Mr. Congeniality

Bobby Petrino didn’t think much of Les Miles’ decision to kick a field goal to go up 41-17.

Last week, Miles got grief for taking a knee with five minutes to go in the Ole Miss game.  Now it’s for running up the score.  Life in the SEC…


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41 responses to “Mr. Congeniality

  1. Dave

    What a bunch of sissy-ass whiners. It reminds me of our fans during the 90s with Spurrier. I never hated him as much as hated the fact we let him do that to us.

  2. Xon

    Bobby Petrino whining about someone running up the score on him is like [insert hypocrisy-illustrating analogy here].

  3. WH

    As my father used to say: “Oooooo, what he said…”

  4. 1980's

    If I were more sober, I’d say something bad about Bobby Petrino other than “I HATE HIM”!!!!! Even when he loses it sucks!

    • X-Dawg

      Formerly 1980’s. But the sentiments remain.

    • Brandon

      Many Auburn fans still covet him it is sad to say.

      • 81Dog

        sad, but completely predictable. Chin Gizik is one more 7-5 season from being run out of town. I think Cam Newton’s money comes off their salary cap for next year, though, so maybe he can score big in the free agent market again this off season.

  5. 81Dog

    What did Petrino expect Les to do, take a safety? Even if it was a blatant display of bad sportsmanship and running up the score (which it wasn’t), it was against Bobby Petrino, so everyone else in the free world is applauding the Hat’s decision.

    Petrino is like Paul Johnson with a grownup offense and players with actual talent. Hard to say which of them would win a douche-off. I guess that would be the ultimate meteor game, wouldnt it?

    • papadawg

      Petrino v. Johnson in the Ultimate Douche-Off? That would have to be a Pay-Per-View cage match for the decades. My money is on… Hell, I can’t decide!

  6. Chuck

    Petrino is a prick.

    • Chuck

      Upon further review I think I need to apologize for my comment, “Petrino is a prick.” To all the pricks of the world, I’m sorry for equating you to Bobby Petrino.

  7. SouthGa Dawg

    Before today, I thought LSU was the best possible matchup for UGA. After the second half, I’m really concerned about the safety of some of our players. As Les said a few weeks ago, they play “big boy” football. I don’t think anybody in the country including Bama wants any of that. Now, on to the Flats – Tuck Feck and PJ too!!!

    • Robby

      They are good, but remember the week Ark had with a death of a player just 5 days ago. They were emotionally out of it after they got up and LSU tied it. It was over after that. LSU, at home, vs a terribly mentally wounded opponent, with no running game speak of, was going to be ugly late. We have a chance IMO.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        “with no running game”……What do you think WE have in that department right now?

      • MT

        The 1st half when Arky wasn’t trailing and actually could run a balanced Offense, they looked pretty good. Arky also doesn’t have nearly as good of a D as us tho

        For me, the SECCG is all about the two stats that have been thrown around the past week or two: turnovers & explosive plays

  8. George

    Guess when he ran for a touchdown with 3 minutes left against Mississippi State, that it was different?

  9. Mike

    One wonders if Petrino would have felt better had Les gone for it on 4th down?

  10. Russ

    Petrino is a dick. I wish Miles had actually run up the score.

    Oh, and I’m not looking forward to playing LSU. We’ll need our A(uburn) game against them to have a chance.

  11. Russ

    Oh, and the more I see Dana Holgerson at WVU, the more I think Bill Stewart was right.

  12. Macallanlover

    So exactly how much better is the West? Arkansas was considered by the brilliant poll system to be the #3 team in the country before today and one of the teams UGA was “lucky to have dodged” . Looking at their boby of work I see they beat Vandy by 3 in a come from behind win, Ole Miss by 5, beat A&M by four in another come from behind win, got blown out by the two top in the West by 24 each, and beat SC by about the same score UGA did (minus the give away points.) Taking nothing from Arkansas because they are a good team, like we are, but all other schools lose on a comparison basis with what LSU and Bama have done. Despite all the bluster, UGA is every bit as good as Arkansas this year.

