Win one for the Greener.

While you’re hoisting those chips on your shoulders this week as you get ready to play LSU, boys, don’t forget to add this one:

And let’s hope the SEC doesn’t exercise some perverse sense of humor by assigning Mark Curles’ crew to work the game.


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12 responses to “Win one for the Greener.

  1. TennesseeDawg

    LSU fans have turned into some smug arrogant assholes this year. I’d love for a Georgia upset with a side of humble pie.

  2. Brandon

    This would be remembered as a game winning touchdown if we’d have had BVG or CTG, instead we had hot knife thru butter Martinez.

  3. Some real pieces of garbage have played college football over the past few years and never had to deal with all the rubbish AJ did. Watching that replay just reminds me.

  4. BulldogBen

    This play has been one of the moments that has added to my frustration with college football since the second it happened.

    Every time I see some player draw attention to himself after a TD, I immediately think “so THAT’S not a penalty and AJ’s was???”

    It haunts me.

    Case in point: there was a moment in the ARK/LSU game where LSU scored and not one, not two, but THREE LSU players performed a coordinated celebration move of some sort. Granted, they weren’t still in the end zone, they were just out of bounds near the end zone but still, no flag.

    Curles can rot in hell.

  5. Dubs Dawgs


  6. Comin' Down The Track

    We’ll know the fix is in when, given that the SEC has a chance at three teams in BCS bowls, an inordinate and strangely timed amount of calls go in our favor… but I won’t be complaining this time. Disingenuous, I know, but we’ll still get to keep the trophy.

  7. AusDawg85

    If you look closely at the replay, you’ll see AJ do….

    …absolutely nothing. First time he even acknowledges the crowd he’s already running off the field. Why the back judge rushes in to push/say something as the team hugs AJ in the endzone is very interesting. Had to have muttered something like “you just cost me thousands in Vegas, kid”

  8. Cojones

    I couldn’t watch it. Like Dubs Dawgs, it’s stuck in my mind. One reason they didn’t throw the flag on the 3 LSU players is because they have eased off some since the egregious application of that rule to AJ. We had the same celebration intensity in the Aub and Tech games, but no flag. I think it’s a softer judgement that let’s the passion of college football get partially expressed since the flag against AJ is obvious to the football public at large and it suffocates the exuberant exoression of players and fans. At least I’m hoping that’s the correct take.

    Is there a connected fan who could get an opinion from the SEC/NCAA officials? Are they allowing more player celebration now? The ball spiking after the interception in the Tech game would say it’s pretty much left to the singular official’s interpretation.

    • Cojones

      “exoression” should be a conjugation of “exorcism” and “expression”, but unfortunately was a typing error.

      • The Lone Stranger

        I really like that new entry into the American vocabulary, Mr. Cojones. Seems like it could have a future, as the Mother Tongue just cannot keep from expanding.

        How’s about a term to scream from the rafters at the conclusion of the Dawgs improbable hiding of LSU?

        • Cojones

          How about ;We are going to relegate them to the LS Lieux (Fr.-lavatory… thought to be the source of “the Loo”)