Perseverance pays: first SECCG week thoughts

I really, really like Groo’s take on what the winning streak means.

… As Saturday wound down, this was the question on my mind: was South Carolina’s 16-13 loss to Auburn the most shocking SEC regular season outcome in 2011? The Tigers lost to Alabama, LSU, Georgia, and Arkansas by a combined 170-45. None of those teams scored fewer than 38 points, none gave up more than 14 points, and none won by fewer than 24 points. South Carolina picked a bad time to have a poor game against a team that was a whipping boy for the rest of the top of the league. What’s more, they flopped at home and with Lattimore and Garcia in the lineup.

That Gamecock performance against Auburn is a good illustration why it’s so hard for any team to sustain winning over the course of a season. On any day, your starting quarterback can go 9-for-23, or your stout defense can give up 141 yards to a good tailback that didn’t manage but 67 YPG against the top four teams in the league. If Georgia had one of those games against, say, Florida, they were able to find a way to overcome it and still win. That’s why Georgia is representing the East this week, and they deserve to do so.

Was Georgia fortunate to avoid the big dogs of the West?  No doubt.  But that’s not the same thing as saying it was lucky to win the East.  Luck doesn’t account for 10-game winning streaks.  Not in this conference.  This team put in the work and ground it out week after week.  This trip to Atlanta has been fully paid for.

Okay, that’s the uplifting part.  The reward for all that is playing the best team in the country.  You don’t have to check the stats to confirm that, just the schedule.  LSU is the only team in the country with three wins over Sagarin’s top ten ranked schools.  No other team in the country has more than one.  But, yeah, since I mentioned the stats, consider this:  the SEC keeps a statistical ranking comparison at its official site of fifteen key stats and LSU leads Georgia in eleven of them.

More sobering information – Georgia is the fifth biggest underdog in the history of the SECCG.  As Marc Weiszer notes, “(t)he favorite has a 15-4 overall record is 8-9-2 against the spread…”

So it’s fair to say that I approach this game with a certain amount of trepidation.  But that’s just me.  The one huge advantage these Dawgs have going into this game is that they can afford to play without an ounce of fear in their hearts.  They have nothing left to prove at this point other than being deserving of sharing the field with the Western Division champs.

I don’t mean that in the sense that LSU is going to be burdened in some way by what’s at stake.  If there’s any team in the country which has proven its big game mettle this season, it’s LSU.

What I mean is that this is a game in which Georgia shouldn’t be burdened by timidity and uncertainty.  There’s no reason to wave Logan Gray out there to fair catch punts.  Richt doesn’t have to send a message to his team that they have to be tougher on third-and-short if they don’t want him calling for a field goal early against a CUSA squad in a meaningless bowl game.  No, they’ve proved themselves by regrouping and clawing their way into the title game.  They’ve accomplished their primary preseason goal.  In a sense, they’re playing with house money now.  They can afford to be a little loose.

That’s not the same thing as being reckless.  There’s nothing wrong with a bit of prudence when you’re playing a Miles-coached team.  Given Georgia’s special teams’ issues, guarding against a little trickeration in a tight game seems a wise move.  But that’s far from the same thing as trying to avoid the worst possible outcome of every play instead of trusting your players and coaches to make the right move and execute it.  This team has learned a lot about itself over the last ten games.  Now’s the time to apply those lessons.

It wouldn’t hurt if Isaiah Crowell were healthy for the entire game, either.


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  1. flukebucket

    I couldn’t help but laugh every time they showed Crowell on the sidelines Saturday. Giggling like a girl and chewing on his fingernails. Even if he is healthy for the championship game 4 or 5 carries and a good lick or two and he will be out of there. Saving himself for the pros you know.

    • Right, that’s it. I don’t know how the kid has managed to gain more than 800 yards this season (good for fifth in the conference) only carrying the ball 4 or 5 times a game.

      • gut feeling: crowell reads all the venom directed his way, is tired of it and plays his ass off saturday.

        • zdub

          Folks have had that gut feeling ever since the UF game. Ain’t happening. If he gets over 50 yards rushing in the SECCG I’ll be shocked.

          • Keese

            I’ve been griping about Crowell all season, but I’ll make a prediction about him in the sec champ game: he will have a MONSTER game. I see Crowell as a kid that plays big when there’s a big enough stage to feel like he needs to compete at his best. This is one of those games IMO.