    LSU is perhaps the most legitimate #1 rated team I have ever seen. Not saying they cannot be beaten on certain days, but they have beaten 7 rated teams, including three Top 10 teams, and have done so by an average of 3 TDs. Lot of weapons on offense, solid defense with great athletes and depth, ST players whether kicking or receiving, and a coach that is as good as there is, imo. It will take quite an effort next week and I am advising all of you right now, don’t give any points, they can play us straight up.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Psssst. We’re gonna get killed.

      • Macallanlover

        We probably have a 10% chance of winning this year (next season it could be a pretty even battle) , but why would you think it could be a blowout? That is possible to, but just as unlikely. If we get beat by more than 3 TDs we will have to contribute to it by handing points to them. Honestly, you don’t think we are better than to make a concession like that? I am not surprised you are wowed by LSU, I think the whole nation outside Alabama is, but I am surprised you don’t see how consistent our defense has been.

        • gastr1

          The thing to be concerned about is not what our defense allows but what the other units on the team give them. We could easily end up with a similar score to the Arky game because we allow a couple of big returns, turn the ball over in their end, INT return for TD, etc.

        • Hogbody Spradlin

          Scotch man, I’m not 100% serious, but close. I think our Jimmies and Joes are as good as theirs, but teams with chemistry on a roll are tough.

  13. D.N. Nation

    My condolences to Alabama for not playing in the BCS Championship Game, because as everyone knows, You Can’t Play For The National Championship If You Don’t Win Your Division.

    And if they do, then they’re in the same fraudulent, underserving sh*theap as ’01 Nebraska.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      D.N. I may be dumb trying clear thought, but Alabama is probably pretty deserving, based on their season.

      I aniticipate a response: so were we in 2007. My response would be that LSU jumped us in 07 because they played a tough game when were were idle, and because we got waxed badly in our losses. Not every deserving team gets to go to the big game. We were the best team in the country in 07. The real slight (or the real dodge) was the Rose Bowl picking a Zooker team because they were scared of us.

  14. PatinDC

    Question. If LSU wins next week against UGA and goes to the MNC game. Who plays in the Sugar Bowl?

  15. Biggus Rickus

    Maybe turnovers and special teams breakdowns will lead to a comfortable LSU win, but Georgia will not be utterly dominated like Arkansas was in the second half.

    • Macallanlover

      That is may analysis as well, our defense can keep us in any game. If we have turnovers of the SC variety where we just gift-wrap 24 points, or if we cover kicks like we did against Florida, we could get beat by 3-4 TDs. But I think UGA and Bama are the only SEC teams capable of making next Saturday a competitive game, and the only two who could play them a complete game.

      Make no mistake, LSU is the best team in the country, no doubt in my mind, but nothing should be conceded. Our players are capable of taking them down, maybe one game out of ten.

  16. William C. McCalley

    LSU is a great team. But the Dawgs are a very good team, and we have a better defense thean ARK. If we can get by GT and have our confidence up, we can play with those boys from Baton Rouge. Don’t be too quick to say we are going to get killed….that is exactly what everyone said about Iowa State last weekend…football is a funny game, and even a team as great as LSU can be had on one of those special days. Go Dawgs!

  17. Spike

    “…a Douche off..” Now that is classic. Thanks for making my day. Go Dogs!!

  18. JaxDawg

    Headline from next Sunday…..”Someone forgot to tell the Georgia players they didn’t have a chance”.

  19. AusDawg85

    I think the quote is attributed to Ol’ Bobby B…I’ll quit trying to score when you quit trying to catch up.

    Elsewhere: Odds on an UGA illegal procedure penalty on our first play in the Dome?

  20. Bobby Pertrino has a long way to go to catch-up with Pete Carroll.