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Keeping the SECCG close

In his SECCG forecast, Phil Steele hits on something that reflects back on an earlier post of mine today:

… These two have six common opp’s TY and have had similar results with LSU going 6-0 outscoring foes on avg 38-7 (+192 ypg) while UGA is also 6-0 outscoring foes 27-12 (+184 ypg).

Despite only eight yards difference in per game net, LSU won its games by an average margin of 31 points, while Georgia’s scoring margin was less than half that.

Special teams and turnover margin are huge, huge things this Saturday.  Hugely huge.



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Washington State, you’ll never be on Thursday Night Football again.

To quote Spencer Hall:  Suck it, Craig James.  And let me add, you, too, ESPN.

By the way, the Pirate is walking in to a good situation in one big regard.  Washington State is ninth in the country in passing offense.


UPDATE:  Get ready, Ted Roof.

What do you think the odds are that Auburn bails out of that?


UPDATE #2:  This is rich.


UPDATE #3:  Maybe somebody in Montana caught my header.


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Mumme Poll, Week 13

No huge surprises:

Rank Team Votes (Top pick)
1 LSU 91 (89)
2 Oklahoma State 91 (1)
3 Alabama 89 (0)
4 Stanford 81 (0)
5 Oregon 79 (0)
6 Virginia Tech 71 (1)
7 Arkansas 70 (0)
8 Georgia 69 (0)
9 Boise State 65 (0)
10 Southern Cal 45 (0)
11 Oklahoma 37 (0)
12 Houston 36 (0)
13 Wisconsin 27 (0)
14 South Carolina 25 (0)
15 Michigan State 19 (0)
16 Kansas State 8 (0)
17 Michigan 5 (0)
18 Baylor 2 (0)


  • We’re more skeptical of Houston and Oklahoma than the other polls, but a lot stronger on Georgia.  Gee, I wonder how that happened.
  • I think there are a bunch of teams ranked below Virginia Tech that would beat the Hokies, but I’m obviously in a minority on that.
  • Breakdown by conference:  SEC – 5; Big 12 – 4; Pac 12 – 3; Big Ten – 3; ACC – 1; MWC – 1; CUSA – 1.  Is the Big East still a conference?


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Hey, babe, you wanna make 75 dollars the hard way?

If you’re not doing anything this Saturday, the Big Ten has a proposition for you.


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Does Georgia have the horses?, part two

From Jerry Hinnen’s “Keys to the Game:  Georgia vs. LSU”:

… such is the Tigers’ incredible strength in special teams and defense that they rank a mediocre 62nd in total offense … and still a robust 13th in scoring offense at 38 points a game, better than all but seven other BCS conference teams. But as those low yardage totals indicate, putting together 8, 9-play drives that cover 75, 85 yards are not what LSU wants to do or what plays to their strengths. Even the 14-play, 77-yard march that got the Tigers on the board vs. Arkansas had to survive a botched option pitch and a near-interception from Jordan Jefferson to hit paydirt.

The Tigers can bang out those kinds of drives, of course, thanks to Spencer Ware and Michael Ford and the rest of LSU’s pounding ground game. But Georgia can answer that with the nation’s No. 6 rush defense, Jarvis Jones, John Jenkins, Christian Robinson and the rest. If Ware and Co. find some tough sledding somewhere between their own 20 and the end zone, is Jefferson good enough to repeatedly execute in the passing game — against the nation’s fourth-ranked secondary in opponent’s QB rating, no less — enough to put those usual 38 points on the board?

One thing about LSU that tends to get overlooked is how impressively efficient that offense is.  Jerry notes that disparity between total offense and scoring offense; LSU’s passing rating is just behind Georgia’s, as well.

Those stats are all the more remarkable because that’s an offense built to grind it out.  LSU is 74th nationally in plays of 10+ yards or more. (By comparison, Georgia is 28th.)  But it works because the Tigers are fifth in red zone conversions and first in turnover margin.  There are only two offenses in the country which have turned the ball over less than 10 times all season, LSU and Wisconsin.

