Conan, what is best in life?

The barbarian sums up walking out of Bobby Dodd Stadium on the right side of the score.

It’s become a familiar feeling, although it never gets old.

Consider this your game day thread.


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101 responses to “Conan, what is best in life?

  1. Spence

    Dear Georgia Tech,

    Go fuck yourself.

    That is all.


    The Good Guys.

  2. simpl_matter

    The photo up on for the last few days, the one of the tech player #83 with a hedge branch in his mouth from 2008, doesn’t that guy look a lot like the shirtless tech grad A.Murrray took a photo with during his FSU Natty Lite weekend? I think it’s the same chode.

  3. ssi_bulldawg

    Conan is spot on, but given Tech’s coed policy, we probably won’t hear too much lamenting.

  4. Silver Creek Dawg

    I agree completely with Conan.

    That being said, it’s kind of hard to understand the lamentations of the women if it’s all in a foreign language or in grunting noises.

    FUCK TECH! I hate nerds (and my brother is one, but I love him except for today).

  5. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    That is 37 seconds of comedy gold, beginning with the pop psychology non sequiter, “My fear is that my son will never understand me.”

  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Don’t see much need to pay attention to the lamentations of their women. Best to steer clear of most of them.

  7. 81Dog

    the only flaw in this philosophy as it applies to Tech is this: how can we hear the lamentations of their women if they dont have any women? If a lonely Tech nerd weeps in solitary grief, does he make a sound?

    he probably does sound like a woman, though. No offense to women.

  8. Hogbody Spradlin

    8:20 second qtr. Murray must have been hungover last week. Pretty sharp so far.

    • Bevo

      Gotta hand it to Bobo and the offense today. Defense played well again also. We’re going to need both to show up big time next week.

      Get well soon to big #94.

      Watching Tech get dominated never gets old.

      • Are you crazy?

        Bobo sucked as usual.

        Our super star players made some amazing plays despite some incredibly stupid calls and random moments of extreme conservatism.

        And what’s with our o-line’s totally inability to make ANY holes for the offense.

        We barely even tried on offense in the second half. No killer instinct, as usual.

        Someone please hire Bobo away.

        • Russ

          Excellent sarcasm, sir!

        • Brandon

          Great Moments in Muckbeast Family History:

          London, 1940:

          Muckbeast’s Great Grandfather: “Who the fuck is this Churchill guy? He has no vision, we’ve made a grave mistake dumping Chamberlain the hero of Munich”

          Washington, D.C. 1972

          Muckbeast’s Grandfather:

          “George McGovern baby. The. Next. President. No doubt about it.”

          Muckbeast’s Father, 1990

          “I’m sticking with the old trusty typewriter. This computer thing is just a fad.”

          Seriously Muckbeast, I do give you credit for being consistent though, most of the others who have shared your views have run for cover during this ten game winning streak. It takes guts to forcefully voice your opinion when its unpopular, my hats off to you even if you are wrong as hell.

        • timphd


          You must be joking. I hope you are. Bobo called his best game of the year today. No running backs to speak of, using corner backs to run tailback and Tech knew it and still Bobo called a game that got 31 honest to goodness hard earned points. I only had issue with one of his series when he ran Thomas up the middle on 2nd and 10 and gave up the sack on 3rd down to take them out of field goal range. Other than that I thought he called an awesome game.

          • adam

            Actually should’ve scored a few more TD’s too. We didn’t get any help from the refs and a had a few mistakes.

            Bobo did call a great game, though.

          • Cojones

            Yeah, but you missed Bevo’s nonsarcasm. I like his sincere expression of not knowing didly about this team and it’s great coaches. You made up for quite a bit of hate-Bobo rant today, son. Aw, go ahead, get in line to get on the bus. Bring booze, we are running out. We have enjoyed this season a leetle too much. You guys now can enjoy the rest with the entire Dawg Nation.

  9. scooter329

    I reeeeeally want to lay in on these cheap ass chop blocking, bullshit management degree, high school offense, nerd loving assholes today.

  10. scooter329

    Can’t be too unhappy with the first half I suppose…though I really hope Grantham has some adjustments for the second half…and lays into his boys a bit about missed tackles. Offense looked pretty good considering we apparently have no running backs….wtf is up with Crowell?

    Hope we can put some points on the board to start the second half and pull away from these douches…really would be nice to get up big so we can get some of the first string defenders out and not lose anyone to a cheapass cut block….but I really just want a win….always forget how much I hate Tech until the game comes around.


