Mumme Poll, Week 13

No huge surprises:

Rank Team Votes (Top pick)
1 LSU 91 (89)
2 Oklahoma State 91 (1)
3 Alabama 89 (0)
4 Stanford 81 (0)
5 Oregon 79 (0)
6 Virginia Tech 71 (1)
7 Arkansas 70 (0)
8 Georgia 69 (0)
9 Boise State 65 (0)
10 Southern Cal 45 (0)
11 Oklahoma 37 (0)
12 Houston 36 (0)
13 Wisconsin 27 (0)
14 South Carolina 25 (0)
15 Michigan State 19 (0)
16 Kansas State 8 (0)
17 Michigan 5 (0)
18 Baylor 2 (0)


  • We’re more skeptical of Houston and Oklahoma than the other polls, but a lot stronger on Georgia.  Gee, I wonder how that happened.
  • I think there are a bunch of teams ranked below Virginia Tech that would beat the Hokies, but I’m obviously in a minority on that.
  • Breakdown by conference:  SEC – 5; Big 12 – 4; Pac 12 – 3; Big Ten – 3; ACC – 1; MWC – 1; CUSA – 1.  Is the Big East still a conference?


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19 responses to “Mumme Poll, Week 13

  1. Go Dawgs!

    No matter where you turn, Arkansas is overrated.


  2. justin

    “I think there are a bunch of teams ranked below Virginia Tech that would beat the Hokies, but I’m obviously in a minority on that.”

    i think there’s a bunch of teams ranked ahead of Houston they would beat, but clearly i’m in that minority


  3. Russ

    In what universe is Oklahoma State the best team in the country?


    • Russ

      Just to expound on that a bit, I think there’s LSU, then there’s…………everybody else, led by Bama. (that’s supposed to indicate the gulf between LSU and everyone else based on their results).

      Oh, and I do think we can win Saturday if the stars align.


    • Nate Dawg

      Hopefully in the one where somebody else gets to play for the MNC, instead of somebody else getting a do over. (And no, they’re not even close..but let’s give’m a go..)


  4. Just sayin'

    1 LSU 91 (89)
    2 Oklahoma State 91 (1)
    3 Alabama 89 (0)

    So Oklahoma State would make the national championship game because of two voters who don’t think ‘Bama is a Top 10 team? (or two voters who don’t list them to manipulate the results) This is–always has been–the fatal flaw of this system, no?


    • The two voters in question have been consistent about this since the loss to LSU. One’s given a specific reason. So I don’t think it’s about manipulation.

      I gather the fatal flaw in your opinion is that the results don’t match your opinion. 😉


      • CPJ's fupa...

        I have no prob with different opinions, but it;s hard to accept this rationale from one of those two voter’s 🙂 ….partial quote….

        “My last two spots come down to LSU, Georgia and Bama. I feel LSU gets the slight edge over Bama just because they won the ugly match-up. I then had to give Georgia the edge over Bama because Georgia has at least scored TD’s in every game.”



      • Just Sayin'

        Are you kidding me?

        All due respect to the two voters who think that there are 10 teams better than Alabama, but those are not the people you want deciding who plays for the title.

        You can’t decide who should be ranked number 2 by counting how many people include each team in the top 10. Because all the legitimate candidates for number 2 will be on the top 10 list of all the well-informed voters. Which means your system winds up putting ALL the power in the hands of a tiny minority of voters who are not well informed.

        It’s like trying to determine if The Rolling Stones are a better band than The Beatles by counting the number of people who think each one is better than Milli Vanilli (the votes that make the difference aren’t worth counting).

        And THAT’s the fatal flaw.


  5. Cojones

    The “Big East” has become the “Gone Huntin’ Out West”.


  6. Macallanlover

    I can buy OSU as #2 if they win thi weekend. It is certainly a game I would like to see since we have already seen Oregon and Bama lose to LSU. Not reason to repeat either of those games unless everyone gets a do-over for their losses.


  7. D.N. Nation

    I haven’t watched a Big East game all season.


  8. Will Trane

    LSU, Bama, Southern Cal, Virginia Tech, Oregon, and the next five is anybody’s pic from the above.

    Just want the Dawgs to win a SEC title. And that opportunity is the next game on the schedule. After that have at it.

    Shawn Williams. That was a very good pic Saturday. You covered a little distance to get into position to make it.

    Jarvis Jones, come with an attitude. Crowell, if you have ever ripped the gaps, do it against the Tigers. Make them feel the touch of your jersey as you roll through. Time to start getting a little pulse, not much.


  9. WH

    I for one agree that a bunch of teams ranked below VT could and almost certainly would beat them. Some of them have 2 or even 3+ losses. Which of those things should take more weight?

    Some folks focus on Indicative rankings (How they’ve performed, what’s their record) and others focus on Predictive rankings (How they would do, who would be whom on a neutral field). Combining the two properly continues to be a daunting task.

    I’m not sure how to resolve this…


  10. JasonC

    I am a guilty of this too, but I think this week you really see people’s personal bias and emotion more than most. Really, there is no way Bama is not in the top 10. You can make a legitimate argument they aren’t #2 or maybe 3, but not top 10 is pretty indefensible- just like ranking VA Tech #1.

    When I came to the end of my ballot, I went with UGA and threw Houston and some other teams under the bus mainly to spite all the people on other sites that are anti-Georgia at this point.