Purgatory in Urnge

One has the feeling Da’Rick Rogers is an energy vampire.

Bullet dodged, Georgia fans.


UPDATE:  This has to be a relief.

The issues surrounding Rogers will have no impact on the field this year as the Vols, at 5-7, are ineligible for a bowl.


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36 responses to “Purgatory in Urnge

  1. I wonder what Nash Nance is feeling right now?

  2. BulldogBen

    To quote the knight at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade:

    “He chose………..poorly.”

  3. Go Dawgs!

    So… should we be sending Nance Carpets a nice fruit basket at this point?

  4. fuelk2

    Sorry to nitpick, but does Tennessee have an ‘active roster’ at all right now? It’s not like they’re going to be playing football anytime soon.

  5. Bubba and Earl

    As much as I want to blast, I have the feeling we’ll be hearing CMR make the same statement about IC in the near future.

  6. Trbodawg

    This makes me wonder how Washaun did at Jax State… anyone know?

    • Dog in Fla

      According to this, WE is a serial OVC Player of the Week


      • jryu

        gotta love the fact that this saturday, UGA is playing in the ga dome for the SEC championship while Ealey is playing at Southeast Missouri State and trying to become the 10th 1000yd rusher in Jacksonville State’s storied history.

        • Go Dawgs!

          Hey, it worked out for both sides. He got what he wanted, namely, a chance to star at running back without competition from his own team. We’re playing for the SEC Championship with a puncher’s chance. I bear no ill will for Washaun anymore. He made his choices, and I thank him for his contributions while he was here. Just hope that I don’t have to say the same for IC a year from now.

        • Zdawg

          Eh, I don’t love the fact. Had he stayed he would of provided stability in the backfield and most likely been the premier back he was looking to be. Loss for both sides.

          I would like our chances a little better this Saturday had he still been on the team. The RB position is a glaring deficiency right now, and barring an unexpected complete game from Crowell or some unforeseen acts of featherweight RB heroics from our other guys, we may be hurting.

          • NRBQ

            Those 39 yards from Boo on the last possession against the Nerds was encouraging.

            • Zdawg

              Lets hope we see something in Boo that the coaches haven’t seen yet in practice. He was starting behind a walk on and another back half his size a few weeks ago.

  7. Dog in Fla

    Some of the conditions for Da’Rick earning his was back onto the active duty roster are that Da’Rick shall not be within 300 feet from Charlie Baggott, Derek, Bar Knoxville, automatic or semi-automatic weapons, Pilot Convenience Stores or Priuses. Plus he has additional hose duty.

  8. Bevo

    To me, this says a lot:

    “It is a telling commentary that Baggett, who coached such noteworthy NFL head cases as Randy Moss, could not get full commitment and effort out of sophomore wideout Da’Rick Rogers.”


  9. Siskey

    Get off the Crowell stuff. Leave him be. Is he a dumb 18 year old kid, who is spoiled and thinks that the rules do not apply to him? Maybe. Does this make him any different than the vast majority of 18 year olds? No. Does this make him any different from the vast majority of UGA football players? Once again no. He will be fine.He was caught smoking weed and he is a bit of a prima dona. If they suspended every college student for a tenth of the school year for smoking dope then no one would be worrying about their student loan payments. If his attitude is so terrible then the coaching staff will run him off. If not and he continues playing well then I foresee a lot of AJC articles and ESPN pieces about his redemption next year. I for one hope that he heeds the advice of the Colonel from “Full Metal Jacket” and “comes in for the big win!” Get on the bus!

  10. Macallanlover

    Hate to “I told you so” but I went to the season opener Duh Rick’s senior year and told my Vol buddy before the 1st Qtr was over, that I hoped he switched his commitment. He had a lousy attitude, exaggerated opinion of himself, and was no team member. After 2 TDs he had gathered two personal fouls for showboating, and thrown his hands up in disgust anytime he wasn’t the reciver thrown to. When he switched to KnoxVegas my friend now, we have the problem. Six months later he was at the cop stomp but forgiven by SOD. I haven’t cared for SOD since and am happy the cancer named Duh Rick was in his locker room, and in his face talking back and not ours. I hope he never earns a dime from football, other than what TN has already paid him.

