Cooler heads prevail.

There’s a name missing from the list of Broyles Award finalists that kinda surprises me:

… The award’s 10-member panel – Broyles, former Georgia Coach Vince Dooley, former Washington Coach Don James, former Syracuse Coach Dick MacPherson, former Baylor Coach Grant Teaff, former Brigham Young Coach LaVell Edwards, former Iowa Coach Hayden Fry, former Oklahoma Coach Barry Switzer, former Tennessee and Pittsburgh Coach Johnny Majors, and former Florida State University Coach Bobby Bowden — announced earlier Monday the finalists for the 2011 version of the Broyles, which consists of three coaches from the SEC and two from the Big Ten:

  • John Chavis, Louisiana State University, Defensive Coordinator
  • Paul Chryst, University of Wisconsin, Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
  • Greg Mattison, Michigan, Defensive Coordinator
  • Garrick McGee, University of Arkansas, Offensive Coordinator/QBs
  • Sal Sunseri, Alabama, Assistant Head Coach/Linebackers

I don’t quibble a bit with the first three names there, but McGee and Sunseri ahead of Todd Grantham?  Makes you wonder if somebody’s paying a price for being a bit too public with his temper.

For the record, my vote would go to Mattison, even if Grantham were on the list.  The turnaround he’s worked with the Michigan defense this year has been remarkable.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    Surely Vince was working to get him on that list… this is just further proof that the country stopped paying attention to us after Boise and didn’t clue back in til… well I am still not sure they have yet. Todd Grantham has done a brilliant job. Paul Johnson pisses himself whenever he hears the name ..


  2. Haven’t you heard we haven’t beat anyone.


  3. Red Blackman

    While he probably should have been on the list, I side with the Senator…..Mattison has done an amazing job.


  4. Menlo Dawg

    “I can’t really say how much of a difference I might have made in the outcome,” Ogletree said. “But the first two series that I played in, I felt like our defense was doing pretty good.” — Alec Ogletree on Boise St. who didn’t score on either of their first two drives…I like it

    Read more:


    • Gravidy

      That story you linked really drives home the point about how much the defense ihas changed since the BSU game. Among the highlights:

      Rambo was suspended.
      Ogletree was hurt on the third series (BSU didn’t score on the first two).
      Jenkins barely played.
      Gilliard, who now leads the team in tackles, barely played.
      Jarvis Jones, who now leads the SEC with 14 sacks, didn’t get his first sack until the fourth game.

      Hmmm… five of their best players didn’t play, barely played, or hadn’t gotten used to their position yet. I’d say that’s significant.


      • adam

        Jarvis not only leads the SEC in sacks, but if he gets one more, he’ll set the school record. Pollack had 14. Jarvis has 13.5.


    • Ogletree & Rambo may have made a difference against BSU.
      Then we outplayed & outcoached USCe, But the better team did not win.
      Still this team may be my favorite team of the Richt Era.


  5. Lrgk9

    Less attention to Grantham the better.

    Want his wife reminding him he came to Athens for a 7 year gig to allow his kids to go through their teens in one place.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Hopefully, she’s less shrill than Mrs. Malzahn.


    • Macallanlover

      I agree, rather have him under the radar while he finishes what he came to Athens to do. I think we deserve more than one year of returns on our investment. I also think this might fire up a defensive group on Saturday who has really bought into CTG, and sees Chavis on that list. It may work out well for us. With the returning talent, he can always win this next year!

      I also feel CTG needs some positive stories/results to offset his well publicized bad-boy moments the past 13 months. It would not hurt him if he is looking for a return to the NFL as a DC, but as a HC in college he may be limited to the Florida, ND, and Vandy jobs where they don’t mind poor behavior on the sidleine.


    • Keese

      Funny story about Grantham: back in the summer of 2010 right after Grantham was hired, his wife was looking for homes in the Athens area and REALLY wanted to purchase/submit an offer on a friend of mine home that was on the market. According to my friend who heard them (Grantham and wife) going back and forth in the front yard, he said that Grantham put his foot down on them buying a home at that moment because he wasn’t sure how long they’d have in Athens.

      Take it for what it’s worth but I think at that time Grantham realized what was at stake with Richt, but either way, we know his wife likes Athens


  6. GT nerds after their 34-17 morale victory says “you have not beaten anybody yet”. I guess they consider themselves NOBODY. LOL


  7. ChemDawg

    This is not a list I want my DC on if he’s a good DC. Broyle’s award winners don’t stick around too long. Perhaps Vince was working extra hard to keep him off this list.


  8. I love Mattison, but one argument you can make against him winning the Broyles award is that he was replacing one of the worst defensive coordinators/staffs in recorded history. It’s not hard to show dramatic improvement after GERG, although the level of improvement has been above and beyond what most Michigan fans expected. If they can replace three starters on the defensive line next year, they might be able to give Bama a run for their money in Dallas (assuming that Richardson, Hightower, Kirkpatrick, and the LT whose name escapes me all go pro).