            I expect Crowell to play out of his mind

      • mp

        The number of people sitting in front of their computers who could shake off a 350 lb lineman falling on their ankle sideways is amazing. Just rub some dirt on it!

      • Chuck

        Senator, as much as I respect your opinions and your noble defense of IC, being healthy enough to play and WANTING to play are two different issues. My sense is that if #29 had the same injuries as IC, you’d have to fight him to keep him off the field. I’d truly like to be wrong about this.

        • Scott

          First it was his ribs, then his wrist, then a shin contusion against Florida. None of the injuries caused Crowell to miss a complete game, but he has had to come out of games when coaches would prefer he was running the ball. Now he has the ankle problem which has caused him to miss games.

          During his senior year at Carver, Crowell played one game with a knee injury, but then missed the next six games, returning for the playoffs.

          Some guys are just injury prone. Crowell missed lots of games in high school, and this season is just a continuation of nagging injuries keeping him on the bench. Some guys would gut it out and play with a shin contusion. Could you see Bill Goldberg taking himself out a game for any of these injuries? If Goldberg could crawl, he was out there.

    • Anon

      You must really hate Trinton Sturdivant.

      You are one of the dumbest fans we have, and we would all be better off if you pulled for someone else.

  2. yurdle

    I hope to see us go out and execute plays. Run with Crowell, throw from play action, and let those ILBs loose on the offense. We may have a better chance of winning if we mix it up and throw some wrinkles in, but we’re not really a wrinkles kind of team.

    Give ’em nothing and make them take what they get.

  3. baltimore dawg

    whatever the outcome on saturday, in my opinion it won’t detract from the achievement of this season. to come from where the program was less than a year ago to playing in the seccg–when all the outward evidence suggested a death spiral–is remarkable under any circumstances.

    that said, i’m not conceding shit: death, taxes, and les miles inexplicably losing a game.

    • Cojones

      Let’s see, where did they relegate UGA during good ole SEC Days? Look what happened to the teams the writers picked ahead of us. So much for their ability to see who wins or loses. Let’em play!

  4. sUGArdaddy

    Hey fluke, no offense, by why don’t you go cheer for another team. I’m cheering for IC, not betting against him.

    Lattimore hasn’t made it an entire year either. And, gasp, Herschel didnt in ’80 either. Perhaps it’s hard for RBs to stay healthy cause they get hit a lot. Has that ever actually crossed your mind?

    • Keese

      You are correct. But think back to the Auburn game. Once Carlton was getting in some big runs late in the game…guess what, IC starts feeling much better. When things don’t go well or if he’s taking hits without good yardage, he takes himself out. If I had to guess, this is one of the reasons he was suspended for the 1st quarter after rumors of his disgruntlement with Bobo.

  5. timphd

    I know I may be crazy but I am really looking forward to seeing the game Saturday. I know UGA is rightfully a big underdog, if I were making the odds I would do that too. However, like you Senator, I think the Dawgs should be playing with house money and have already earned a place in my heart as a Damn Good Dawg team. I think if all breaks right they will give LSU a game and make it interesting till the end. Of course with all the good news breaking around here lately, how can we not feel good: Beating Tech while “looking ahead”, Gators called “soft” by their own coach, Meyer to OSU which makes the Gator nation miserable, and keeping Spurrier out of the SECCG. How good have the last few weeks been?

  6. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    If you want to see something that will warm your heart, go look at how the New Orleans newspaper is discussing the game. The LSU beatwriter posted today that the game “feels anticlimactic.” He’s also written an article (republished in todays AJC) speculating on whether LSU is the best team in college football history. I can only hope he is reflecting the attitude around Baton Rouge.

    • Who was it? Was it USC in 2005 that was the “best team in college football history”?

      By gum, I think it was.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Just about every year it seems that the top ranked team is anointed by some in the media as being “the best that has ever been” or “the greatest of all time.” There were actually some assholes saying that about Bama last season–before the Tide lost 3 games.

  7. Bevo

    Good post, Senator B. Fair treatment of the respective squads — can’t take anything away from LSU’s demolition of their unbelievably tough schedule, just like you can’t take anything away from 10 wins in a row.

    It’s going to take our best game, but I think Georgia can give LSU all the football they want. The biggest question to me at this point is which Georgia offense will show up on Saturday — Georgia’s Kentucky game offense or Georgia’s Auburn game offense?

