Quote of the day, #2

“This was too big of a game to overlook. It’s one of the biggest games of the year for us,” Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray said. “It’s a good feeling to know you won’t have to deal with Tech fans all year now … for another 365 days of trash talking.”



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  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Ok, QB 1, I am now ready to concede, you pretty good…not like a real tailback, but pretty good.

    I still firmly maintain the prettiest pass play in college football is the toss sweep, but Aaron, you pretty good at what you do.

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Clear eyes, full hearts and LSU in the dome….and yeah, Larry, I am thinking of you.

  3. The other Doug


  4. timphd

    All the calls for Hutson Mason, where are you now? And Bobo IS a good OC and showed it yesterday in beating the genius. Go Dawgs! Beat LSU!

    • Cojones

      It would be interesting to hear from all fans whether they sincerely feel we can beat LSU. ESPN hyped the Bama/LSU game so high, they are caught in their own protracted arrogance net. They have discounted us completely. It would be interesting from a fan base standpoint to see who bought fully into their hype.

      They have pushed UGA down so far that no team light of knowledge will come on before this game. I not only did not buy into the superiority crap they spewed about LSU, but fully expect a toe-to-toe match in Atlanta. Depending on how fully Vegas has bought into the hype will depermine how much I will wager on this game. If I can get 3-1 odds (not points) or better, I’ll bet ther Dawgs even. Everyone should go to the LSU team sites, do your stats math, match with each player without prejudice, put it on paper and you will see that this matchup is better than the Bama/LSU matchup. It comes down to both O lines. If ours protects Murray, we win.

      • OKDawg

        We need healthy RBs to go toe-to-toe with LSU, IMHO. If our running game looks like the last 2 weeks with no real threat, I fear our OL will have a hard time giving AM any time to look through progressions against LSU’s blitz. Misdirection and passing-heavy offense will have limited success against LSU. We need at least one large body RB to dress and play well to keep ’em honest, and to help on blitz protection. If not, we need AM, our D, our ST, and our OL to play flawlessly. It’s possible, but some semblance of power running goes a long way in helping.

      • Faulkner

        Yes we can. Our D will be key in this game. If we can hold them to 10-14 points, then we have a shot. I foresee a low scoring game. We need to play our best 4 quarter game of the year.

        • ESPN might as well call itself the LSU flagship station right now… That being said, I expect a close game this Saturday but, and this pains me to say, I have to give the tigers a slight edge to pull out the victory just because they have played, and won, some awfully big games… aka ORE, ALA. I still say that this is a young team and we just started learning how to win big games this season after a rough couple of years… so I am really grateful to be in the game and get AM and the boys some great experience.
          Echoing similar sentiments about the running game… If we have a healthy IC back then I have no problems saying we CAN win it. Without him playing, and playing well, I don’t think we can keep their defense off balance enough to protect Murray and win it. But, Cojones, I will remind everyone all week that if we remain united and go in this game with confidence, we can beat LSU and the ESPN propaganda. Go Dawgs and GATA!

          • Cojones

            Your thoughts are pure, Junkyard. The perceived differences are correct as per OK, You and Faulkner(are you from Miss by any chance?). The need is also for us to be led by this believing team who will do us proud as have others in the past. These kids are showing us old farts how to contend with adversity. We should learn from their passion and confidence. Their attitude is to play their hearts out and leave it on the field. We should love all these guys no matter the outcome. And Mr Murray deserves the fan’s best at this game. SIC’EM!!

  5. UGA Illuminati

    Great win but we better find our running game before Saturday. We couldn’t mount any type coherent running attack. Murray was outstanding and Charles showed what kind of weapon he can be when needed.

    • Macallanlover

      You are on it, the Georgia OL will determine whether we can compete next Saturday. Just need some small cracks for a decent running game to keep them honest, and give Murray a chance to set his feet. If we get that, our offense will put up 20 on them. Without it, the defense will need to pitch a shutout, and as good as they have been, that isn’t happening. Hope Samuel has a chance to get back in form for this game. We could use a big back, capable of running very hard into that LSU front. And it wouldn’t hurt to have a big body to help protect AM from the LSU pass rush.

      • AusDawg85

        Bobo better line-up Figgins right behind Anderson. LSU is just going to abuse him, like nearly everyone else has. When you saw AM get flushed yesterday, it was from the right side. Fix that, giving Murray time to throw, and just enough of a running game to make the PA work, and we should be able to score.

        And despite how dominate our D has been, we’re going to have to score…a lot. LSU will run fresh legs at us the whole game. Even this D will get worn down if on the field for too long.

        We’ve been winning on D…time now for the O to have it’s best game ever.

        • Macallanlover

          True, I just hate to single players out that are trying, but still falling short. We do need to get help on the right side for pass protection, but we need run blocking help everywhere, even against weak defenses.

          And while we are at it, am I the only person that sees our left guard move just prior to every single snap? I am sure our opponents see it, why haven’t the coaches corrected it? He rocks to a set position one count before the ball is snapped. LSU doesn’t need any help getting to our backfield sooner.

          • adam

            He taps the center on the leg for the snap. That’s part of the silent count when we’re away from Athens.

          • Cojones

            You are correct, Mac. Saw that and some caving/pursuit into the backfield on the right. We got what we got and here’s hoping we have a great game. I’m still for gettin’ the horeshoe out of LSU’s ass for the celebration call on Green.

  6. Spike

    Let Figgins tote the rock sometime.

  7. Spike

    Murray’s comments would be news to the talking heads, e.g. Herbstreit, Corso et. al.

    • Chip Bankhead

      Both of their comments have tied for this year’s “most out of touch national analysis trophy” and that’s always a very deep field.

  8. W Cobb Dawg

    First time caller for CPJ’s next call in show. Woof! Woof! Woof!

  9. Will Trane

    Senator, who is hell is in love with Arkansas?

    Can you pull and publish the AP and USA ranking votes?

    Dawgs, you have something to play for now other than a shot at the SEC title. They do not respect you guys. Coaches and players should be pissed at the week 14 vote.

    • S.E. Dawg

      Will, I know how a lot of posters on here, including the Senator rather have the BCS system. We have never gotten the respect from the voters and probably never will. There’s just got to be something better.

  10. This quote shows me what I think I already knew and that Aaron is a smart kid. He already grasps the fact that beating Tech isn’t any big deal but losing to them really really (add as many really s as you deem appropriate) honks a big one. Motivation ,like everything, is two-sided and fear of failure can be just as motivating as desire for success. Every time we lose to the nerds in anything they forget that they are our bastard second cousins and talking smack like they think their our equals or something. That just can’t be tolerated and apparently Aaron understands that ,Give him an A and 3 hours credit in entomology and let him bag his classes until well after LUS.

  11. RedBone

    It will be a shame if we win and we aren’t even considered to play in the big one. I don’t see how LSU looses and still goes or Bama still being considered after not winning the conference. If LSU wins Sat. , they should just go ahead and give them the title since thats what they want anyway. It’s not fair to them that they have to play Bama again. I definetly won’t watch that game or anything else on ESPN after how they hate GA. Even Pollack won’t talk about us!!!!!