Thanks, Boom.

Obviously, we never had the complete picture of Richt’s search for Willie Martinez’ replacement.  Grantham was in the mix early on, as Richt went out to meet him at his house two weeks after canning his defensive coordinator.

What’s interesting is how Grantham’s name came to Richt’s attention.

… When he was searching for a coordinator, Richt heard good things about Grantham from Will Muschamp, then-defensive coordinator at Texas and now head coach at Florida. He said he knew that other coaches talked to Grantham in the offseason about blitzing concepts and knew about his relationship with Saban.

I bet Muschamp was patting himself on the back for that during the fourth quarter in Jacksonville.


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10 responses to “Thanks, Boom.

  1. Brandon

    Just another success story in our Manchurian Coach operations.


  2. Siskey

    Thanks Boom. I feel that you are maybe a DGD after all especially in light of your hiring Weiss and your refusal to run Burton when you had the lead.
    Go Dawgs!


  3. Spike

    Go Noles! The enemy of my enemy is my friend.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Old news.


  5. JaxDawg

    Was talking with a group of Gators yesterday, guys in their 40’s who are the typical arrogant, spoiled Gator fans but (as much as they try to forget) clearly recall the pre-Spurrier days of their youth. They are disappointed with this year but chalk it up to being a year closer to dominance, whether that be next year or the next. See for them, it’s not a matter of if they will return, it’s when. So losing to GA this year “is no big deal” since “we’ve owned GA for 20 years” and have “been to like 12 SECC games and won 3 national titles while you guys are just going to your 4th and haven’t won shit”. And for good, bitter measure they added “LSU is going to kill you guys”. I could be an asshole like them and say something smarmy like “welcome back to the 80’s”, but I usually smile and let is slide, knowing that losing to GA frustrates them to no end and that their proud program is currently in shambles. Simply laughing about Meyer to OSU provides enough salt in their wounds.

    With all that said, I expect FL to improve next year since Boom will have them working their asses off in the offseason. I do expect to beat them in ’12 and look forward to winning the next 4 of 6 from those arrogant, spoiled, whiny jerks.


    • Cojones

      Similar experience in a favorite bar last week where I was surrounded on both sides by gators. I told them they had to have patience (they nod in agreement) , they have the best D and O coaches in college football (again they nod), that Meyer is an ahole who done them wrong (more vigorous nodding) and as soon as they get their usual highly ranked class of recruits in it will all be better (all nodding , except one eyeing me closely)…..when one of them said ,”You ain’t serious ’bout any of that shit are you?”

      You know you’ve had one too many when the corner of your mouth turns up inadvertantly on one side right in the middle of your best puton/putdown that was at the moment of just getting to their hearts through their assholes.


  6. I usually pull for the SEC Team but this Old Gator Hater, & Bobby Bowden Fan, will definitely be for the Noles Today. Got to pull for USCe against Clemson. I Like It when GATA changes to “Get After Tech’s Ass”. Go Dawgs.


  7. Mike Cooley

    Go Seminoles. Kick them when they are down. And then kick them again, and again, and again. I guarantee you they wouldn’t think twice about it.


  8. Chadwick

    Richt played that coaching search well. He had to know Foster, Chavis and Kirby were long-shots, but had to do due diligence. I’m sure he also thought that by speaking to Foster and Chavis he would be lead to a guy they respected who could provide the GATA that Martinez lacked. Well played, Mark Richt.


  9. FRED

    CMR knew that Martinez was finished as a coach years before he made a move on him. CMR kept him on because they were friends and because of that friendship we suffered for years as fans