Another reason to love the Mumme Poll

If Arkansas pulls off the upset today and it along with ‘Bama and LSU finish with one loss apiece – all to each other – the decision as to which of the three moves on to the SECCG involves a complicated shuffle involving the BCS standings.  Part of the math for those, of course, involves the Coaches Poll rankings.  No worries, mon.  Bias or blatant self-interest never come into play here, right?

Guess which SEC West coach doesn’t have a vote in the Coaches Poll this season.


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9 responses to “Another reason to love the Mumme Poll

  1. timphd

    This weekend I am an Auburn fan. I DO NOT want to see the rematch of the “Game of the Century”. Would rather have LSU/anybody than LSU/Bama again. Of course, I would love for the Dawgs to knock out LSU, but from what I hear they would likely still play for the MNC even with a loss to Georgia as long as they beat Ark. which I believe they will. Go Dawgs! Beat Tech.


  2. Puffdawg

    Selfishly, I’d like to see LSU win for two reasons: (1) want coaches to know who we are facing next week asap for preparations and (2) if we somehow pull it off I want to have beaten the consensus #1. For now, beat tech.


  3. Grafton

    All I want for Christmas is a win over LSU. I live in Baton Rouge so I get all kinds of ugly looks from folks down here because I’m always wearing my UGA garb. Oh how great it would be to not hear any coonasses yelling “Tiga Bait” at me when I leave the house. Although I understand why they are so crazy about their tigers because LSU is all they have, I’m serious it’s all they have. Its kind of sad.


  4. If Ark beats LUS today(I don’t think they will) does UGA play Bama in SECCG? And don’t we match up better with Bama than the Hat’s boys? And will the screwing of Ark cause total chaos or just make most people think that karma is a bitch and Patrino had it coming?


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Many already know this, so I post for the few, and to make sure I have it right.

    First, if LSU beats Arky, then LSU is in regardless what Bama does.

    Second, Bama must beat Auburn to have a three way tie; that is necessary but not sufficient (see above).

    If Arky beats LSU, and Bama beats Auburn, then you have your three way tie, and:

    First, toss out the team with the lowest BCS rank this Sunday.

    If the highest ranked team is more than 5 spots above the second highest ranked team (again in the BCS standings), the the highest ranked team goes regardless who won their head to head.

    If the two highest ranked teams are within 5 places of each other, then the heads up winner goes.


    • Thanks, but I feel like I just had the Rule against Perpetuity explained to me…I know what it says but that doesn’t mean I have any idea what it really means or how its applied. Does it mean we just go back to the pollsters and computers beauty contest….who they like best out of one loss teams? And does Patrino get screwed because I’m ok with that.


  6. AusDawg85

    I suspect Saban will now have time for that sh*t.


  7. Cojones

    I just hope we f-stars-k the s-stars-t out of Tech.