      Scooter…good question about Crowell. It didn’t seem to bother him a bit that he wasn’t playing. I’m glad he was happy that the Dawgs were prevailing, but I worry about his sense of competitiveness. I guess we should understand that he is a work in progress and that CMR will know how to get him where he should be. Still, I was hoping to see him in the game, if only as a decoy. As it turns out…I gladly needed not to worry.
      Maybe LSU will be his breakout game. Gonna be interesting.

  11. ScooBoo

    Just saw on the @ajcgatech twitter feed that the stadium is chanting “to hell with Georgia” during Redcoat tribute to Larry Munson. #classless

    • Skeeter

      Hmm, wonder if AJC was braggin’ or complainin’?

    • dan

      you mean the 40% of the stadium that is tech fans?

    • Stephen

      This definitely happened. It was the loudest cheering of the night from the student section.

      The Tech students had a PATHETIC turnout. The large student section was never more than 3/4 full, and the smaller section (under that horrible jumbotron) was 1/4 empty the entire time. Despite this, the Tech fans behind me got really bent out shape when the Redcoat band had THE NERVE to interrupt one of the stupid jumbotron techno numbers with a round of “Paint It Black.”

      • Cojones

        Just think how Munson would have smiled when they are singing while gettin’ their asses beat. Yep, and letting that cigar end puff smoke as he enjoys the irony.

        Journalist in the postgame meeting with Johnson, ” Other than the 3 points you helped Walsh to deliver to UGA, how did you like the rest of the game?”

  12. Russ

    In case anyone is wondering, these announcers REALLY suck! They even screwed up the tribute to Munson. Just horrible.

    • The Rodfather

      No joke, I thought that Bob Davie with Mark Jones was the worst combo ever but this nubnutz Ed Cunningham proved me wrong. I would rather listen to Pam Ward over this dickhole. To Hell with GT, congrats to the Dawgs! GATA!

      • Zdawg

        These guys were the worst. And that is saying a lot. They were so removed from the game and the rivalry, that the toolbag color guy was lambasting Richt for not taking Murray out in the beginning of the forth quarter. Then Tech scored and it was ‘ok’ that Murray was back in there.

  13. scooter329

    Yeah…the announcers do suck…playing the UF game call and saying it’s a big call from this rivalry…also gotta love a game being on ESPN so we can hear about the Ohio State/Michigan game every five mins and plenty about the NBA lockout….

    • Skeeter

      After all, Ohio State and Michigan are 1 & 2 in the polls.

      • UGLYDAWG

        They were so lame that I actually turned the sound off until my son threatened to throw out the rest of the sweet potatoe pie if I didn’t turn it back on.
        There’s no doubt that Ohio State/Michigan was the most important game of the century. Maybe they’ll show the highilights of it during halftime at the superbowl this year.

        • Cojones

          That’s a REALLUGLYDAWG threatening to throw out sweet potato pie. Punishment would entail strapping a radio onto his head when Paul Johnson is in postgame enterview. Sweet potato pie!! Does that chile speak Yankee? That’s the next bad habit they develop.

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      I wonder if Kevin Butler ever lets Drew try on his national championship ring.

  14. Boz

    Love shitforbrains calling for CMR to pull Murray with 3 minutes to go in the 3rd. These guys are awful.

    • Skeeter

      LOL, called him Honeybear! The announcers so hip to what the groovy kids are saying on Facebook and the Twitter.

    • Zdawg

      Ok I am fed up, and I need to get this off my chest. Sorry about the length. Below are a few recommendations that I wish broadcasters would heed before I end up kicking a puppy and clawing my ears off next time I listen to an ESPN crew:

      Be wary of bringing in canned narratives into the game. Be willing to update or completely disregard a narrative based on the reality of what you are seeing on the field. If player A is not known for his breakaway speed, then do not remind the viewers of this struggle as he breaks away from the defense and creates separation by using his speed. If you’ve decided coach B is too cautions and rarely takes risks, do not point this out as as he goes for it on 4th and 2 inside his own 30 yard line for the second time in the game.

      Watch the play. No really. WATCH THE PLAY. Do not state the obvious and move on to some frivolous discussion about how many Peachtree roads there are in Atlanta. In EVERY play, there are at least four things worth noting that the casual observer may or may not notice. Tell them about a big block that fired up the sidelines despite the fact that the punt return was only for a few yards. This may take effort. This may take some time looking at the replay. You may actually need to stop talking and think for a moment.

      If it takes more than 15 seconds to mention a flag on the field, please find another line of work. Flags are crucial parts of the game that build and takeaway momentum. If you are too busy chatting about a coaches post game kiss with his wife than actually noting a critical holding call, maybe its time for you to try your luck on voiceovers.

      First impressions of a play or a call are sometimes wrong. Do not stick by your guns when the video replay clearly shows the opposite is true. You just multiplied your stupidity by huge increments of stubborn.

