This is what a decided schematic advantage looks like.

This may be the first eighteen-yard loss quarterback sneak in the history of college football:


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32 responses to “This is what a decided schematic advantage looks like.

  1. Spike

    What a horrible game for both teams. Suck it Gators. Muschamp is another Ray Goff.

    • JaxDawg

      We can only hope J Foley will have as much patience with Muschamp as Dooley did with Goff (we all know he won’t).

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Ray Goff had one 10-2 season and one 9-3 season. I don’t see either in Boom-boom’s future.

      • Brandon

        Right, Goff was a good recruiter but just as Mike DuBose won an SEC championship, those records were in spite of Goff, give him credit for being able to bring in the talent though. That 92 squad should have been national champions though, with a half ass decent coach we would have been.

  2. timphd

    The pain in Gator land is exquisite. And it isn’t much better in Seminole land since both teams suck big time. It’s great to be a Bulldog!

  3. JasonC

    Here’s to Knoxville and Gainesville being in shambles for years to come.

  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Once again, folks in Florida and Tennessee learn relevance is a fleeting thing.
    I am, however, concerned Water Girl seems amused at her husband’s amorous nature.
    I hope Mark Richt’s last laugh is not coming sooner than we, suddenly, all seem to want.
    It sho is nice to be superior, above the fray on the moral high ground, and headed to Atlanta next week.

    • stop this talk SJ III… Stop it right now sir. I am enjoying my view on top of the moral high ground and was enjoying the bliss that comes from ignorance and now you want to go and screw that up for me/us? Please, just take it back and we’ll pretend you never said that.🙂

  5. PatinDC

    Saw it and laughed. It was a great weekend with UF being humiliated yet again and UT losing to KY to miss out on a bowl.

    Can’t wait to see UF in the Beef O Brady bowl or whatever leftover bowl they get invited too.

  6. Will Trane

    Other than Florida the SEC pounded the ACC over the weekend.

    Not sure when or if the “guarantee” coach at Florida continues under his contract. But, the recruits have not noticed. Knock the Gators all you want,but Florida and Florida State sit in the top 5 of the recruiting base. Look what CMR did with his “Dream Class”. Then, I’m not much of those recruiting blogs anyway…tne “beast”, the “stud” writers.

    Dawgs! Congrats on 10 wins in a rough. You deserve all the accolades coming your way. From the S&C after the end of 2010 thru the fall workouts in August you have come a distance. You did not get down after that 0-2 start. Some of us could see the potential in that lose to Boise. You have to watch the game a liitle closely.

    Alabama may be considered the best in the land. Frankly, the Dawgs handled Auburn much better than Bama. Late season games when more seems on the line.
    Let’s get this running game squared away Dawgs. Was it just me, but did Tech get some very favorable spots on the Dawgs, and maybe some holding calls.
    CMR is not a “guarantee” coach, but he sure as hell has Tech’s number.

  7. UGA Illuminati

    Fine work although I think leadership needs a discussion with Derek about the Kentucky loss. He can’t lose those type of games and get fired too quickly before complete dismantling is finished.

  8. Comin' Down The Track

    Full disclosure: I grew up deep in enemy territory… Central Florida… Gator Country. Granted, it was during the 70’s and 80’s, so being a Dawg was easy enough, but Coach Dooley’s last year as coach was my first year in Athens, and we know how things have gone since then.
    So now my insufferable Gator schoolmates from childhood are trying to be all humble to me in hopes that I’ll remember how gracious I was in victory lo those many years ago.
    I’m trying to remember if being gracious was worth it.

    • JaxDawg

      Don’t fall for their false humility, they didn’t have that even when they used to lose all the time.

      “Florida, all the arrogance of Notre Dame with the history of Vandy”, as the saying used to go. The moment they start to win again, and they will eventually, look for the arrogance and egregious hubris to reach new highs.

      Should be fun at the Jags game today watching those SOB’s sulk and pout.

      • Comin' Down The Track

        Thanks, Jax. Being polite is a weakness of mine. I’ll try to reign it in.
        It also just occurred to me that Coach Richt has weathered his own storm, and now overseen and partaken in the downfall of each of our chief rivals. This, I think, is notable as a hallmark of consistency as a program.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Actually JD, if you look up the history of college football Vandy was pretty good in the early 20th century. Florida–not so much.

  9. JaxDawg

    Let me also add that Trey Burton looks like a Puerto Rican hooker with that cheesy mustachio and gangster hair. I guess you could say he got taken down the dirt road by FSU on that 4th down play.

  10. goalinestalker

    7-10 win seasons in 11 yrs. From hot seat to contract extension. CMR did one thing that a lot coaches fail in doing, his players trusted the coach after 0-2 start and that’s buy in! Its awfully quiet here in the 904.

  11. Bulldog Joe

    Never thought I would say this but after a couple of games with Ed Cunningham, I am going to miss Bob Davie.

    • Garageflowers

      Unfortunately, +1.

    • Tronan

      I was thinking the same thing during the FSU-UF game last night. Davie sounds like Ron Franklin compared to Cunningham and like Keith Jackson compared to Andre Ware.

      We do not live in the golden age of sports broadcasting.

  12. Spike

    Maybe the Gators could play Tech in El Paso. Oh, man, would that be fun to watch.

  13. UGA70

    Wouldn’t a UF v Notre Dame Bowl game be a fun one to watch. Two of my most despised teams in CFB and watching to see where Weiss’ allegiance really lies.

    • Cojones

      You may not have caught the drift or innuendo of the sportscasters using ND’s record of wins to tout them for “a game in Orlando”. They don’t even qualify for the Citrus Bowl so the only thing you can come up with is matching a 4,5-loss team vs a 2-loss team. Lookout for the ESPN snub toward UGA in a major bowl. Saw their idea of a Sugar Bowl matchup was Michigan/Houston. What a shot at the SEC and UGA.

  14. Gator fans need to be thrown down a volcano with a glowing lava and deepest crater with no hope for salvation from Tebow. LOL

  15. Gators should not be allowed to have any breathing room from all the trashing they deserve. Stomp and bury them deep in the deepest despair.

  16. FSU is disappointing in that 18 yard sack. They should have sack him back on the one yard line of FU. LOL

  17. G Marmalard

    What happens to all those 5 stars at Florida? Every year they have a top recruiting class, but . . .