Over 9 Million and counting

The last million hits at the site came in less than three months.  November is already a record month in that regard at GTP, with a day and a half to go.  It’s getting well over fifteen thousand hits a day now.  Wow.

And that’s without nudity or a football program in disarray.

Thanks for coming, folks.



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69 responses to “Over 9 Million and counting

  1. Macallanlover

    Very impressive Senator, congrats. I was noticing the count-meter on Sunday and knew if you baited that playoff trap one more time you would hit 9MM soon. Thanks for all the effort and quality time you put into this.


  2. You set the bar high, Senator. Congrats, you rock!!!!!!


  3. Go Dawgs!

    This is by far my favorite Georgia site, and it’s the first place I click when I want to read about the ‘Dawgs. The fact that it’s run by an “amateur” really puts the pay sites to shame.

    I can take credit for a lot of those 15K daily clicks. My only complaint is that I’m greedy and I always want more posts!


  4. econdawg

    Congratulations Senator.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Good job Senator….hope this is translating into your kids college fund.


  6. I wanna Red Cup

    So when do we get nudity?


  7. hodgie

    Congratulations senator, is it too much to ask for nudity? Just asking. Hahaha


  8. Very smart blog! Your followers’ comments are often insightful or at least entertaining. Just a great read…even in May and June. It is amazing that I get any work done around here at all!


  9. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Nice work, sir. Always well written and informative.


  10. Russ

    Congrats and well deserved, Senator! This is pretty much the only Dawg place I check anymore. Great stuff. I even disabled my ad-blocker for you and clicked some ads. The ringtone ad was actually funny.


      • Cojones

        Thanks for using mi lingua, Senator. But these congratulatory articles are soporific. I’ve looked all over to blast someone who is down on the Dawgs, but noooohh…….you have all these sycophants droodling(new word) all over themselves to stroke your ego. This is sickening. I’m just gonna take my Fing Scooter for a ride with it’s new gtp license plate. It does owe it’s existence to you.

        Does anyone keep records of home-cooked blog sites like yours? Bet no one comes near in this classsy environment that’s so much fun. Thanks for the informative forums and thought provoking football subjects. Looks like you struck the golden vein that runs through Dawg hearts. You get some great bloggers on here and they are unashamedly fanatical in their support. Continued good luck.


  11. Skeeter

    Forget nudity, I want “nekkid”!

    Congrats on the traffic. Nice of all those Techies to drop by and run up your numbers!


  12. AthensHomerDawg

    Guess you will be hiring an assistant soon.


  13. Toronto dawg

    Congratulations senator. Easily one of if not the best Georgia blog on these here internets. What is amazing too is the insight you provide without being a paid professional or having other people contributing. Good luck on you next 9,000,000 and keep up the hard work.


  14. Coach Hewitt...

    Good Stuff Sen… keep up the good work. You & TKK are my go to guys…:-)


  15. Loran Smith

    Always wondered this: I read your blog through Google Reader….does that count towards your hits?

    Thanks as always for your great perspective


  16. Great site and it’s only gotten better over the last couple of years. It’s too bad the seasons you were covering weren’t the best, but I think it made the site (and maybe the program) better for it. Keep up the good work!


  17. Puffdawg

    Hey, extended playoffs are actually good for something! Congrats, Bluto.


  18. Senator, the pleasure is ours. Great read.


  19. BulldogBen

    Congrats sir. An impressive feat. I’ll admit to being a refugee from the Hale/Emerson blog. I’d always made a cursory swing by here but after Emerson made the epic fail move of streamlining his blog into the Macon Telegraph I started coming here more.

    Thanks for taking the time to do it. Now, just admit that you’re wrong about everything involving the BCS.


  20. Skeptic Dawg

    I think everyone would agree, best Dawg site period. Thanks for the great work! This is the first site I hit every morning.


  21. zdub

    You continue to provide the quality, so the “hits” just keep on coming! Congratulations Senator!


  22. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Congratulations! OK, now where’s my cut?


  23. Toom

    I don’t know a serious Dawg fan who doesn’t read GTP. I love the fact that you can ask someone, “Did you read what the Senator said?” and tell pretty quickly their level of interest. Just echoing what the others are saying, thanks for all your good, hard work!


  24. Junkyard Dawg '00

    Morning Coffee and GTP, two things I have to have every morning.

    Congrats Senator and all the fine posters- except Dawg Vent, just kidding.


  25. AusDawg85

    When’s the movie come out? Can’t wait to see who plays “famous” characters like Mayor, Turd, Cojones, Mac. AHD, Russ, Go Dawgs, etc.

    Dog in Fl would have to be Gary Busey….


  26. X-Dawg

    Yep. Love this site. I was off the grid during the Thanksgiving Holidays and actually suffered withdrawels from not getting my daily GTP fix.


  27. Bogey Dawg

    Best stop in Dawg-web world.


  28. Smitty

    I check this site every morning.


  29. timphd

    This must be a mistake. I hit the site at least a million times a day all by myself so it has to be an underestimate. Love the site. No longer pay for my info on those Rivals/Scouts sites as they don’t have as good info as the Senator.


  30. H-Town Dawg

    My compliments to you, Senator! Your site is must-read every day.


  31. Just Chuck

    Great site! Intelligent, well written commentary with a sense of humor. Minimum meanness except for the folks who deserve it like those chop blocking techies.


  32. The Lone Stranger

    Another thumbs-up (un-Willie style!) from this Dawgs booster north of Mason & Dixon’s Line. Yours wasn’t the first blog I came across but you keep pulling me back in!


  33. Rebar

    Congratulations Senator, love your work and laugh my ass off at some of the replies you get. I check your page at least 3 times a day, so keep it coming!


  34. Lrgk9

    In this case it really is Post Hoc ergo Propter Hoc.

    You got the hits and therfore the fine Blogging was there in the beginning.


  35. Mike

    I like to think I helped out just a tad. Well, me and UFTimmy. In any case, well done sir, well done


  36. Comin' Down The Track

    … also, excellent taste in the rock and roll music.


  37. For what it is worth, You can always count on me for a hit on every thing you Post. The only Blog that I can say that about. . Thank You, Senator.


  38. Bryant Denny

    Senator, yours is not just the best UGA blog, but the best college football blog, by far.

    However, when you you sell out to SB Nation I’m pulling the plug.

    Always a great read,



  39. Bulldog Joe

    This is easily the best place on the web to be a “Bulldog Joe”.