      Tell me about the history of a rivalry. The recent and the far back history. Tell me how loud the fans sound, what the emotion is like on the field, what the strategy of the coaches may use. What are the strengths and weaknesses of a team? Be SPECIFIC. Generalizations are for lazy people. Stay away from tired narratives such as ‘looking ahead’ or general statements about ‘what a team is thinking’. A team has around a 100 players. They are not all thinking the same thing.

      Feel free to add more

  15. wwkinch

    Just left Wal-Mart……had to get a pair of boots to wade my way out of the shit we just beat out of Tech! Fuck u Johnson……signed, former special education teacher. Not kidding about teacher part btw.

  16. TennesseeDawg

    Assume the position, nerds

  17. Nate Dawg

    Aaaaaaughhhhh. Never gets old.
    Thanks for that timeout & those extra 3pts- Coach Genius. Not that we needed them..

  18. charlottedawg

    I can see why the nerds were hoping wishing and praying we’d fire richt he owns them. Count me as one of the people who thought Richt couldn’t win anymore at the beginning of the year and have loved every minute of being proven a million percent wrong. way to go guys!


    It looks like Tech re-installed Reggie Ball!
    The “Genius” totally screwed up. The trick play on the first play of the game was stupid. He should have run his offense.
    I’m glad we won by 14…..should have been more….but what a thing it would have been to have won by 2, since Einstein gave us the three! That would have been something……
    We had a couple of mistakes…..running out of bounds and not getting the first down at the end of the first half…..Murray taking the deep sack to take us out of FG range,…but that’s about it!!!
    It’s SO sweet to go to church tomorrow and not see techmites swarming everywhere (they only come out on the occasional Tech big-win).
    I’m one big, happy, Uglydawg this evening. I’m gonna eat sweet potato pie and drink coffee and watch football the rest of the evening. Life is indeed, good for Dawg fans tonight….And kudos to the coaching staff…great job!

    • Cojones

      You forgot the “Genius” called timeout to give Walsh another shot at the three; – and making it! A thing of beauty it was with “dumbshit” written all over it. It was the most savory of all the points scored. Yummy!

    • Skeeter

      Sweet potato pie and coffee! Love it!


    Corso and Herbstreet are stupid turds. Of course they picked us to lose.
    Bo Jackson tried to tell them how stupid they are, but they are so blinded by their jealousy of the SEC that they still picked Tech. What a joke those two nose pickers are.

  21. Is anyone sick and tired of Gary Danielson saying, “We didn’t play one of the SEC West 3.” We would wear Arkansas out this year. We’ll find out next week in the Dome. Everyone said we had no chance in 2005 either. Let’s GATA!


      Gary Danielson’s hair always smells like s@#t because he keeps his head up his ass.
      Have you heard anyone mention the potential of this Dawg team for the next two years? That’s the BIG story I think people are missing.
      Dream team two is on the way!

    • heyberto

      Oregon did and lost. So why not us? (Not saying I think we belong in the discussion, but apparently Oregon sure as hell didn’t).

      • Leaving the Dome on September 3, I sure as hell didn’t think we would be back 3 months later. I’m not sure we can win, but we’ll put on a better show than the supposed #3 team in the country did yesterday.

  22. The other Doug

    It’s good to be the king!


    At what point of the game did the nerds start shuffling back to their dark abodes?
    Was there any chanting (directed at Einstien, of course) of SEC, SEC! ?

    Did you get your “money’s worth” on the sidewalk after the game…did you give them all hell for all the Dawg fans (like me) who were watching from our living rooms?

    • BeardDawg

      Alot started filing out when we went up 21. SEC chants started with about 8 min. to go and it was obvious that Tech had given up. And we certainly got our money’s worth out of “It’s great to be a Georgia Bulldog” on the way out. I was telling all of them I was on my way to Walmart for a victory sixer!

  24. Stephen

    Overheard from the Tech fans in my section (with about 6 minutes left to go):

    Small child: “Daddy, why are we leaving? Is it over?”
    Dad: “It’s over enough.”

    My whole family just burst out laughing.

  25. 81Dog

    WE FRY THIS STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. heyberto

    Stingtalk is about to implode. The merits of Paul Johnson are being debated as if the GT fanbase has been divided into two factions like Democrats and Republicans debating Barack Obama. It’s glorious.

  27. Scott

    My favorite GT Messageboard post on the subject of ending the GT/UGA series bc they lose so often:

    “We don’t need talent to be competitive. Our TO scheme allows us to be competitive. We are literally one Vad Lee away from being competitive….

