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A stopped clock

Geez, I must be getting old.  Michael Adams finally said something I can’t argue with.

“I get amused at this sometimes, frankly,” Adams said. “I actually have had suggestions from some of the same people over the last four months that, after the 0-2 start, were asking the AD and me to terminate him, who are now upset that we haven’t renewed the contract.

“So you don’t respond to these things emotionally through the season. You try and get a couple or three weeks away from a season. Give us a little time to review the whole process, but I would be surprised if Mark Richt weren’t the coach here next year. We’ll just wait and see what the AD decides to do.”

Of course, I have to admit this is a little rich coming from the guy who made an under-the-table side agreement with Jim Donnan to pay him an extra $250 thousand in 1998, only to can him a couple of years or so later.

Hey, we all get amused sometimes, eh?



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Dabo, Dabo, Dabo…

The shit-eating grin on Spurrier’s face after hearing about this had to be enormous… especially considering that he didn’t actually say the words that have Swinney’s panties in a wad.

Hell, that might be better than winning the SEC East if you’re a Gamecock.


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