    I had heard similar things about IC’s attitude before he arrived on campus and he has done nothing to erase my concerns. I sincerely want him to succeed but I wouldn’t take a 3-1 bet on him turning it around. Let’s hope someone gets his attention before CMR has to ask him to pack his bags. To siskey, and jr from last night, you can’t sugarcoat this, he needs to be told straight up. Coddling him is what put him in the situation he faces now. I am fine if the Staff benches him, or boots him, but I would rather him get on his knees and ask for another chance and then take that opportunity. This isn’t about hate but all this understanding BS in our society is killing us. Kick his butt, or move him out. As for Duh Rick (and Bray) I hope their TN careers are over; it couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch of fans.

    • Macallanlover

      Sorry, in a rush, correction —–my friend said, “now we have the problem”

      BTW, I see where CMR told the press today that IC was a “gametime decision”. I don’t think we are talking ankle issues here. I do like the idea of keeping the wraps on who plays until the last minute. Chavis has to prepare for different gameplans if we don’t have one of our bigger backs available. Let Boo and Figgins protect AM and let’s fling it.

      • Maybe Boo can rush North & South enough to keep the defense honest & keep the play action pass as a viable option. We can only hope. Run the Fullback up the middle ?. Bobo will make the most of whatever he has to work with. Still might not be enough. Anyway, Go Dawgs. GATA.

        • Macallanlover

          Yep, that is where I am. I don’t think there is much land to be had running the ball anyway so big power runners that can also block on pass play may be our best ticket anyway. I don’t think you are going to trick that front 7, so just smash them every once in a while and get 2-3 to keep the LBs honest. Your other point shouldn’t be overlooked either, CMB has had to make lemonade out of lemons in several games due to injuries and suspensions. Who ever thought we would play all, or parts of, three games with RBs that were 6th or 7th on the Spring depth chart? Lot for Chavis to ponder. I realize we haven’t played a defense this talented but WVU put 500 up on them, and Western Kentucky had 14 points on them before halftime. Lightning may just strike tomorrow.

          After listening to everyone diss us all week I decided to go against my usual tendency to stay out of the ATL. Headed down tomorrow to lend a hand, got one more year of eligibility if it turns out they are that ferocious.

          • Rebar

            Good Luck Mac! I’m really looking forward to this game. I can’t help but think back to the time with DJ Shockley and being an underdawg, and winning the game. Long throws early in the game with a tight end helping Bean, or the fullback getting a chip there. I just feel this is where you get your measurements from. We are playing the #1 team in the nation, an undefeated team at that. The stage has been set, and I think we have the warriors to take it to them. My only regret is that Richard Samuel is not available, cause he has demonstrated his willingness to pound the ball.

            • Macallanlover

              Man I agree about RS4, it was so exciting to see an “alien” take over his mind during the 4th Qtr in Jax. It was what we have all been waiting to see, then he gets a fluke injury on the very last play of the game when we could have just taken a knee (not sure whether to blame Evil Richt or Bobo for that.) All I know is I hope he remembers that technique because I want some more of that! Other than bowl pressures, there is no reason why the championship game couldn’t be dealyed another week to give teams a chance to heal. If this were next week I believe he would be ready. Like you, he is exactly what we need against a stout front 7 and a strong pass rush.

  11. “the Vols, at 5-7, are ineligible for a bowl.”
    God I love thinking about this. I love reading about this. I am savoring it.

  12. Will Trane

    How does Crowell come on the field in the Dome during a walk thru with a cell phone in his hands. Maybe at Carver that was allowed, but nearly all high school coaches do not even allow them on the travel bus.
    How much love and latitude does CMR continue to give this kid. Another Da’Rick Rogers. If you watched the Kentucky game you could see that Rogers had already phoned in the season. Dooley should let him ride for awhile…recruit his replacement…then cut him loose next July. Same with IC. And if I was CMR and played CT…well, you be very good against LSU when you go in or you will be cut from the roster prior to the bowl games.