  8. charlottedawg

    Couldn’t be prouder of our team and coach and yes I was one of the doubting thomases starting middle of 2010. I hope they play like they have nothing to lose and know they 100% deserve this opportunity. 10-2 (7-1) beating ut, uf, auburn, and tech is impressive, period. I hope these guys know they can give LSU all they can handle. as for the game itself the outcome will hinge on 3 things: 1) turnovers 2) special teams 3) being able to get some production out of our running game. in that order. Should LSU be a heavy favorite? absolutely. But the rule of conf. championship games is: if you’re in it, you could win it. See Nebraska in the first ever big 12 championship of UT in 2001. win or lose i hope this is the dawning of a new era for uga and mark richt, may they emerge stronger than they ever were before for many years to come.

    • Cojones

      Charlotte dear, we don’t care if you doubted them. Confessions of the faint at heart when things were tough fall on deaf ears. Either you are a fan through thick or thin or you ain’t a fan. When the Dawgs are down, a Dawg fan is down with them, empathizing with their hurt knowing they feel down as well. A fan doesn’t go around blasting team and staff as if they have to play to your standards. A fan doesn’t try to rip them asunder and demand their coaches jobs: not the coaches the players came to play their hearts out for and committed to before you ever knew their names. A true fan is most proud of their institution’s representative team. They take players into their hearts and feel the pride they and their families have that he is a Georgia Bulldog.

      All teams change every year. You get a new flavor every time. This is the Mark Richt-coached era when it is up or down. It doesn’t start again as if it went anywhere. You just left it when the going got tough and you have started your new era of fandom. Hope you can hang in there for your new era when we are down again. It’s a lot more fun than piling on. Remember, we are playing Bama next year and you should look at the history between these schools before deciding to not cheer for the Dawgs because they may lose. Teams have a way of making fans look foolish when fan loyalty turns on a dime and this team this year is no exception. I’ve found some DGD fans on here this year and hope others join to cheer when the team really needs to hear your voice. This team is different in that the tail is wagging the Dawg fan and are oblivious to our doubts. Thank God .

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Yo…Balls, are you saying he should get off the bus or what?

        Just because Bob Bishop helped fumble hiring Erk does not mean he love less and is not deserving our understanding…for instance.

  9. Cousin Eddie

    I expect Crowell to have a huge game. This is a game that he can use to put his name on the Biggest of Stages. If he is ever going to do anything in a Bulldog uniform it will be this weekend. I am not a IC fan, to me he hasn’t earned anything yet, and I typically refer to him as a prima donna pu$$y but this is what he wants, a chance to shine on stage. Strap it on and get some tough yards (I don’t mind eating my words).

    • Biggus Rickus

      Seriously, anyone who refers to any of these guys as a pussy with no firsthand knowledge can kindly go fuck himself.

    • Raleigh St. Clair

      If your vocabulary includes phrases like “primadonna pussy,” then you likely are an incredible idiot, and no one cares about your opinion any way.

      • Skeeter

        and you better be a verrry large dude

        • cousin eddie

          yes, no one cares about my opinion.
          I just haven’t been impressed with Crowell. Dude has more talent than heart. I would love to have that talent. Stand on the sidelines and chew your nails while your team truely needs you doesn’t impress me. If you are impressed by his will, you need to raise your standards. I would love to come on here next Monday and say I was wrong that IC will throw down with the best of them, to me (yes I know I’m an idiot, but opinions are like aholes everyone has one and most stink) he hasn’t lived up to all the talent he has. I see him just getting by until his jr year then having a record season before turning pro.
          See above I’m not the only one who questions his desire.

          • Hennigan

            Cousin Eddie, you are a douche.

          • Cojones

            Son, Your judgemental mouth is overloading your hypocritical ahole. You are judging a guy’s heart and playing ability by the way he chews his nails and talks to team members on the sideline. You ought to think about how foolish that seems to strike others before you post such judgemental bullshit on here.

  10. Derek

    First, there is no doubt that Crowell is the key. With him we are a team capable of playing with anyone. Without him we are very beatable.

    Second, IF we win where would it rank among our programs biggest wins? I would think it would fall right behind the Notre Dame Sugar Bowl. Given that a championship is on the line and it is against perhaps the most accomplished college football teams ever, I don’t see how it falls below 2nd.

    • yurdle

      It’s just the next game. History is written once the games are over.

      • I put this in another post but this game compares to the 84 Cotton Bowl against the Texas Longhorns. I believe they were an undefeated number #2 team and we were not given a chance to win it… Not sure about every detail, given I was seven at the time, but nice to know that in regards to the lack of respect thing, the more things change… the more they stay the same!

        • Especially the time of day in Dallas.

        • Russ

          I was there. We won that game with an opportunistic offense and stout defense. Texas had a beast of a defense, but we got the fumbled punt, and Lastinger put it in the end zone.

          I remember before the game this UT fan in front of us thinking he was being gracious by telling us that Georgia had a good team and everything, but they hadn’t seen a team like Texas. After the game, as this guy was about to cry, my friend just looks at him…ponders for a minute…then just says “nah, nevermind” like it wasn’t worth our time to kick him when he’s down. 🙂 A great moment in my mind.

          Our defense can certainly keep us in this game. Our offense will need to play smart and pick our spots. We can’t get frustrated when we get stopped 10 times in a row, because all we may need is that 11th time to win the game.

          • UGLYDAWG

            If I remember it right, Lastinger scored late in the game, running it in on an option keeper to the right from eight or ten yards out. Not exactly sure about the yardline, but it was an unforgettable moment. But I believe this may be bigger because of the recent faltering of the program.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Sorry, Russ, but yer friend made a bad mistake….you always take advantage of yer opportunities, who knows when you will have them again.

            The fact my Georgia hat clears the grocery store of Vol fans does not stop me from wearing it, and jumping at the chance to go to the grocery store.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Haven’t you gotten the memo this season? If we win Saturday, LSU will automatically be dawgraded: Miles will have gakked up the first of his customary losses, it will make the rounds that LSU didn’t beat anyone that impressive, and that win over Bama in overtime will become a mistake of Saban’s rather than a victory of Miles’s. Hell, Nick already said LSU was only “probably” the best team in the country.

  11. IMO the Dawgs need to do what we did this weekend, reverse play action., by that I mean use the pass to set up the run. Pass first ,every type pass we have screen, shovel ,wheel routes ,fullbacks, tightends drags….you get the picture but as soon as LUS adjusts to the short routes ..start running.Don’t kick to the honey Badger…I’m just say’in

  12. Man this is fun-if sec gets 3 teams in BCS it will be a huge payday for everyone in the conference–I really like previous comment we are playing with house money-I am proud of this team no matter what happens-I gotta feeling-but I am guilty of that a lot-thanks Senator reading GTP has added to my enjoyment of Bulldog Football

  13. Comin' Down The Track

    Be smart.
    Stay low.
    Play behind your pads.
    Give better than you get.
    We might just win this thing.


    This kind of commentary is why I log onto GTP first thing every morning and at least two or three more times each day.
    …………………..another thought………………..
    If Corso and Herbstreit are going to be in Atlanta, I hope UGA fans can hoist some appropriate banners. Two HickDeads for sure!

    • Cojones

      Are you kidding? They don’t even know this championship is being played. You can find them in Big10 country since that’s where the only championship is being played. Their second choice was Pac12 until one of the teams playing for the championship lost to their rival,USC, by a score of 50-0 Sat. and their coach (Neuheisel) has been fired.

  15. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I for one am tired of hearing how UGA didn’t have to play LSU and Bama this season and that is why the Dawgs have such a good record. If I hear that one more time I’ll throw up. Well, LSU and Bama didn’t have to play UGA and South Carolina either. The last time Bama played South Carolina, last season, the ‘Cocks beat the Tide. The last time UGA played LSU if the refs don’t steal the game with a bogus “celebration” call against AJ Green the Dawgs win that game. Just another reason I hope that the Dawgs beat LSU– to shut up all those stupid assholes on TV.

    • Don’t hold back, Mayor, open up and tell us how you feel…….

      (+1 and I’m with you. Still waiting for Finebaum to recant on Richt).

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        It’ll be a cold day in hell before that prick ever admits he was wrong about anything. The biggest revisionist in history, he always has an explanation for whatever it was he said that makes it sound like he really said something different when his previous statement blows up in his face. Total lying tool.

  16. Boz

    Anyone else take notice that the last time a team lost their Conference Championship Game and still played in the MNC/BCS game was Oklahoma in 2003, when Saban’s LSU Tigers won the title? Also, what was the line when we played LSU in the 2005 SECCG? They were ranked 3 in the country. While I agree that LSU has <> the most impressive resume of any other team this season, UGA appears to be peaking at the right time. Winning the turnover and special teams battle won’t hurt the cause either.

    As a born and bred Georgia fan, I wake up every single Saturday in the fall fully expecting to win a football game. This Saturday won’t be any different.

    • Biggen


      Your last paragraph is something that I have always said. I fully expect us to win every game we play. Yes, LSU is loaded. Yes, LSU has the #1 defense in the nation. Yes, they are favored. But that doesn’t matter at all in my mind. UGA is good enough to beat them.

      I am reading some of these posts on here (and elsewhere) and I feel some people are already conceding the SEC title to LSU by saying they are “happy” no matter what happens. That is crazy to me. I will be mad as hell if we don’t win on Saturday.

      Does that mean I don’t feel this season a great one? Of course not. But I’ll be damn if I wake up on Saturday and say “If we beat LSU or not I’m just glad we got in the game”. That’s horseshit. The day I wake up and not expect to win a football game will be the day I turn into a Kentucky fan…

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I actually think we match up pretty well against LSU. The UGA D-line stuffs the run and LSU, in reality, is a running team. The starting LSU QB is not a very accurate passer and our D-backs are playing as well as any group of D-backs in the country. Offensively, if we can get our running back situation sorted out so that the LSU D-line can’t just tee off on Murray I like that matchup too–our receivers are really terrific as a group and we have a QB who can get the ball to them. Short, quick passing is going to be the key on offense for the Dawgs. Got to run it some too though.

      • Coweta Dawg

        I agree with your assessment. Our D isn’t chopped liver, and should keep things close. It could very easily be something like a 19-16 game. I think the biggest factors in the game are, in order of importance to me:

        1. Our O-Line performance. Make a few holes, buy a second or two more, and Murray has the ability to make them pay. I think that will determine if Murray has an AU-type game or a KY-type game.

        2. Win the turnover battle. We need some help, baby.

        3. Please, dear God, just a stable, special teams performance. If we make our 40-yd kicks, I can live with not hitting the miracle 50 + field goal. And don’t bite on the inevitable “gotcha” razamataz Miles cooks up.

        I’m not listing the defensive performance because I’ll admit they have given me complete confidence we’ll see more of the same awesomeness.

        If the above goes our way, then Saturday night in Atlanta will be one we’ll tell our grandkids about.

        • Bevo

          I agree with this post all the way around.

        • UGLYDAWG

          Coweta….while you’re praying (point #3), it would be good if we got some unbiased refs. That would be refreshing in this game. I don’t want any help from the refs, just fairness..that means not treating UGA any better or any worse than they treat LSU…Not that they have ever cheated, but just to be sure they don’t.
          By the way, I’m also in Coweta. Turin area. Great Bulldawg country, but too many Barners down this way. They’re quiet now, though.

          • Coweta Dawg

            Turin’s great country, period. We’re on the opposite side in Roscoe. I’m related to a few of those Barners, and they have been strangely quiet these last few weeks. What a difference a year makes.

            • Cojones

              Mayor, I’m posting above to let you know that a great conspiracy theory was on here today(?). The poster said that LSU could lose intentionally and still go to the NCG. I lauded his post as the most develishly devious theory of all. I’m still laughing.

              • Cojones

                The poster was King Jericho on “Mama I Got Dem Cosmic Rematch Blues”. He proposes the LSU would avoid a Bama rematch and play Okie St by just resting up while UGA won the SECCG.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            By now everybody on this blog knows that I am a conspiracy theorist. The SEC refs cheat to make the team win that maximizes conference revenue. Also, the refs have been against UGA ever since the endzone stomping incident in the ’07 WLOCP. That said, the first rule trumps the second. Therefore, if it in the financial best interest of the SEC then expect to see a biased game called FOR the Dawgs–right? Well, here it is: The general rule for the BCS is that no more than 2 teams from any BCS conference can go to a BCS game. That is to prevent one conference (the SEC) from gobbling up all the big bowl money. But there is a little known exception to this rule. If the top 2 teams in the BCS rankings are from the same conference and neither is the conference champion, then those 2 get to play in the BCSNCG and the conference champion still gets to play in a BCS bowl game. That is exactly the situation that would be present in the SEC this year if UGA beats LSU in the SECCG–Bama and LSU would play in the BCSNCG and Georgia would play in the Sugar Bowl. The SEC would get both ends of the BCSNCG pot ($21.2 Million each) and also the host’s share for the Sugar Bowl (about $16 Million). Talk about cleaning up!!! This is like dangling drugs in front of a drug addict. Slive will not be able to resist. Look for some calls to go the way of the Dawgs in the SECCG–at least we may not get jobbed. All I want is a fairly officiated game and the foregoing may be our ticket to at least that.

            • Mr. Mayor, I agree with you completely. I explained to another Dawg Fan exactly what you (& I) believe to be facts. His Comment “Now I know why the Dawgs may lose”..
              We have to overcome everyone connected to the SEC in any way, including the Refs, to win this game. They all want an LSU, Alabama rematch.
              My upset pick: Dawgs 17; LSU 16. Go Dawgs. GATA.

  17. H-Town Dawg

    At the end of September Weiszer wrote an article about Crowell and it mentioned that he was still looking to break a long run to the end zone. How electrifying would it be if IC made that happen in the biggest game of the year? It puts a smile on my face just thinking about the reaction from the players, the crowd, the announcers, etc. And if it came at just the perfect time when it was needed the most, even better!

    Win or lose, I am very proud of this team, the players, coaches, McGarity, all of them.

    “I know I’m asking a lot, you guys, but hunker it down one more time!”

    • Lawdawg567

      It puts a smile on my face thinking of the goofy smile IC1 would have on his face…Hey Honey Badger: Chill Bro

  18. Turd Ferguson

    Crowell just needs some conditioning. Pretty sure the guy played on a HS team that often had games wrapped up by halftime, so it’s no wonder he currently struggles a bit to play 4 quarters. But that’ll change. Probably not before Saturday, but certainly before next season.

    A little competition won’t hurt, either. For the 2nd consecutive year, we may bring in one of the top RBs in the country. If and when Keith Marshall comes into town, Crowell will either fold like Washaun, or he’ll rise to the occasion. And if he’s this good already, … the sky’s the limit.

    • H-Town Dawg


      Best of all, Marshall is probably going to be an early enrollment and so he can go through the off-season S&C program with Crowell. Coach T will have IC chewing nails – real ones – before it’s over!

    • Chopdawg

      Nobody should expect any more from Crowell Saturday than what we’ve already seen this season–which is flashes of brilliance, but only flashes.

      I’d love to see him stay in the game, get twenty carries, make his blitz pickups, follow through on the play fakes. We need that from him, to have any chance Saturday.

  19. Irishdawg

    Count me among those who are a little tired of people calling Crowell a pussy. I don’t know how tough the kid is or isn’t, but unless you were: a) one flinty football player in your day, b) a MMA fighter, c) former Special Forces, I’m not sure you should be degrading the kid’s heart just yet.

  20. Scott

    LSU has only had 2 close games. We all know the Alabama game, but Miss State only trailed LSU 6-3 at the half, and was tied with LSU at 6-6 in the 3rd. It was a 9-6 game until midway through the 4th period. LSU scored twice late and won 19-6.

    LSU dominated the game but was not given short fields to score. When forced to sustain long drives, penalties killed the drives or LSU had to settle for field goals. BTW, LSU has missed 2 FG’s all season.

  21. Turnovers and special teams. Go back and look at how LSU has turned relatively close games into blow outs. They get a pick to set up a short field, then a punt return for a touchdown, then another turnover and a close game is now a 28 point blowout. We have to protect the ball and have our best special teams day of the year. If we happen to get a few turnovers ourselves all the better.

  22. JaxDawg

    Release the Dawgs of war and give them hell!

  23. flukebucket

    I have no doubt IC will start the game. I also have no doubt that he will not finish it. But we can win without him. We have all year.

  24. Macallanlover

    You guys can debate IC all you want, I am not going to tear any Dawg down this week, but after the 4th Qtr of the UF game, I would really like to have RS4 available for this game. He is a big, strong back that could really help on pass protection this Saturday, and if he moves that body as fast as he hit that UF line, he could drive some Purple & Gold backwards. It takes a total team effort to win against a proven talent like LSU. We may be underdawgs, but I refuse to approach it expecting anything less than a 4 Qtr game. Just get to the 4th with a chance, that is all I ask, I can deal with the result after that (well….anything but a farce like the last UGA/LSU ending!)

    • Cojones

      As I’ve said in the past, we have to extract that horseshoe the refs helped put up their ass in that game.

  25. NC Dawg

    Crowell is a freshman and has struggled with nagging injuries all season. I’d have liked to have seen him run more, or to have SEEMED to want to get back into games, but nobody can control that but IC. He’s still got time to write his own piece of UGA history, and not just this weekend. I mean, it’s not like he can go pro with the resume he has so far.