Youth will be served.

But they’re so young!  That’s the rallying cry you hear from Knoxville to Auburn to Gainesville to explain disappointing 2011 campaigns.  There’s some truth to it, but there’s also an SEC outlier.  Guess who?

Auburn played the most true freshmen in the SEC this season with 17 and was second nationally to Texas’ 18. Tennessee was tied for fifth nationally with 15 true freshmen playing. Florida and Georgia were tied for eighth nationally, each with 13 true freshmen playing.

I blame Bobo, of course.


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16 responses to “Youth will be served.

  1. Robby

    Also depends on how god those Frosh are. That tells more about the future than grade.


  2. HVL Dawg

    ….to be mentioned in the same paragraph as Foriduh, Awburn, Tejas, & Tennessee…… it gives me goosebumps!


  3. 81Dog

    For Auburn, Florida and Tennessee, playing all those freshmen means they’re going to be great next year. For UGA? Per the rule of pundits, it means we cant keep anyone in school and we have no depth and the sky is falling.

    The SEC East isnt weak this year. Florida and Tennessee were weak. UGA and SC, Jr. were pretty damn solid. Vandy and Kentucky were, as usual, Vandy and Kentucky. The sky isnt falling (well, maybe with SC, jr. being decent two years in a row, it’s looking a little unstable).


  4. Nakasa

    Although a win tomorrow would of course be huge, the Dream Team is on its way to meeting its high potential. We will have to see if they continue to develop into veteran leaders, and if others can develop into stars (Drew, Swann etc), but this group could be the most successful class in Richt’s tenure. I’m looking forward to the next 2-3 years.


    • The Lone Stranger

      And if I read the tea leaves properly, this 2012 class could be putting down a rushing foundation that only injects more deadly options for next year and beyond.


  5. paul

    Perhaps we need to enter a new acronym into the lexicon IBBOC.


  6. timphd

    Let’s hope we close fast and furious this recruiting season. We aren’t looking too strong right now with verbals, but supposedly are in line for several good kids. Dream Team 2 anyone?



    Who would rather get to the end of a very good season and realize they were losing 15 or 20 starters? I read somewhere UGA has 18 starters coming back. I hope it’s true. I’m too old and lazy to do the research on my own. That’s what we have the Senator for.
    Senator, you’re making us lazy. Me, anyhow. Thanks, I enjoy it !


    • adam

      Can’t be more than 16

      Losing Boykin and Tyson on defense

      On offense, Figgins, Glenn, Ben Jones, and Justin Anderson.


  8. Russ

    After the Auburn beat down, I was reading the Aubbie boards and saw them whining about being so young. I looked at our depth chart, and comparing starters, I think we started one less freshman. We’re really young as well, and that bodes well for the future.


  9. Brandon

    All four of those other teams have really struggled at the QB position be it with injuries, youth, inconsistency or whatever, we have not. Sound, consistent play at QB position is obviously huge particularly in a pro style offense.