    In my opinion we are a few offensive plays and players from dominating this series. Don’t go into suicide watch. Focus on 8 wins and the bowl game.”

    • scooter329

      Yeah….I have to admit I’ve indulged in a bit of Tech messageboard lurking today. I’ve been wondering though…I don’t follow much recruiting outside of UGA…but I thought Vad Lee was a 3 star athlete that wasn’t all that highly recruited…is he some diamond in the rough or is Tech’s recruiting just that sad that he’s supposed to be their savior?

  28. Scott

    So the SEC # 8 team Vandy is on the road beating ACC #6 team Wake Forest 34-7 in the 3rd quarter. SEC #4 UGA already beat ACC # 3. But if you disregard LSU, Alabama and Arkansas, and then match the top 3 ACC with the bottom 3 SEC, they are basically even…on paper.

  29. SlobberKnocker

    Oh how Bobo has grown:

    Said Bobo: “We were trying to mix them up, give them something different … Our base plan for the game was to be balanced, but as the game went on I thought the best way to win was by throwing.”

    • Scott

      Never thought those words would come from those lips.

    • Brandon

      Bobo has always been good, he has just been nitpicked to death by people to blind to see our main problem was defense and was disproportionately blamed for 45-42 losses and games where our defense surrendered touchdowns on four straight possessions to start a game and never gave him a chance to run his gameplan.

      • Cojones

        You now have an “Amen” , sir.

      • Spence

        You are oversimplifying, but there is truth in what you say. Bobo has improved, and the defense does not give up 40+ (or 30+) anymore.

        • Brandon

          We finished 3rd in the SEC in scoring offense in 2008 against SEC competition, 1st in 2009, and 3rd again last year, we are actually 4th this year. What has changed is our defense has gotten consistently better after being 10th and 10th in 2008 and 2009. I am not going to let these people off the hook by trying to say Bobo has “improved” this year, and that is why things are different. Otherwise we don’t properly learn the lesson that these last few years of pain should have taught us, and that is that playing defense is not optional, you might can be consistently good in other conferences with just an offense but not our conference.

          • Cojones

            You now have two “Amen”s. The improvement has been in the perception of the beholder. When arrogance and buttheadedness mix……

            Let there be no doubt that we have the best staff, bar none in college football. Hope the whiners have healed by the time something else unlucky happens to our team and they may have to be loyal to a team that is not going to win the NC every year. The jerks have certainly unimpressed me with their football knowledge.

  30. Brandon

    Granny Holtz just said Alabama should play LSU in the SEC championship, f**k that guy, seriously espn is horses**t

    • mant

      This was just hours after defending the Dawgs against May and Davis. Immediately after our game, and the all important Ohio State – Michigan update, May starts trashing us against LSU and Davis starts agreeing. They are talking the Dawgs schedule and whatnot and Granny says we can’t help who we play. I was in shock. Granny was getting upset as well. I actually watched it multiple time because I couldn’t believe he was defending the Dawgs. That is some amazing ability to talk out both sides of the mouth…

  31. Irishdawg

    Dear Tech fans,
    This misery you’re feeling is unlikely to improve anytime soon, so please all kill yourselves, you classless, low rent sons of bitches.

    • and shoot one auburn scum before you do yourself

    • john galt

      I was on Marta after the game, and a maggot that had been sitting there quietly says “good luck next week” as he was getting off at his stop. The doors closed and I thought, gee, that was classy. THEN it dawned on me: that little prick was being smart. GATA. We own those little bitches. The only reason they honored Munson is so we don’t drop those dbags off our schedule once the sec expands. Lord knows they make a fortune off playing us at $75 a pop. What a bunch of pussies. Go Dawgs!

      • Zdawg

        Sooo…a Tech fan slips out the door and mutters something that you don’t immediately interpret as an insult? Never underestimate the potential of spineless douchebaggery.

  32. DawgPhan

    Just enjoyed yelling at the nerds all day. I always love tailgating at the Varsity…even after the game that place was rocking.

  33. W Cobb Dawg

    Guess there’s no love lost between CMR and Paul “bare” Johnson. Looked like Johnson wanted to say something during the brief handshake, but CMR had already turned away and wasn’t interested in listening.

  34. W Cobb Dawg

    A rare quadrella by CMR. Beat our rivals UT, FU, Awbie and Yech.

  35. Cojones

    What’s best in life?

    Malcome up the middle. BOO!!

  36. Russ

    Geez, how fat is Charlie Weis? I love watching FU stumble around.

  37. Boz

    Lived that our band drowned out theirs the whole show and that there was more red in the stands than yellow. And fuck them for chanting during the Munson tribute. Trust me, it sucks getting owned in a series (see UF vs UGA), but that was unwarranted.