These guys just don’t screw up very much.  And they tend to make their opponents pay for it when they do.  That’s pretty much what Georgia has to avoid to have a shot.

I’ve paid attention to winning the double positive – turnover margin and explosive plays – ever since I read that Bruce Feldman post.  If there’s ever a time for the Dawgs to win those battles, this will be the game.

One last thing:  Jerry mentions the 14-point deficit LSU faced in the Arkansas game.  It was the Tigers’ biggest of the season, not that it mattered as things turned out.  I don’t think they’ll fare so well if that miraculously happens Saturday.  Georgia doesn’t have the best passing game LSU has seen this year, nor do the Dawgs have the best defense the Tigers have worked against.  But what Georgia does have is the best combination of the two of any team to step on the field with LSU.  I doubt Georgia races out to an early big lead like that, but if it were to happen, I’d like its chances to hold on for the win.  I’d like them a lot.


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Wednesday morning buffet

No Cajun-flavored items on the menu… yet.

  • The SECCG spread has opened up to 13.5.
  • If Kirby Smart gets the Ole Miss coaching job, I wonder what effect that will have on Alabama’s recruiting in the state of Georgia.
  • The Auburn quarterback situation must be more dire than we thought.
  • Travis saves me some time and bandwidth with this.
  • Will Friend’s explanation for Dallas Lee’s rapid recovery:  “Guys wanna play in big games. Not many SEC championships come around very often.”
  • Jonathan Chait starts out with a strong rebuttal to Taylor Branch’s piece about paying college players, but kind of fizzles out towards the end with his suggestion to violate antitrust law by fixing coaches’ salaries.  Not that college administrators wouldn’t love to do that.
  • Grant Teaff is unhappy that Turner Gill got canned after only two seasons.  He’s probably not as unhappy as the Kansas folks paying Gill’s $6 million buyout.
  • Kentucky beat writer ranks this year’s coaching jobs in the SEC.  I’m pretty much in agreement, although Richt would move up with a win Saturday.
  • Here’s somebody who obviously didn’t watch Corch’s last season at Florida.
  • And Mike Bianchi continues to tee off on Urban Meyer.
  • Has anybody considered the possibility that Craig James is a performance artist and not a serious analyst?


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Win one for the Greener.

While you’re hoisting those chips on your shoulders this week as you get ready to play LSU, boys, don’t forget to add this one:

And let’s hope the SEC doesn’t exercise some perverse sense of humor by assigning Mark Curles’ crew to work the game.


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Have mouth; won’t travel.

The idea that Gus Malzahn’s wife’s admittedly idiotic interview (warning:  too excruciating to watch more than thirty seconds) could be grounds for an AD’s decision not to take a chance on hiring Malzahn is exactly the kind of thinking that leads to retreads like Franchione and Erickson getting third and fourth cracks at head coaching jobs.

I hope whoever it is who said that brings on Terry Bowden to run his football program.


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Remember, cut blocks are entirely legal.

Probably like many of you, I assumed when DeAngelo Tyson went down on the second play of the Tech game and the flag came out that he was the recipient of a chop block.  Turned out the replay showed that wasn’t the case; he just went down on his own favoring a leg.  I then assumed that he’d tweaked something before the game.

Wrong, bacon breath.  Here’s what happened to Tyson on the first play of the game (h/t Alcoholic Genius):

It’s even uglier when you watch it on the broadcast replay.  Tyson is several yards away from Tyler Melton, who’s in the process of winding up to throw the ball as this takes place, and is moving laterally with Melton.  He’s not even the closest defender to Melton (that was Abry Jones).

The Tech player in question is center Jay Finch, who has moved away from another block and is simply looking for a Georgia player to go after.  His block had no effect on the outcome of the play.  However it did put Tyson on the ground for a while, although it’s unclear from the broadcast for how long, and then out of the game for good.  It’s a shame ESPN didn’t go back, find it and make something out of it during the broadcast.

It’s also a shame that Georgia Tech continues to get away with this kind of garbage.  Even Coach Garner didn’t seem overly troubled by it, which I don’t understand.  I’m curious what you think about it.


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