nose guard, only one effective linebacker, and a brand new defensive scheme, we did ok.

    I am confident in year two, with the right personnel and with CTG having seen this offense, we’re gonna hold them under 17 points.


  12. Dawg521

    If Grantham watched the tape of Miami and UVA vs. Yech, which I’ll bet my Thanksgiving Turkey that he did, then I have all the confidence in the world that in Year 2, Grantham will have his boys ready. Happy Thanksgiving and Wreck Tech!


  13. Tech Spanker

    9 out of 10; 30 out of 41.


  14. well, senator, every game this year save AU has been winning ugly. Can you say that about the rest of the top 10?


  15. aristoggle

    Since I’m getting a good bit of grey in the beard, I think that I have earned the long-range perspective to weigh in. (I was in the endzone when Jimmy Poulous took the handoff from Andy Johnson and leaped over the line to beat Tech in ’71. That was one hell of a Thanksgiving night! My mother broke her ankle in the celebration.)

    As much as it sucked to start 0-2, it got this team focused. Likewise, a close game against a really bad Kentucky team – after an epic Auburn beat-down (I loved typing that!) – will refocus them on Tech. I don’t think an open week, like we are used to, would have helped.

    So … as Erk used to say, Tuck Fech. Let’s GATA and get ready for the Dome.

    Woof!, dammit, woof!

    Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving.


  16. DawgPhan

    As I understand it UGA has spent time most weeks if not every week in practice working on defending the option. At least I am pretty sure that is the case. Everyone in the UGA lockerroom knows the deal with Tech. These seniors want to leave with a win. They dont want to be the first class since 2002 to not have a winning record against tech.


  17. Just Chuck

    I think the difference is that PJ’s offense is “new” at Tech so people look at just his record against us, not the whole series and, to lots of folks, it looks close. Let us win two or three more and we’ll start to look dominant again.



    Logic says the year two Grantham Junkyard will shut Tech down. Still, the prospect of a breakdown or two on defense….a fumble is a terrible time or place (see UGA vs SC) is terrifying. To lose to the Nerds, especially in a year where we are playing for the SEC championship, would be horrific.
    If Murray is on….If the defense is on….If we have running backs….
    If we get an “honest” officiating crew…..we win and big. Remove any of these factors and we get a scare at best. Georgia is a better team..they should win…but so was Clempson. I keep thinking about that Clepson/nerd game…the nerds played perfectly…..Clempson was over confident. I don’t think they took GT as anything other than a bump in the road. Clempson’s defense does not stack up UGA’s. …..After all the hand wringing…Georgia by 12.


  19. JW

    We all know it’s because the SEC is over-rated. Tech is 1-9 against their main SEC counterpart. Thats close to even.


  20. Trbodawg

    It’s got to be because we don’t play at a ‘neutral’ site…


  21. Babyfarts McGeezax

    I just found our winner for StingTalk thread of the year: