Winning the double positive, Georgia Tech edition

Here’s something I posted last week:

… After the opener, Georgia hasn’t lost a game in which it’s come out ahead in explosive plays and not finished behind in turnovers.  Given Georgia Tech’s undeniable prowess in explosive plays (now there’s something for you to fixate on, Yellow Jacket stat freaks), focusing on those may very well be job one for Bobo and Grantham.

So how did things turn out?  Pretty darned well, thanks for asking.  The Dawgs finished +1 in turnover margin.  They lost the explosive plays fight 11-8, but if you dig a little deeper, that’s not the whole story.  Georgia finished the third quarter (by which time the game was over for all intents and purposes) ahead 8-7; Tech won that battle in garbage time.  Mission accomplished, in other words.

Now if Georgia can do that this week…


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12 responses to “Winning the double positive, Georgia Tech edition

  1. Lrgk9

    Need to make Jefferson roll to whichever side Ogletree is on – sooner or later he’ll lay the big hit.


    • Junkyard Dawg '00

      My concerns have less to do with explosive plays for LSU and more to do with the five headed monster at RB… which includes Jefferson.

      I’ve loved the way this defense has flown around the field since the Boise St game so I know we have a chance in this game, however, I can’t get my mind off of the Fullback for GT… Number 7, I think was his number… but, I don’t think we wrapped him up all game and that kind of tackling will get us a loss against the tigers this wkend.

      Question to ya’ll because I haven’t all of LSU’s games, nor have I looked at their stats, but where would you say their defense is more susceptible, the run or pass?


      • Sims finished with 36 yards on 12 carries, so the defense must have won some of those battles.


      • AusDawg85

        Just not a lot of weakness anywhere. Key is to simply exploit your own strength and shut them down (see Bama game for reference). Bama ran ’cause they don’t really throw well. With a decent PK, they win in regulation, and certainly keep their shot in OT.

        Crowell has to get 100 yards, and AM is going to have to have the kind of precision passing game he had against Auburn. Biggest test for Mr. Bobo yet…will he find what works and go to it, or force 1st & Bomb and CT up the middle on 2nd and long because his green notebook tells him to seek balance?


        • Second & long ?. A running play is often the right call. Gives better options for the third down play if any yardage is made. It also sets up a fake the run / pass for the next time they have second & long.


          • Junkyard Dawg '00

            You’re probably right about our D against Sims. I must be channeling my inner Munson… All I saw was Sims bouncing off our guys and of course I’m getting nervous about LSU’s rushing attack.


            I agree w/ your thoughts on Crowell getting 100 yards. My gut tells me that if we get him over 100 in scrimmage yards (would be very impressed with over 100 yrds rushing) then we are going to be in this game and possibly shocking the CFB world. My father and I were talking over the weekend and he compares this game to the 84 Cotton Bowl against the Texas Longhorns… Here’s to the same outcome on Saturday!


  2. ugafidelis

    Oh how sweet it would be to beat those Bayou Bengals.


  3. Cousin Eddie

    I am not worried about the LSU offense. Grantham will have a plan and the D will be ready to go. I Fear for Murray, if Bobo doesn’t have a RB in this game and the DL can tee off on the pass, I just hope they don’t break Murray in half. The O line can not pass block well enough to buy the time Murray will need to take his progressions.


    • Cojones

      OK, so he dumps a few fast ones over the middle to keep them at bay. We have a better O line than many that have played them. You have read too much hype from ESPN about their D. We are just as dangerous as they are on D and can practice better than most with that advantage. You can respect them for having a good D the same as they have to respect ours, but fear ain’t in Murray’s lexicon. He is a full grown Dawg who has remained standing when cheap shots and attempts to cripple him failed. Our O line is mindful of that and will be at their best to give him time.


      • Cousin Eddie

        Oh, I know Murray Ain’t Skeer’d, he practices against Jarvis Jones on occasion. To me the tackles can not handle a speed rush and at times the middle of the line has looked soft. LSU has a monster of a D, no matter what ESPN thinks, I could care less I have seen them play a few times and they are talented. If the Oline comes to play yes they can hold thier on but to many times I have seen them quit on blocks and look lost as a rusher gets by and two linemen look at each other with asking who’s man was that. Also the D coordinator for LSU has a decent record against Richt.
        All that said I still expect UGA to win, if Murray can stay paitent. I expect the D to hold them to less than 17, and with that score Murray can win any game.


  4. Bevo

    We’re fully capable of giving LSU a serious game. Getting a great game out of our defense is something we’ve come to expect this season. The biggest question to me is which Georgia offense will show up — the Kentucky offense, or the Auburn offense?

    If we play a good game on both sides of the ball and avoid or limit ST mistakes, I think LSU will get all the Bulldawg they can handle.


  5. Lrgk9

    My prediction on offese = quick slants, screens, and Tight end pick & rolls all game long.